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Thread: Sky-High & Sky Sled Discussion Thread

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    Sky-High & Sky Sled Discussion Thread

    I don't know if ToyGuru ever mentioned if he is possible to be made, but I have always wanted a figure of the Windraider Pilot from the classic 80's poster. I made a quick mockup figure for him, and a bio to give the character some life. So post here to show your support for him.


    This "Unknown Pilot" made his first appearance during the Great Unrest. During the battle, Tri-Klops was ready to attack Man-at-arms from behind, but Sky-High came swooping in on his Air Stryker vehicle and took out Tri-Klops with a blaster shot to save the day. To show his gratitude for saving his life, Duncan upgraded the heroic pilots Air Stryker vehicle with new weapons and it is now known as The Wind Raider. Duncan also gave the unknown pilot the nickname Sky-High, for his ability to manuever through the skies at incredible speeds and heights with ease. He now serves the Eternian Royal guard as the greatest pilot in Eternias history, and waits to aid the Masters of the Universe at any time he is needed.

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