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Thread: Sleeping Beach Beauties Collaboration

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    Sleeping Beach Beauties Collaboration

    After seeing Gbagok's awesome artwork of characters both popular and obscure and looking at classic group scene of characters together

    I have an idea for a collaboration group pic.

    It will be of the various females of He-man and She-ra (and the fan-made characters) on a beach together in bikinis peacefully asleep. Even dangerous female characters like the Snake Goddess would would snore in the beach scene in a bikini.

    Everyone could tackle their favorite characters with different poses.

    I already have a few ideas (Dree-elle sleeping floating in air, Mermista and Octavia asleep in a pond wearing shell bikinis, the Stone People Granita, Facet and Pebblass asleep on a large rock together and Starchild and Boweena cuddling together)

    I hope I get interesting in this collaboration idea. Please message me with any and all ideas
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