Here is my first new take on:


When i started with this thread more than a year ago she was the second Sketch i did.
I always liked her even though iīm not into the color green and she is very green!!! She was the only character i never had but wanted. I remember refusing to get Netossa and Spinnerella but i never saw Double Trouble in any store...

For me she is still a little mystery i have to admit. I read her mini comic as it came with Frosta but it says nothing about her, if you ask me.

To be fair iīm still not sure what i want for her, i think she could be a great fighter, so i gave her to swords you can be connected into a a doubled bladed staff. Two weapons combined into one(actually three i know...).
But than i gave her high heels which fit to her pearl neckless, again i know that had to be done so she can have her action feature but than there is her cape itīs transluscent and very flowing. Thatīs very girls like and she has that 70-ies vibe to me....

It was fun to combine all those facts and make her very special and special she is. No matter what!

This is the nice face version, i tried to give her very similar eyes like Glimmer, as itīs somewhere mentioned they are cousins and iīm really happy about her innocent expression