I bought a broken cowboy figure yesterday, hoping I could at least glue the arms back on. The body is beyond use, it's brittle and falling apart. But the accessories and other bits are still good.

I've identified these as being made by Louis Marx Toys as part of the Johnny West line. I figure someone might have a use for them. If so just contact me and we can work a trade.

1. vest
2. Johnny West head, minor paint scrape on the right temple
3. 2-piece gold box, good hinges
4. buffalo Indian hat
5. gold bags X3
6. 12" Marx left hand
7. 12" Marx right hand
8. bandana

09. pan
10. holster belt
11. coffee pot
12. spring for 12" Marx arms
13. "W" branding irons X2
14. drum stick
15. 2-piece left spur
16. right spur rubber strap(sorry, the plastic bit is broken so I didn't include it)
17. hat(note- 2 small holes in the top)
18. gun
19. water canteen

20. chaps. They are solid brown, the color variance is due to my scanner