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Thread: F/S Lots of Classics MOC Card Figures

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    F/S Lots of Classics MOC Card Figures

    I have Mint on Card (MOC) Masters of the Universe Classics for sale. All Figures have a white mailer box and all are first run only, due to space I am stopping collecting MOC and only going to purchase one sub for next year to get figures to open. That being said I will have 1 extra whiplash in august and 1 extra of whatever follows for the remainder of this years sub.
    I have as followed w/ Prices that include shipping to anywhere in the USA

    He-Man $35
    Skeletor $35
    Beast-Man $35
    Mer-Man $35
    Tri-Clops $35
    Evil-Lyn $35
    He-Ro $35
    Man-At-Arms $35
    Tela $35
    Hordak $35
    Tytus $50 Sale Pending Awaiting Payment
    Count Marzo $35
    Keldor $35
    Weapons Pak $20
    Wun-dar (Subscrition Exclusive) includes Map of Eternia (Subscription Exclusive) $50
    Scareglow $35
    Adora $35
    She-Ra $35
    The Goddess $35
    Moss-Man ( unflocked ears) $35
    Trap Jaw $35
    Battle Armor He-Man $35
    King Randor $35
    Faker $35
    Stratos $35
    Webstor $35
    Optik $35

    I unfortunately do not have paypal or ebay. I am asking for money order or cashiers check, which ever you feel safer sending.

    I have only ever bought one item off the boards and that was a 200x castle grayskull, so my buyer seller history is limited.

    Please PM me with any questions or offers, I also posted this on Craigslist in the Ohio Findlay/Lima board, so I will update the list as needed.

    Thanks for looking.
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