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  • Yes, They should make BATTLE RAM!

    329 89.40%
  • Yes, but only the sky sled

    21 5.71%
  • No, I don't want it

    18 4.89%
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Thread: Should Mattel make the BATTLE RAM? (4H Prototype)

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    Yes, of course they should. I see a mock-up, and I would most definitely buy one...

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    If 2014 is set up with the same amount of SKUs as 2013, then they should make one of the quarterly items, maybe the $50 slot, set up for a vehicle. They'd already sell as many as they did subscriptions, and then extras could be available on the day of sale. Perfect vehicle to do this with is the Battle Ram, which already has a lot of collector/fan support. If Battle Ram comes out in 2013 as a non-sub item, then make the Talon Fighter w/ Point Dread the vehicle in the sub and have it take the $75 slot instead.

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    Nope! No Mattel, don't make the Battle Ram or I will have to buy at least 3 of this awesome machine - more if it was "also availble in Evil green"!
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    I definitely like the blue & green sky sled 2-pack idea. At the last SDCC, I was buggin Cornboy about the Battle Ram and he mentioned they were throwing around the idea of putting out just the sky sled first and hoping to sell enough of them to foot the cost of tooling the rest of the battle ram. Me personally, I only buy one of everything, I bought 1 sub, 1 windraider, 1 granamyr and if they put out the battle ram I would only buy one, but if they put out a sky sled/doom buggy 2-pack, I would buy at least 3 of those. And yes I'm calling the evil one a Doom Buggy because that's what it says on the filmation specs. And you can clearly see that the doom buggy has a different, more reptilian looking head on it. They should tool the sky sled so that head is a separate piece so they can make the doom buggy with the different head on it but reuse the rest of the molds.

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