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Thread: What would you like to see in a (potential) 2016 Motu Signature line?

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    What would you like to see in a (potential) 2016 Motu Signature line?

    Scott posted this on Matty:

    "2015 will definitely be the end of green brick carded figures called "Masters of the Universe Classics".
    Anything after that is too far off to comment on specifics. We need to see how the 2015 line sells in first.

    DCU Classics ended and Signature series followed. For 6" He-man figures, who knows, but for now we are focused on making 2015 happen and finishing off MOTUC properly!"

    So since we know it takes two and a half years from fan suggestion to implementation, provided 2015 happens in sufficient numbers to warrant a look at 2016, what would you like to see?

    I'd like to see a vintage inspired red starbust packaging, for one, and definitely 2.0 versions of the most desired or problematic figures. Ideally relatively minor fixes like coming up with new Sorceress wings while keeping everything else, or things like material issues, e.g. Roboto and Explode-A-Goddess.

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    I just want more new characters and figures. More Filmation, more New Adventure, Mini-Comics, 200x, and POP variants. So basically for Classics to continue.

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    I guess I just need to know what "Signature Series" means before I can comment one way or another (I don't follow the DCU brand, so I have no concept of what that line went through).

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    Son of He-man

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    Quote Originally Posted by The.Idea.of.Evil View Post
    I guess I just need to know what "Signature Series" means before I can comment one way or another (I don't follow the DCU brand, so I have no concept of what that line went through).
    pretty much just a change in packaging design. Really it all started with Batman figures then it was rebranded and expanded as DC Superheroes then DC Universe Classics followed by DC Signature Sereis. It's all the same line/scale/series just under different names.

    With that in mind towards MOTUC I really don't care since I'm an open display collector. A recreation of the vintage red brick would be cool, but my concern is the figures themselves. One worry in relation to the DC comparison is how that series was filled with reissues and variants. I just know I'd feel compelled to get such things for completionsist sake all the while pining for my favorite characters that never come.
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    I don't follow it closely either, so take this with a grain of salt, but it was the transition from DCUC as a retail line to a sub only line. Scale and styling remained the same, but it included more oddball characters. The last sub didn't go through, but the 9" Doomsday that they're selling at SDCC is the closing piece of the line. I wonder if this is significant, Scott mentioned that MOTUC runs on tier 2, while the end of line Doomsday was made for Tier 1 sub levels and has a few unique pieces on an existing oversized buck. Had DCS hit Tier 2, they would have fully tooled Doomsday Unleashed, which is drastically different looking, and larger.

    I don't know if Mattel would consider keeping MOTUC running with fewer expected subs while simultaneously relying even more on minimized new tooling.

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    2.0 deluxe versions of the A-listers plus deep Z-list 200X, Filmation, and pre-Filmation characters.

    Top want list: Mask of Power Demons, Snake Goddess Teela, GITD Goddess, Snake Mountain Man, Dree-Elle & Montork, 200X Beast-Man, Red Beast, Ra-Jar, Great Black Wizard, Dragoon, King Torius, 200x Centaur Chief, Queen Andreeno.


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    The cast of the new mini-comic

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    I would prefer to see concept, Filmation, mini-comics and MYP figures to help round out the line with characters we've not previously added to our collections.

    Red Beast is high up on my list given we have both Vikor and Demo-Man.

    God Skeletor and Karg from the movie.

    Also King Miro.

    And Kothos from Filmation.
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    Mmmmhhh... Let's see... What would I like to see? I know, I know:

    -Figures that don't explode their hips.
    -Figures that don't crack their torsos.
    -Shoulders assembled correctly on ALL figures.
    -Tight ankles on every figure.
    -Leotards instead of granny panties.
    -Double Trouble perfectly executed, not a guy disguised as Double Trouble.
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    So why is this the end So what happens to characters like Masque and other fan demanded characters that wont make 2015. Pretty stupid to add them into different packaging, i thought that once majority of figures were made then the line would be scaled back as demand wouldnt be as high and the toys costing a little extra but would continue, like 6 to 12 figures a year. Ive decided a while back that after classics this is it for me, its a line that i dont think will be topped, so i will still collect statues but thats about it. I hope Mattel changes there minds as im sure there other fans in a similar boat.
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    Truly fan-demanded variants or "updates" of A-Listers and B-Listers to attract new fans. For example, He-Man, MAA, Teela, Skeletor, Beast-Man, Evil-Lyn and Sorceress. Maybe "toy-design" variants of She-Ra and Catra.

    And the remaining fan-demanded characters from NA, Filmation, 200X and other media. For example, Granita, General Sunder, Hunga the Harpy, Vultak, Dylamug, etc.

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    What's a signature line? What's the point in changing the package beyond 2015? I don't get it...
    10 Most needed items for MOTUC...

