This question is not if you want Bravestarr characters but would you accept them if the were introduced in to MOTUC?

They have an obvious connection to Rio Blast and according to Emiliano....;

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Bravestarr was a concept developed by Filmation in collaboration with Mattel.
(and on a side not, part of the concept was to make it a spin-off of MOTU).

The 2 companies had a close relationship back then but the idea definitely started at Filmation.
I don't know if Mattel kept any rights to the toys, but the concept in probably entirely in the hands of the Filmation library owners.
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Wasn't a crossover planned back in the day? I think I read something about that somewhere but don't remember where.
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No, no crossover planned, but the whole Bravestarr concept originated at Filmation as another He-Man spinn-off.
He-Man was supposed to appear at the beginning of the series and be the inspiration for Bravestarr to become a Marshall (or something like that, I'd need to reread the documents)
...there was meant to be more of a connection. So would you accept them if the were somehow incorporated into MOTUC, either as a sub line or a run of exclusives?