In my opinion, some version of He-Man in his non-variant, signature costume should be available at almost all times, and his repeated sell-outs certainly support that view.

But what about a He-Man v2.0?

There are some other things they could do to make this new version special, such as different paint decos on the shield and axe, or if I had my way, NEW sculpts of the weapons to better match the new more detailed standard set by practically every subsequent MOTUC release.

(A new bonus head with neutral facial expression kinda like THIS would be awesome, too! )

And now that we've seen Mattel is willing to go the extra mile in terms of articulation where they see fit, I think it would be cool for fans to get a slightly revised He-Man with that added wrist articulation so a true "I have the Power!" pose could finally be achieved after all of these years.

Maybe next year as a special "30th Anniversary" release?