    Heroic: King Miro / Prince Dakon
    Evil: Skeleteen
    POP: King Micah / Twiggets 3 pack
    Horde: Hunga the Harpy
    POG: Oracle
    Rock People: Granita
    NA: Sebrian / Sagitar

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    Anything that hasn't already come out! I only want new stuff after 2015, concept characters, mini comic, Filmation, NA and no more Variants
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdscissorhands View Post
    What's a signature line? What's the point in changing the package beyond 2015? I don't get it...
    I don't get it either. I'm a MOC Collector and I like the packaging to have a unified look. I don't see the point in releasing the remaining characters that they couldn't fit into the Classics line because of the limited number of slots in a different packaging. I want Lord Masque or the remaining NA characters to be in the same packaging style as the rest. Rebranding is a big mistake IMO. Adult collector lines don't work that way.
    If they want to do a new 6" line based on the movie or DC comics that's fine, but they should continue Classics in Classics packaging.
    I also still want more horses and vehicles!
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    A 2016 Signature Series should offer the cream of the crop from what's left over. It should be approached as the final year (because it very well could be) and not hold anything back for sub bait for 2017.
    Aaron’s Top 10 (In Order):
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    Would a "Signature Series" mean less new tooling, accessories and/or articulation?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Swifty View Post
    I just want more new characters and figures. More Filmation, more New Adventure, Mini-Comics, 200x, and POP variants. So basically for Classics to continue.
    Bless your heart.
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    Classics by any other name is still Classics. That said, I wonder what they could even do with it. If a new line is extremely similar to Classics, just under a new name, how are they going to get people to buy into it? With costs going up and all, I don't see most MOTU fans rebuying slightly different versions of all of the core characters.

    Unless they can get new people to buy into it, I don't see it working.

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    A different package where the face of the figure is not partly hidden by the lines logo?

    Now that´s good news if you ask me.

    And since most of the classic characters will be made anyway why not call the line differently as long as the "new" line is in the same scale as classics.

    This said i want NA characters(Crita, Drissi, Masters Sebrian...), i want the FILMATION characters who fit in with exciting ones(Masque, Vultak, Delora, Dree Elle…), missing characters from the 200X era(Veena, Evil Seed, Illumina...), i want mini comic characters(Prince Dakon, Rana, the Kex Queen...), i want the new established characters(Lady Slither, Fang-Or, Red Beast...) and once in a while a totally new one designed by the FOUR HORSEMEN.

    So basically i want the same as i wanted before
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    I would like to see a Signature Series that continues the same formula as Classics, so we can get the rest of New Adventures of He-Man and the hinted at Son of He-Man figures from the new Mini-Comics. I would also like to see another line that could be like a Masterpiece Edition that is not part of a sub which would include updated versions of A-List Characters.

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    I really want a Snake Armor He-Man w/ King Grayskull head before this line ends. Sure there are plenty of other figures I want but Snake Armor He-Man is the only one that I'll be extremely peeved about if we don't get him.
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    I'd love some re-releases of characters that my daughter is asking for, but are way too expensive on the secondary market: Teela, Beast Man, Trap Jaw, Evil Lyn, Ram Man, etc.

    Throw in a new character here & there, and I'll be happy.
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    1. ANY remaining wanted Filmation, 200x, and mini-comics characters like Masque, Prahvus, Evilseed, Veena, Illumina, Lizard Man, Lodar, Masks of Power Demons, Hawk, Delora, Haramesh, etc.
    2. Remaining NA characters, particularly the Mutants and characters like Sagitar and Darius.
    3. The NEW characters like Lady Slither, Hans Hammer Holder, the CaC characters, the new Cosmic Enforcers
    4. DC characters--not just people like Saryn in the new comic, but Tarrak, Damon, and Ceril from the originals
    5. Possibly Son of He-Man, but I suspect this is coming no matter what
    6. Vehicles?
    7. I'd accept new variants of old characters like DC He-Man or Teela's MAA armor, Cloack and Dagger Evil-Lyn, and variants invented by the 4 Horsemen
    8. More original 4 Horsemen characters like Draego-Man
    9. Possibly a knock offs line adapting all Remco Warrior Beasts, Warlord, and/or Fereuza-T using the MOTUC bucks. That'd be fun, though not if it came instead of the rest of what I've said.
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    Well, since you asked....(and I’ll be as unrealistic, selfish, and foolishly hopeful as possible)....

    -vintage beasts like Stridor and Night Stalker
    -vintage POP horses
    -vintage MOTU vehicles
    -Snake Mountain
    -The Fright Zone
    -Crystal Castle
    -remaining NA

    -Delora & Hawke 2-pack
    -Gorgone (oversized figure)
    -Granita, Bould-Or, and Pebblass 3-pack
    -Masks of Power Demons 2-pack
    -Skeletor (200x re-deco/disco)
    -Skytree (oversized figure)
    -Sorceress (200x)
    -Snake Goddess
    -Tung Lashor (Filmation)

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    Gosh, can't we even wait for the body to get cold?

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