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  • Massive! Sculpted from midsection up! - $100-$150

    6 5.61%
  • A large full figure, but much larger than Tytus. - $100

    16 14.95%
  • Just a little larger than Tytus- $80

    18 16.82%
  • About the same size as Tytus, keep cost down - $60

    67 62.62%
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Thread: Official Granamyr Poll

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    Official Granamyr Poll

    I'm curious as if we will see big red, and I'm wondering how the fans want him. Mattel has shown us that they do take the board members into consideration.

    The board members have shown Mattel that they are willing to fork over their money (even to figures I'm not too keen on, such as Mo-Larr, Wun-Dar, and Vikor), so lets see if we can influence how we get the oldest and wisest of dragons.

    I was told by an orger that ToyGuru announced no figure would be over $60. Perhaps no figure they currently have planned will be over $60. However if Granamyr is to be made, I feel he should be massive, aw inspiring, and accurate.

    So how would YOU as a fan want Granamyr released?

    A) Massive! Sculpted from midsection up to appear as though he is sitting in his pit. A giant beautiful piece that will be the centre piece in my collection! Over 25'' tall! It Mattel makes it, I will buy it! $100-$150

    B) A large full figure, but much larger than Tytus. Similar to the LOTR Balrog Figure. Around 25'' tall - $100

    C) Just a little larger than Tytus, not too concerned about scale. Perhaps 20'' tall - $80

    D) About the same size as Tytus, scale doesn't matter, 15'' is fine to keep the cost down - $60

    He could be released as a Club Exclusive, a limited 1 time run, anything you can think of. I just want your input. And please, if you participate in the poll, be serious, be enthusiastic and no fighting.
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