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    Quote Originally Posted by JafariStew View Post
    Interesting character Niki, creating a Spaleean female, as (off hand) I don't know if the 200X animation ever showed one. I like the weapon & her details. Also she reminds me a bit of "Demona" from Gargoyles. Keep up the great work on classic & original characters!
    The only Spaleean woman i could find was of course part of Gbagoks "Tours of Eternia" but i tried not to look at her very closely. I donīt like to copy others, especially when they are simply better artists than i am

    I remember the Gargoyles and wasnīt "Demona" the one who was transformed into a human for quite some time?(My favorite by the way fas Fox the redhead with the eye tattoo, i think she was called Fox...)

    Well, you encourage me to do some original and here is my first and i think only (never say never) POP character.

    I thought what power hasnīt been used before and how can i make her as fairy tail-ish as possible.

    So i went to my DISNEY collection and hoped it would inspire me and it did, i took two of my favorite characters, Aurora and Mulan combined their looks and gave her a never been used power in POP.
    Calling her:


    She is the first "asian" looking character which i think is totally needed and her powers are: Cloud control.

    Clouds can be soft and sweet but donīt get them mad. Once angry you get rain, thunder and lightning.

    As the picture obviously shows she can ride clouds. She can create them, make them disappear or use them as distraction like fog.

    Her outfit is very vintage inspired. Typical boots and gauntlets the skirt has that cloud theme and the belt is more or less Perfumas changing her yellow and pink flowers into little white clouds. The chines vest is like Glimmers vest but the button for the neck is again a little cloud. Her top is like Peekablues top but with out the fan at the waist....that was to much as she had a lot going on already.

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