While I fully intend to take 2 troopers and put a He-Man head on one and a Hordak head on the other, IF we only get 4 heads included in the pack, then I hope none of them are He-Man or Hordak.

The purpose of these packs are to be ARMY BUILDER packs. And while a He-Man head and Hordak head being included would be great for people only picking up one or two of these packs and wanting to display them that way, it would SUCK for people buying up several of these packs to build an army and 2 out of the 4 heads can only really be used once in a display (sure, people could have an army of Hordak Troopers or He-Man Troopers, but how many people would really want that?).

While overall I am excited about the upcoming Royal Guards 2-pack, there are a couple of issues that I have with it that I hope do not carry over to most future packs, especially the Horde Troopers.

The first and biggest issue I have is with the 4 interchangeable chest plates that are included. I'm not at all upset that they included 4 plates. But IMO, we should have gotten at least 2 of the version with the lines going across it with NO battle damage on it.

I have no problem with having the option of the Battle damaged plates for people who want to display their guards in the middle of battle or whatever. And the Eagle chest plate is cool, but really looks like it would only be worn by the "leader" of the guards, and really isn't one that I would want to reuse over and over if I get several packs of the guards.

I personally want to have a display with the guards being around King Randor, either while he is in the palace and not in battle, or lined up as if they are about to go into battle, and therefore I would want at least 1 normal, not damaged, "standard" chest plate for EACH guard. As it is I am going to have to see if there is a way for me to customize some of the battle damaged plates into non-battle damaged versions (and I'm not a very skilled customizer to do something like that), or I'll have to try and buy those plates off of other people who do not want them (which I think will be a hard trade to make).

My other beef with Royal guards (which isn't as big as my beef with the chest plates) is the head choices. I'm fine with the heads that there are, but IMO we should be getting at least 2 of the standard white person head. Now, I am not by any means racist, so please don't make that accusation.

My problem with there only being one standard human male white head is this... in the Filmation cartoon, and even in the MYP cartoon, to the best of my recollection, the vast majority of the guards (like when you would see them charging into battle) were just normal looking white human males. There wasn't an abundance of black guards (I have no problem with the black head being included... I'd even be fine with it if 2 white heads and 2 black heads were included.... eww, it sounds like I'm talking about pimples, but I'm not) on either show. I know there is that one black guard from Filmation from some particular episode that people have referenced in some threads about this 2-pack, and that's cool, but he is one guard.

Again, this is not an issue of racism. I have nothing against black characters (in fact, as far as MYP characters go, I would love it if they were to make Dekker at some point), and if the guards in the shows were largely depicted as being black, or even as having a roughly 50/50 ratio of white guards to black guards, I'd be cool with it.

In fact, the biggest beef with the heads included are the Caligar head and reptilian head. While kind of cool, if you want to depict the different creature-races in Eternia as also being part of the guard (or in the case of the reptilian head you want to recreate the thing from the comic of MYP episode 40 where MAA becomes a Snakeman), then that's cool, but IMO that should be secondary to being able to depict both guards in the pack in their most Iconic form. So, if anything there should be 5 or 6 heads included (giving us 2 white, 2 black, and then 1 of each of the creature races). That would be fine.

BUT, as much as I've gone on about this head issue with the guards, it isn't nearly as big of a deal to me as the chest plate issue since they all have the same helmet and you can put the mouth guard over them, so all you will end up really seeing is their eye area anyway. But I would really like to get chest plates that match.

Now, taking these issues over to what could potentially be done with the Horde Troopers, for them the head issue is a much bigger deal than it is with the guards. Since they probably won't be depicting different people/races in the same helmet like the guards since you don't see the face of anyone in the Trooper helmet, the way I see it, the trooper set NEEDS to come with 2 regular, standard, iconic trooper heads. There should be no difference between them, or at least very minimal differences.

If they want to include a head similar to that of the flashback scene in SOTS, that would be fine, but it needs to be in addition to 2 standard trooper heads. I'd actually be cool with 2 standard heads and 2 flashback heads, that way I could go back and forth with depicting my entire trooper army one way or the other.

As for any kind of swappable chest plates (if they do anything like that with the Horde Troopers), again, we NEED at least 2 standard, non-damaged, iconic chest plates with the Horde logo on it. Whatever other swappable options they want to include, have at it, as long as we get those two.

Though, to be honest, I really don't feel that the swappable chest plates (or anything like that) is necessary for the troopers. In fact, if people really do want a He-Man and Hordak head included, I say skip the swappable plates, maybe even minimize the amount of weapons included (maybe just 1 generic weapon for each trooper, or 2 generic weapons), and give us 6 heads... 2 standard, 2 flashback, 1 He-Man, and 1 Hordak.

But whatever happens, we better get at least 2 standard heads. I don't want to get a bunch of packs to build an army where I only have 1 standard head and 1 flashback head for every set of 2 troopers, but I end up with an abundance of He-Man and Hordak heads that I'm not going to use.

If only 4 heads can be included, I say skip He-man and Hordak. As someone else previously suggested, use the extra head that comes with Prince Adam to make a He-Man Trooper, or go buy an extra He-Man and/or Hordak to make the trooper versions of them. Whatever happens, I don't wan the inclusion of a He-Man and Hordak head in the Trooper pack to take away from the ability to make an army of relatively normal looking Horde Troopers. That would just SUCK!