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Thread: MOTUC Meejitz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Executioner View Post
    How is that not constructive? Constructive means "serving a useful purpose; tending to build up", which is exactly what I did. I said they are all fantastic except She-Ra because she looks manish. I then said the rest were "totally amazing". What exactly is the problem with that? It is meant as supportive feedback and shows how much I appreciate the talent of the artist precisely because I'd like to see him redo one so that it is more on par with the excellence of the other drawings. There was not lack of "tact", but I do find your comments and particularly your attempt to vilify me offensive.

    Again, this was constructive. I think some of you folks don't understand what constructive criticism means. I'm an academic by profession, so I deal with this day in day out. Constructive critique involves making a critique while also being supportive, and again, that is exactly what I did.

    Let's try not to make a mountain out of a molehill please.
    "She looks man-ish and ugly. Could we get a redo on her?"

    I understand very well what constructive criticism means. I've been floating around here for a while. This is not, in my opinion, a constructive comment. Constructive criticism points out a specific issue and then offers suggestions as to how it could be corrected. What you would do in the artist's shoes and so-forth. What you posted in that specific line came across as more of an insult of that piece and then a demand for a new one. Regardless of what the rest of the post said, that jumped out at me as being pretty rude, whether that was the intention or not. There wasn't even a "please" involved, ergo a "lack of tact" as I put it in my previous post.

    Also, I'm not trying to vilify anyone, man. I'm just saying that wording is everything in forum posts.

    Anyway, I've said my piece and am hoping we can move on from this and continue to enjoy SMB's awesome Meejitz!

    SMB: Khan looks great, dude. I like that you included Fang too. ^_^
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    super-munkyboy aka Dyl Cook is more active on FB these days, and recently illustrated a Meejitz version of the Crimson Countess from the MOTUC bios.
    He sent it to me through FB, so I thought I'd post it here in his MOTUC Meejitz thread.
    Fang-tastic work, super-munkyboy! Also, I forgot how much I love this Meejitz thread and the 30th Anniversary Meejitz one too!

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