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Thread: What story is behind your username?

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    Well it all started when I joined the org. Once I decided to become a member it became apparent that I needed a username to be known as. Looking for inspiration I suddenly remembered an old username I had used for some email account a few years prior.

    Finally I had decided upon my name. So I entered my details into the registration form and...Finally I was a member of And so it came to pass that Wolfsfang joined He-Man.Org and has been a member for a few years.

    Now it is time for this story to end


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave-Man View Post
    I thought you were a dentist

    If I was a dentist and my last name was Payne, I would not put it in my advertising, I can tell you that.
    If I were to become a doctor, I'd be a pain specialist....Which would basicly make me a drug dealer.

    "Are you in pain? Do you have insurance? Here's some opiates."

    I think I could do that.
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    LOL. I love it.

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    I combined my two favorite things Stone Temple Pilots and Optimus Prime
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    Great thread! Pretty simple: My name is Mike and I play the drums. I am known as mikethedrummer in the Half Moon Jug Band and am introduced as such during our shows right before my drum solo..."He's the Ukrainian Freight Train from Limington, Maine! He's mikethedrummer!

    Crowd goes wild and the ladies throw their bras on stage...ah, I can dream.
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    Mine came from one of the battle moves in the anime Yu Yu Hakusho, the Spirit Gun.
    "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. That's a promise...!" --Kurama

    "To me, the memories of my friends are an eternal treasure." --Yami Yugi

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    Quote Originally Posted by markatisu View Post
    no real story, I got my degree and work at Iowa State University (ISU) and my first name is Mark

    Though for years people thought it was some kind of japanese type name since it all ran together but it literally means Mark at ISU
    At least that is better than dballz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikethedrummer View Post
    Great thread! Pretty simple: My name is Mike and I play the drums. I am known as mikethedrummer in the Half Moon Jug Band and am introduced as such during our shows right before my drum solo..."He's the Ukrainian Freight Train from Limington, Maine! He's mikethedrummer!

    Crowd goes wild and the ladies throw their bras on stage...ah, I can dream.
    That intro sounds like one Dr. Deal Good would give you if he was welcoming you into Thunderdome: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dyin' time's here. And in this corner, he's bad, he's cool, he's the Ukrainian Freight Train from Limington Maine! He's mikethedrumer!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by kk2 View Post
    Why, c'mon a doctor whose name is Payne, that's funny.

    I know what a Epiphone Casino is. I like that guitar.
    I have an Epiphone Les Paul, but I'm not playing much.
    I just thought it'd be more cool than funny, that's all. Why aren't you playing, man? There's nothing better in life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epicasino View Post
    I just thought it'd be more cool than funny, that's all. Why aren't you playing, man? There's nothing better in life!
    Ok it's a cool nickname, funny too
    For me there is... Surfing.

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    i've got many toys and one of my favorites from when i was a kid was man-e-faces. pretty simple.

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    reviving this thread .

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    I just like dragons, so I came up with a name for a dragon character.
    For the Honor, for the Glory, for the Power of GRAYSKULL!!!

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    When I originally started using the name, I was taking a break from college and not really doing anything with my life(slacking) and I'm a guy.

    So slackrguy was born. Since I can normally get that name with no variation 1st attempt on mmo's and misc. forums, I just kind of stuck with it
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    When I was on the radio in college I went by Rogan Josh, after the dish and the fact that my name is Josh. During a pledge drive someone started calling me Monkey Boy on the air. It just kind of stuck. The prime was added after I tried to sign up to AOL the first time someone had MonkeyBoy so I added prime. The End.
    When will we get our Songster figure Mattel???

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    At the time I got on board the 200X series was still fresh and I noticed that there wasn't much love for Stinkor. I always dug him especially the whole Toyfare "Eternia's Man of The Year" bit from Twisted Toyfare Theater.

    So that's the long and short of it.
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    I was in the Canadian Air Force reserve (military reserves), and my rank that I left at was Captain.

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    I made the name for my eBay account in 97 or 98. I created the account solely for buying He-Man toys, hence the 'master'. English is my last name.

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    Nickname of mine given to me from playing HeroQuest. I was always Zargon and made the game fun instead of always slaughtering the heroes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by masterenglish View Post
    I created the account solely for buying He-Man toys, hence the 'master'.
    Me too! It was my inability to find those darn Commemorative MOTU toys that got me started on Ebay.



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    I got mine from one of my favorite Sepultura song. Plus i did a painting of a guy on a throne in college and the title of it was "lookaway" So i figured why not that name.
    People sleep peaceably at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

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    Raptor is my favorite dinosaur and the name of a gargoyle character I made up for the Gargoyles chat rooms. 8 is for the name of the first chatroom I frequented (Station 8). The "x" is just for awesomeness.

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    my real name, in sioux, means eldest son.

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    I'm a therapist in real life. Sometimes we provide hope for people who are desperate. Hence being a well of hope for others or "Hopewell". Also it's apparently a town in Virginia and a boy's given name.

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    I know I've told this story on here somewhere else... but here we go again...

    Just to preface this... my name is Jon, and Yes, as you could probably guess... Aerosmith and Steven Tyler are my begin all, end all! I live for that band!! Seen them 17 times in concert, and they just keep getting better!! I've been a fan since 1987 when Dude Looks Like a Lady came out... I was 5... and fell in love with them from then to now.

    Now, I've always loved music... and always wanted to play/make music. And with that, I wanted to be a rock star... I wanted to be just like Steven Tyler. When I was 16, I put together my first band... I sang and played the harmonica... and we were god aweful. I mean terrible. So I moved on. Later that summer I met the guy that changed everything... MY very own Joe Perry/Jimmy Page/Keith Richards... He was a great guitar player... and we loved and ALL the same music, and had the exact same ideas and dreams about becoming true and real musicians.... true musical soul mates.

    We slowly put together a band, and all the pieces fell into place... And we were excellent! Not to brag, but we were tight, and so good! Started playing cover songs...mostly Aersomith stuff... and a few originals... but it was our versions of Aerosmith stuff that got the most attention...

    Like I said earlier, I wanted to be Just like Steven Tyler... so on stage, I would dress like him, only throw my own touches to it... wear the same type of jewelry, I wore the thick black eye-liner...and the biggest tribute...I had a scarf drapped mic stand. Vocally... I could hit almost every note, and nail every scream on every Aerosmith song we preformed.... And after a couple years... our fans had dubbed me Jonny Tyler...and I loved it!! And it stuck like glue. Became my official stage name.

    Even though over the years, I've let my rock star dreams fade, and don't really do music that much anymore... here and there I'll sing, but not very often... But I've held onto that name. And every online site I join, or and blog or forum... JonnyTyler is always my user/screen name.

    Sorry that was so long winded... Been awhile since I've talked about my old days. .... and yes, you can have old days at 29 years old.

    And just for fun, here's a pic of JonnyTyler in action... playing in an old ****** garage for a friends sister's birthday... but it was always good times! excuse the crappy quality... we couldn't afford a good digital camera back then... and in 2002 they were still pretty expensive.

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