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Thread: Is the 2015 sub worth it for a POP/200x fan?

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    Is the 2015 sub worth it for a POP/200x fan?

    I hope this doesn't seem too selfish asking for people to weigh in on my particular situation - I imagine there are other fans like me who want Angella, Perfuma, Peekablue, and Huntara as well as the 200x Snake Armor He-Man and King Hsss 2 pack but are not as thrilled for all the other He-Man variants or Ninjor, etc.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind Lizard Man and Multibot. I definitely want Mara. I don't care for the other vintage MOTU characters though.

    Do you guys think 2015 is worth it for a fan like me? I'm a grad student so honestly I'm just thousands in debt as it is. The only time I've subbed was the POP mini sub and while I'm super happy with it I did feel NA She-Ra was a cheap trick Mattel pulled on the fans. I can't imagine how other people subbed for years with even less of an idea of what they were going to get.

    2015 figures are much less of a mystery but I don't know if it's worth it financially for the figures I mentioned above. I also wouldn't put it past Mattel to change things and say "In order to finish vintage and A list you must buy this POP/200x mini sub separate from the main sub which is purely for vintage MOTU."

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance for people's advice!

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    I expect we'll see a 200X mini sub for 2015, so other than the Snake Armor He-Man VS Battle Armor King Hssss, we may not see much 200X in the main sub. At least that's my guess.

    As for POP, I think we'll see Peekablue, Queen Angella and Perfuma released in Club Eternia. There is a rumored Catra/She-Ra variant 2-pack, but who knows if that will be in or out of sub.

    I'd say sub up, but it really is up to you.
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    Your likes:
    Lizard Man
    Snake Armor He-Man
    200x King Hsss

    Your dislikes:
    Blast Attack

    It looks like, at this point, your likes outweigh your dislikes, but they are still fairly equal in number. So, you'd have aroudn half that you wouldn't like. The good part is that vintage MOTU is easy to resell compared to POP/200x/NA, which appear to be the factions you prefer. Which also means you might be likely to get the POP/200x/NA characters for a good price without the sub.

    It might be best if you split a sub with someone or just cherry pick, to be honest. I'd love for everyone to sub but know it's jut not feasible for everyone.
    Here's how to end the line:
    2015 200x Mini-Sub: Evilseed, Calix, Prahvus, Horde Wraith, Miro, Veena, Hawke

    2016 line: LordMasque, Vultak, Granita, Despara, Dylamug, Hunga, General Sunder,Tuskador, Crita, Lodar, Quakke, Darius

    Quarterly items: Sagitar, Stridor, Night Stalker

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    Or you could try contacting orgers Yogafreakmaster or Motu_Maniac who bought lots of subs and ask them if they will sell you the ones you need..this year it should be a pretty easy solution, we know who is coming more or less.

    As for the question in topic, well, subbing is always worth it
    And if it sells well, it seems we'll be rewarded with a 200X sub, which is something that should make you happy.
    This might legitimate the trouble to sell all your unwanted sub shouldn't be much hassle anyway, considering you'd give away all the more sought-after vintage characters.
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    Or you could trade your unwanted sub figures for some POP ladies you are still missing. This shouldn't be too much of a problem considering which characters you want to get rid of.

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    Most of your big wants are the kinda characters that struggle to sell for profit on the secondary market. I know some folks sold Glimmer this year a little below cost. I'd say there is very little chance of the 200x 2-pack NOT getting DOS on Matty and subbers will likely be giving away their Mara figures!

    Lizard Man might be used as the no day of sales figure, but it sounds like he isn't essential to you. If your worried about finances, then my advice would be NOT to sub. If you can tick off this check list (or most of it) then subbing might be best.

    *The sub exclusive is a character I definitely need

    *I have reserve funds in my bank to cover a quarters worth of subscription items (you never know how circumstances might change within a year, so some kind of back up is a good idea)

    *I want 3/4 of what is left from the vintage lines (any less and you really wouldn't pay that much more going the DOS route at $2 extra per figure)

    *I'm a collector of beasts and oversized items

    *I collect variants including the vintage MOTU ones and I don't expect to get my money back on these if I try to sell them.

    *I'm comfortable with having the hassle of contacting DR if I get a new credit card or need to change my address between ordering the sub and the January shipment.

    *I trust Matty not to screw up the figures like they did with NA Skeletor and Rio Blast in 2014.
    8 figures I still need: 8/Perfuma (for completeness of POP ONLY!), 7/Filmation Tung Lashor, 6/Saurod, 5/Sprag, Sprocker and Spritina, 4/Peekablue, 3/Hunga the Harpy, 2/Filmation Clawful, 1/Dylamug.

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    I say save your sub money for the rumoured 200x sub and cherry pick the rest. Visit the sales forum to see if you can get the random POP and 200x from other subscribers or just buy the day of sale.

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    Contact yodafreakmaster... he can help you out.

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    As much as I support the Sub, I think you might be best served in calling on one of our esteemed pals here at the Org to fill your needs. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention how wonderful having a sub is!
    Not to sound like a creepy cheerleader for Uki, but it's nice to know there is at least one person on this forum who is extremely positive & friendly all the time. I don't think I could be that nice even if you paid me. If we ever give out awards for "forum member of the month", Uki gets my vote. -Mr. Shokoti

    Subscribe for MOTUC 2015!!!

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