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    Many MOC MOTUC For Sale

    OK…so, I’m biting the bullet and selling all my MOC MOTUC figures. I originally wanted a loose and MOC set, so was getting two of each figure. I simply don’t have the room to maintain a MOC selection anymore. Add the fact that this line is growing every month, I’m offering these for sale on the board.

    I accept payment via Paypal only. The pricing for each item is listed. Also, feel free to make offers on multiple figures (I will be flexible on negotiating pricing of multiple item orders).

    All figures are 1st issue, unless otherwise noted (He-Man, Skeletor and Faker). I will ship USPS Domestic Priority Mail only, with delivery confirmation. All prices listed include shipping & delivery confirmation. I also have placed all early release figures in mailer boxes to protect them better in storage, so all figures listed will include a white mailer (Except Adora and Battle Armor He-Man who are loose/complete and Mo-Larr pack Skeletor who is loose and only comes with its power sword and half power sword).

    MOTUC He-Man MOC - $40 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC He-Man Re-Issue - $40 shipped

    MOTUC Beast Man MOC - $35 shipped *PENDING*

    MOTUC Skeletor MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC Skeletor Re-Issue MOC - $35

    MOTUC Stratos MOC - $35 shipped *PENDING*

    MOTUC Faker MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC Faker MOC Reissue - $30 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Mer-Man MOC -$35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Zodac MOC - $35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Hordak MOC - $35 shipped *PENDING

    MOTUC Man-At-Arms MOC - $35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC He-Ro SDCC MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC Tri-Klops MOC - $35 shipped *PENDING*

    MOTUC Webstor MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC Teela MOC - $35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Zodak MOC - $35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Scareglow MOC - $35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC The Goddess MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC King Randor MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC Princess Adora MOC - $35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Princess Adora LOOSE/COMPLETE (arms are extremely loose at shoulder joint) - $20 shipped or best offer

    MOTUC Battle Armor He-Man MOC - $35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Battle Armor He-Man LOOSE/COMPLETE (has noticeable scuff mark on right side of face...another Mattel QC story) - $15 shipped or best offer *SOLD*

    MOTUC Trap Jaw MOC - $40 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Wun-Dar & Map MOC - $60 shipped

    MOTUC Evil-Lyn MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC Weapons Pak MOC - $20 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Optikk MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC She-Ra MOC - $35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Keldor MOC - $35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC SDCC Mo-Larr & Skeletor MOC - $50 shipped

    MOTUC "Missing Tooth" Skeletor (From SDCC Mo-Larr Set) Loose w/ Half Sword Power Sword & Full Power Sword - $20 shipped or best offer

    MOTUC SDCC Orko & Prince Adam MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC MattyCollector Orko & Prince Adam MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC Whiplash MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC Battleground Teela MOC - $35 shipped *SOLD*

    MOTUC Pre-Eternia Disguise He-Man MOC w/ Map & Sticker - $50 shipped

    MOTUC Battle Armor Skeletor MOC - $35 shipped

    MOTUC Shadow Beast MOC - $40 shipped

    MOTUC King Hsssss MOC - $40 shipped

    More to come....

    I also put some 2010 SDCC exclusives up for sale here. If you want to combine any figures from that list and this list, I’d gladly do so. I welcome any offers!

    If you have any questions, or would like pictures of the items just PM me and I will respond ASAP. Thanks for checking out my post and hope we can make a deal!
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    I have many MOC MOTUC figures available for sale/trade here and SDCC exclusives for sale/trade here.

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