We should all respect each other's constructive opinions.
And for the most part, the vast majority of people here do that.
But there's a handful of fans who simply have to argue about everything, and that can sometimes drag down a thread.

So, we're bringing over the "Protection Rule" from the tar swamp to allow fans to discuss individual topics with people who share those interests, with no worry of someone derailing the thread or arguing with them.

1. Thread protection. A user can specify in the initial post of the thread that the thread is only for discussion of a similar opinion/belief. Meaning, it is not open for debate or argument. These threads are for people to discuss a belief without fear of being attacked and/or challenged.
Remember: Such a thread has to be labeled as "Protected thread!" right from the start. Otherwise, anyone of opposing views/beliefs can participate.
Also, please add "PROTECTED:" to the beginning of the subject of this thread, in addition to adding "Protected thread!" to the top of the first post!
Please use this rule sparingly. We don't want to abuse this option!

It's important to note that this rule is ONLY here to allow fans to discuss past subjects that always get derailed by other people who want to argue about the subject. Please don't start new, previously undiscussed topics as Protected threads unless they previously had a general discussion thread.

2. No "call outs." If you disagree with something that has been said in a Protected Thread, you can't call that person out into another thread to discuss/argue about it. Nor can you use that user's post against them in another thread. Protected threads are just that: protected, and so are the comments inside.
If you disagree with the general topic and want to start your own thread to the contrary, then that's one thing. But Protected threads are not about fighting with individual users.

Here is a reminder of other basic guidelines from the forum as well,
that pertain to respect for your fellow users.
Please be sure to follow them, or you can and will face moderation and potentially account suspension!

3. No personal attacks or insults. This applies to each other, Mattel, other websites, etc. Keep your discussions and arguments respectable and well thought out. You opinion is welcome (please note protected threads), but keep it constructive!!! Attacks and insults will be deleted and the user responsible will be suspended.

4. No vulgarity. The edited vulgarity rule still applies. Any attempt to edit vulgar words so they are still legible may result in suspension. Just type out the vulgar word and let the censor edit it out! Do not try to bypass the vulgarity filter by self-editing words!

10. Moderation of threads/posts. As always, at any time just like any other thread/post on these forums, we reserve the right to delete any post and/or thread.
If you see a problem, please report it to the moderator of that forum and let them handle it. There is a Report Post button under the username of someone who makes a post. You can also look at the Forum Leaders list to find out who moderates a certain forum.
Remember that you shouldn't participate in this forum unless you are already prepared to deal with the intensity of some of the discussions

Thanks everyone!