View Poll Results: Should Mattel charge more to get unique sculpts in CC?

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  • Yes let some months be higher priced if it means we can get more unique characters in a year.

    7 43.75%
  • Keep all characters priced the same and leave the unique sculpts as only oversized slots

    4 25.00%
  • Whatever they need to do to get us the most demanded figures out quickly.

    5 31.25%
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Thread: Should Mattel charge more for unique sculpts to get characters we want in CC line?

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    Should Mattel charge more for unique sculpts to get characters we want in CC line?

    Should Mattel do like they did with Spinnerella in the Princess of Power sub and charge more for some monthlies so we can get unique sculpts like Hunga, Granita, Dylamug, Twiggets, and Master Sebrian?

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    I voted Yes Higher if necessary however I am torn on the way the vote is put up.

    I'd say they have not sacrificed much to me to get out these figs as it is. Classics has always been a bit interprative focusing on vintage versus other media and though vintage is done, I trust them to do what they have been doing to get them right.

    Well, I trusted them when TOyguru was involved. I guess I do not know now.

    At the end of the day I believe they will do what they must to get things how they should be. I do not think the price specifically has to be raised on a more unique sculpt if it's priced into other more generic body figures, of which there are still plenty.

    If the question is to do specifically figures that have a very low parts reuse I do not see those types as being as high in demand as others.

    The examples listed: Hunga, Granita, and Master Sebrian, are not as unique as you'd suggest.
    I can easily see those three built on the methods of the past. Heck, the Robowoman was designed to give Granita more viability and use and Hunga is a matter of creativity (as Lord Dactys is at his base a standard figure) and even Sebrian with the release of Filmation Evilseed lends itself to something I'd bet (based on what may be under that long robe)

    As for Dylamug, Twiggets, well you always get like 1 highly tooled figure in a year at least and that could easily be Dylamug (so his inclusion is not problematic really) and the twiggest at worst are like the LooKee & Kowl 2 pac, and I'd happily pay the same price for 3 small mostly static figures in the same vein.

    But yes, if they had to charge more to do basically the same thing, do it. If you are suggesting the figures have to be less on the Classics model and more exacting to the source material then nah, keep it Classics. I have not noticed any figures suffer from Classicization. All of the previous FIlmation characters that were Classics (Icer, Fang Man, Shokoti, etc) were if not perfect either improved or so good I dont see a meaningful difference.

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