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Thread: Weapons Pak 3.0 - fan suggestions

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    Weapons Pak 3.0 - fan suggestions

    The first two Weapons Paks can be seen here:

    They have listened to fan requests! And mixed those together with other ideas.
    So assuming there will be another, and that it will only be repainted accessories, post your ideas here.

    Some nice visuals:

    Posted by Reboot

    Posted by Adultcollector

    (again, there will be no new items, but the picture is great)

    I'd like to see:

    Silver Doomseeker with stand
    Orange 200x sword
    Blue He-Man armor
    Hordak's little creature, different colour
    Guns, anyone's
    Swords, anyone's
    Tri-Klops Armor (or anyone's)
    Adora Gun and Holster in Teela's colour scheme
    Orange Royal Guard shield for MAA
    Trap Jaw attachments for Roboto
    Teela's shield painted in the colour scheme from the 1st minicomic:

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    great choices.... I'd like them all.

    I'd also like some things that the figures DON'T already come with. give us some new TJ weapons (not repainted Roboto ones, though it's a cool idea), or give us a head pack (Zodak unmasked, keldor acid head, buzz-off's 200x head, etc.) Keldor's 200x dual swords, MAA 200x arm cannon....

    marzo's sword with black instead of red (for Webstor... that sword looks great on him), black webstor gun, MAA mace recolored for Kronis, Grizzlor's axe recolored for Kronis....
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    Silver Doomseeker is a great idea.
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    I would really like it if the Eternia playset weapons could be released in MOTUC !

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    I'd also like some things that the figures DON'T already come with

    Never going to happen. Mattel has been really clear since the beginning - weapon paks are repaints of existing items. That's all. NOTHING new.

    My list is pretty much unchanged from last time, since we didn't get almost -any- of the stuff I wanted, like silver MAA armor, an all-silver Power Sword for BA He-Man, silver doomseekers, metallic orange MAA mace, ad nauseum. Weapons Pak 2 is kinda fail, to me.

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    -Silver Doomseeker with stand
    -Orange 200x sword
    -Blue He-Man armor
    -Tri-Klops Armor in purple for Prince Keldor
    -Keldor Cape, for Skeletor, in black
    -Teela's Armor, Staff and Shield in the BRIGHT red that she had in the first few vintage figure releases.
    -silver MAA Armor (with shoulder and leg pieces too)
    -silver MAA mace
    -the Grayskull weapons in red... so we can have Wun-Dar's red weapons, Man-E-Weapons (eventually), and/or use them for Horde characters.
    -orange Havoc Staff
    -repainted Zodac head with the PINK helmet to match the armor and weapons from the first pak
    -recolored Staff of the Elders (just for fun... perhaps in the blue-green metallic color that is on the Goddess's armor)
    -She-Ra's shield in silver
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    She-Ra's shield: silver
    He-Ro's staff: silver w/ blue gem
    I love an all inclusive canon!

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    I like these off the top of my head:

    - Orange 200X Power Sword and Orange Havoc Staff
    - Silver Man-At-Arms armor
    - Blue He-Man armor (though this may be a Filmation infringement)
    - Magenta Skeletor armor and sword (unless we're going to get Magenta Faker in a TRU 2-pack)
    - Clouded Gray He-Ro sword to match prototype

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    More perches and falcon armor

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    -Magenta Skeletor armor

    -Magenta Power Sword

    -200x colors havoc staff

    -Silver Man-at-arms armor

    -Orange 200x Power Sword

    -Silver doomseeker

    - Keldor cape light purple ( to match first release skeletor)

    - Gold King Hiss snake staff

    - Silver She-Ra shield

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    Orange Havoc Staff
    Teela's shield in gold
    He-Man's shield with ORANGE inserts
    Blue Stinkor He-Man shield
    Magenta Faker Armor, whole sword, half sword
    Blue He-Man armor
    Keldor Cape for Skeletor
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    Number one request is still...

    Maroon axe for Wundar. But also closely second...

    She-Ra shield in Silver! Other than that... with the release of the Silver two tone She-Ra sword and Zoar perch, ect in pack 2 that's satisfying.
    But some others could be...

    Gygor's axe in silver or grey, ect, if it'd fit with Tytus? (too be seen)
    Teela's snake staff in a green color.
    Nearly ANYTHING coloured to match Stratos, that'd stay in his hand (like something with a pommel guard?

    ect ect.

    All in all Trap Jaw (Kronis) is getting tons of stuff. Lucky stiff. Though he is Two different characters more so than anyone else so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectror View Post
    I would really like it if the Eternia playset weapons could be released in MOTUC !
    What weapons are those?

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    Throw in the palace guards armor for the right arm and leg. Then we can finally have a fully armored Man-at-Arms.

