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Thread: Geoff Johns is now head of DC and he loves MOTU--so what the hell are we waiting for?

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    Geoff Johns is now head of DC and he loves MOTU--so what the hell are we waiting for?

    DCCollector - Now that Geoff Johns is Chief Creative Officer, does he get to approve sculpts and kind of give direction for the license or is that done by someone else?

    Mattel - Geoff is a huge fan of Mattel product (he and Toy Guru are actually good friends and they will often chat at conventions on all things DC and toy related!). In his new role at DC, he can have the final say in approvals, but Geoff does not handle day-to-day approvals. We have had him over to Mattel a few times and he has had some fantastic input to share. He is a great guy to work with and very creative. (He also really loves MOTU!)
    Geoff Johns loves Mattel product and MOTU. And he's good friends with Toyguru! Seems like this is the perfect opportunity to get a new MOTU book on the stands!

    Or at least some mini-comics with the figures!

    Now keep in mind DC's contract with Mattel expires in 2012 (as stated in the link above. It's one of the questions!), so Mattel could be waiting to re-negotiate their deal with DC Comics. Comics could be part of that new deal, if nothing can be done right now.
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