View Poll Results: How do you want Granamyr?

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  • Massive! Sculpted from midsection up! - $100-$150

    6 5.71%
  • A large full figure, but much larger than Tytus. - $100

    15 14.29%
  • Just a little larger than Tytus- $80

    18 17.14%
  • About the same size as Tytus, keep cost down - $60

    66 62.86%
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Thread: Official Granamyr Poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Breaker View Post
    At 44 views and 12 votes, I hope people really start coming out and participating. I'm hoping to forward the results to ToyGugu. So to your lurkers, start voting.
    Us lurkers aren't voting because you didn't include a "No thanks" option for the reasons listed by Battle_Brak.

    Quote Originally Posted by Battle_Brak View Post
    I voted for the smallest/lowest price point, but I'd probably skip Granamyr. I'm not a big fan of anthropomorphic dragons and I never knew about the character until a few years ago so I have no nostalgia for him.
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    I wouldn't mind if Granamyr was a little larger than Tytus, would be nice but the postage costs would not be...

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    I voted a little large than Tytus. Granymyr is probably the ONLY large-size character I would willingly pay more than $60 for, but he has to be done right, i.e. with the articulation of Battle Cat rather than limited like Tytus.
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    I care not for cost!!! Give me a Granymyr bigger than Tytus.
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    Same size as Tytus to keep cost down and in green like the mini comic please.
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