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    A combination of weapons, accessories:

    * Scareglow cape (for Skeletor)
    * Blue Webstor gun
    * Teela's shield in Mini Comic colours
    * He-Man's shield with orange inserts
    * Silver Doomseeker

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    silver Beastman whip & a grey/gray whip as well.
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    Magenta Faker items
    Skeletor Battle Armor in Orange
    HM Battle Armor in Black or Brown (Wun-Dar)
    Orange Havok Staff
    Clear power sword
    Gold Randor Armor
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    What does it take to get an actual WHITE crossbow, not the silver one that was advertised as "white" by Mattel.
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    I just noticed the mace that comes with the Royal Guards is not a repaint of Moss Man's it's a new sculpt with no vines. So maybe put in that in brown for those who want their Moss Man that way. (I'm happy with the one he has but others might want a more vintage look)

    I was going to suggest a silver Doomseeker on a ball-joint stand like Orko's but upon closer inspection they are different sizes- won't work.

    I was thinking maybe Grizzlor's long sword in a translucent yellow or red. what I'm aiming for here is Sea Hawk's laser rapier/photon cutlass.

    a silver Evil Lyn knife -you know one that looks like an actual metal knife!

    Keldor's cape shaded to match Skeletor

    a blue Hordak bat creature (Imp)

    Sliver She-Ra shield

    Adora's gun holster in I don't know brown?

    Faker Orange Battle Armor

    Silvver/Gray Hordak Armor
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    Weapons Pak 3: what is your wishlist?

    Now that we know there's going to be a 2nd weapons pak,
    we can assume there is going to be a 3rd one as well!
    Both previous weapon paks had exactly 19 accessories (counting Evil-Lyn her staff as 3 parts)
    so we can also assume the 3rd weapons pack will have 19 accessories in total!

    What is your Wish List of repainted accessories for the 3rd Weapons Pak?
    While making your list, take into consideration that the weapon paks can
    only include previously released accessories and won't contain any heads.

    What's in the previous weapons paks again?

    WEAPON PAK 1 "Ultimate Battleground" (2010-04-19 @ $12 USD):
    -Blue/Silver (He-Man); Power Sword, Axe, Shield
    -Gray/Green; 200x Electronic Power Sword
    -Yellow/Black (Beast Man); Armor, 2x Yellow Shoulder Pads
    -Red (Beast Man); Whip
    -Purple Cosmic Enforcer; Armor, Pistol, Staff
    -Silver (Hordak); Horde Crossbow
    -Silver (Moss Man); Mace
    -Silver/Blue/Black (Man-At-Arms / Kronis); Sword, Pistol
    -Gray (Scareglow); Voulge
    -Red Stratos; Jet pack
    -Silver/Gold (Tri-Klops Vintage Card-Back); Sword
    -Gray (Webstor); Rifle

    WEAPON PAK 2 "Great Wars" (2010-11-15):
    -Gray/Silver (Adora); Sword of Protection with blue gemstone
    -Green (Zoar); Perch, Armor
    -Orange (Faker); Shield, Axe
    -Gold (King Randor); Spear,
    -Black/Blue (Trap Jaw (Roboto); Laser, Axe, Claw,
    -Gold Mer-Man; Armor, Sword, Trident
    -Black/Purple (Optikk); Rifle, Shield
    -Gold/Black (Whiplash); 200X Weapon
    -Purple (Evil-Lyn); Wand, Staff, Orb (Green), Dagger (Purple/Black)

    In addition to the two weapon paks, there will also be a Castle Grayskull Weapons Rack!
    Mattel called the category it falls under the small diorama pieces.
    The Castle Grayskull Weapons Rack will contain All 9 Weapons in Gray along with the Rack in brown.
    It will include the following Weapons:
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    WEAPON PAK 3 Whishlist

    Well, at the present moment, I'd say:

    Gray (Gygor) Battle Axe (for Tytus);

    Purple (Trap Jaw) Belt;

    Black/Silver (He-Man) Shield (for Wun-Dar);

    Metallic Gray (Man-At-Arms) Armor, Mace, Left Arm Guard, Right Arm Guard, Left Shin Guard, Right Shin Guard;

    Gray/Blue (Trap Jaw): Laser Gun, Hook, Claw (for Roboto);

    Purple (He-Man) Sword Holster – just the back section (for Adam);

    Blue (Hordak) Imp/Demon;

    Orange/Azure (Palace Guards) Shield (for Man-At-Arms);

    Black (Grizzlor) Sword, Hatcet, Machete.

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    I like those too and would like to see:
    - Keldor's cape in black for Skeletor
    - Havok staff 200x repaint
    - Man@Arms' mace in silver
    - Carnivus' sword in red/silver repaint
    - Faker's armor in black
    - He-Man harness in blue or black
    ...and that's only using released accesories
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    Gray Man-At-Arms armor and mace
    Gray She-Ra shield
    Orange 200X Techno Sword
    Orange He-Man harness
    200X colored Havoc Staff
    Purple to Gray Power Sword
    Gray to Purple Power Sword
    Teela's 200X sword in Classic Evil Lyn colors
    Teela's shield in Classic Evil Lyn dark blue
    Webstor's gun in Dark Blue
    Green Battle Cat Helmet
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    Teela's shield and snake-armor in red color.

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    Purple to gray power sword
    Gray to purple power sword
    Gray powersword
    Keldor's cape in black
    Havoc staff
    Preternian He-Man cloak in black (looks like it might be removeable)
    Vikor shield
    Bow's bow
    Gygor's axe

    not 19, but thats all I can think of for now
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