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Thread: *PROTECTED* King Hsss's snake form needs to be improved urgently !

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    *PROTECTED* King Hsss's snake form needs to be improved urgently !


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    From what was revealed last night at SDCC, King Hsss, one of the last faction leaders and an A-list character, is coming in March 2010. The Hsss we saw is probably just a prototype, but there are things to discuss already.

    While the “human” King Hsss seems awesome to me (well articulated, amazing “vintage inspired” face but with a slightly grim and deceiving smile), while his accessories (shield and staff) look great, I’m greatly concerned about his “hydra” part.

    From what I saw, it’s like we’re going to get only a “half King Hsss” ! In other words, I have the feeling that King Hsss was done quickly, and was a little bit “botched”. Of course, this is not a good thing, especially when we consider the fact that Hsss is an A-list character !

    So, what does bother me in the “hydra part” that was shown ? Well, all in all, it seems very STATIC. And personally, I collect MOTUC figures because they are ARTICULATED ACTION figures, NOT stactions !

    First, there is no articulated, hingeable jaw. While it is true that vintage Hsss didn’t have an articulated hydra jaw, I want to stress and to underline the fact that this is Master od the Universe CLASSICS, a line that is famous, among other things, for its POINTS OF ARTICULATION.

    The fact that Hsss’s hydra form doesn’t have hingeable jaws is also a bad omen for what will come next: it would mean that Rattlor and Kobra Khan wouldn’t have any hingeable jaw either ! Personally, I’d like my Snakemen to be able to “bite”, to have their mouth opened or closed. 200x Hsss was really crappy in my opinion, BUT nevertheless, there was ONE thing I really liked about him : the fact that his “hydra” snake part was able to open and close the jaws (main head AND arms). This was a trait I really liked in 200x Kobra Khan and General Rattlor too (hingeable jaws).

    The MOTUC line is supposed to have better articulations, so I don’t understand why MOTUC King Hsss snake form wouldn’t get great articulations. Plus, Trap Jaw had hingeable jaws. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that King Hsss, Kobra Khan and Rattlor wouldn’t have hingeable jaws too !

    Second, Hsss's general hydra appearance seems a bit “off” to me. The snakes that are used as his “arms” are different from the vintage Hsss, and also from 200x Hsss. They seem to sprout directly from… his belly, which is totally odd. Hsss’s snake form seems to be very “empty”, there is a lot of air and not very many snakes !

    Third, the snake “arms” seem like they’re not even articulated ! In the pictures we saw, there was no indication that there was any articulation at all ! This is totally unacceptable, I think. Even the vintage 80's Hiss and 200x Hsss had articulated arms and snake arms !

    That is why I ask to the fans that they will request for Mattel to reconsider the way King Hsss hydra part was conceived. We need a King Hsss snake form that is ARTICULATED. Articulated jaw, articulated arms, and with a “fuller” abdomen.

    King Hsss’s release is scheduled for March 2011 (in 8 months). This leaves enough time for Mattel and the 4 Horsemen to work again on Hsss’s hydra part.
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