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Thread: How Would You Like To See MOTU 30Th Anniversary Line Continued In 2013 ?

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    How Would You Like To See MOTU 30Th Anniversary Line Continued In 2013 ?

    Since the 30th Anniversary line will be ending with Fan Created Character this year, how would you want see its SKU’s handled in 2013 & beyond ?

    Personally, I am done with this “Brand New” character figures concept ! New characters never received any kind of positive buzz beyond Draego Man. Furthermore, we already have too many MOTU characters & injecting more "Brand New" characters would make us noting but bore. Similarly, I don’t want to see these SKU's changed for (Mini-Comic, Filmation, POP & 200X) "Existing MOTU Character” based SUB. Because that’s why Club Eternia (Main) Subscription is there for ! These characters can fill the regular monthly slots with ease. So, the oblivious choice is Variants Based SUB !

    Why variants based you may think, let me tell you why.....

    After few searches & calculations, I've realised that there are about 50+ more variants (from all Mini-Comic, Filmation, POP, New Adventures, 200X lines) are desperately waiting for its MOTUC birth. Most of these variants are highly requested & demanded by the fans over the years. BTW, I have NOT included any crazy 200X variants like Disco Skeletor, Shaving Blade He-Man, Frog Armour Skeletor, & Jungle Jingle He-Man in this 50+ total. Now I know that not all variants are going to make the final cut. So even if we look closer around 40 figures, that gonna take us a mighty 10 YEARS !!!! Do you really think that the regular 4 Quarterly Variants can handle that ?????????

    Giving a variant based sub has many advantages like, A) Perfect replacement for TRU 2 Packs B) Quarterly variant slots can focus on vintage & mini comic variant figures. B) Fan demanded variants like 200X Randor, 200X King Hiss, Filmation Skeletor, Filmation Hordak are possible MUCH earlier than we think. 4) No pressure on regular monthly figure slots ETC !

    ADD-ON SUB like this would make fans to buy it in no time & I am quite sure that this will help fans to get those “Dreaming For Years” figures at a quicker pace !!

    (Personally, I’ll buy 4 of these SUBS (either from Filmation OR 200X) as soon as it gets announced) !!
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    The sub can not continue! The 30th Anniversary line was always only going to be six figure no more , no less and none of them ever get reissued. Once the last of the six (the create a character figure) comes out at end of 2012 thats it.

    Your poll should have asked what other Subs would you like mattel to offer in 2013 after the 30th anniversary sub is over?

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    Other - I would not like the sub-line to continue.

    The figures are neat and I may eventually try and buy some of them off of the secondary market or requests them as b-day and x-mas gifts. The offerings for the property is large enough currently, as it is I'd have to buckle down and figure something out should Mattel star a Bravestarr line or if Hasbro starts a Blackstar line. Assuming of course those figures fir to scale with MOTUC
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    Can't say a sub for variants would interest me much. I like getting new characters into my collection much more than variants/alternate versions. That said there are variants I would love to have, but not enough to invest more than a casual interest in them. (200x Sorceress, Filmation Hordak)
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    The first thing that comes to my mind about continuing an additional subscription is if Mattel could actually keep up with it again? The number of figures this year has definitely caused much more chaos in the schedule than we have ever seen in the past. I almost think I would rather have fewer figures and less hiccups.
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    I'd be happy with more new characters, actually.
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    other: i wouldn't.

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    It wouldn't be the 30th anniversary if it continued on to 2013. Just release all the planned 30th anniversary for 2012 as no franchise ever celebrates a 31st anniversary.

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    Other - not continued.

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    I voted "Other" because it shouldnt. It's done in 2013 right? Leave it.

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    I would want it to continue as a previous poster stated, Bravestarr or Blackstar or Major Matt Mason characters, not more hokey "I was 8 years old in 1984-85 and I drew this with my magic markers and crayons" characters. I'm sure some are cool, but they just don't seem to be getting anything but negative feedback.

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    The extra sub is playing havoc with the quality of the line. Look at all of the delays and production errors. No extra sub, back to the way it was, thanks.

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    other: i wouldn't. I'm spending too much money on this line as it is.
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    I don't believe that we need that many variants personally. Variants are nice (I think TP He-Man may be the best looking figure yet!) but I see them as an extra bonus. I'd like to see resources go into new characters with a few variants a year for fun ... as is currently done.

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    Just sell the line online and leave it at that. Announce new figs, fine... but forget the sub. Exclusives are great, but with the sub, too many snags go wrong with it. Having the sub means having a migraine.
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