I am very new to the DC Universe and have been reading some of the comics. I would like to collect the DCUC figures of the characters I am reading and ones that just look cool.

I have also decided I would like to recreate the Kenner Super Powers line as I collected that line as a kid and the Mattel figures just make it look so good.

With these requested figures, I don't want to collect them all at once. This is a work in progress collection.

I would like the figures to be loose as it is cheaper to post to Australia and the figures to be complete with accessories. I do not need CnC pieces or buttons.

DCUC Super Powers

01. Already purchased
02. Green Lantern
03. Flash
04. Batman
05. Robin (Modern version wanted)
06. Hawkman (wanted in DC/MOTU 2 pack)
07. Aquaman (wanted in DC/MOTU 2 pack)
08. Wonder Woman
09. Red Tornado
10. Wave 15 preordered
11. Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond version)
12. Green Arrow
13. Dr. Fate (Classic version)
14. Darkseid (CnC)
15. Already purchased
16. Brainiac (DSCH version or I will wait for an eventual updated version)
17. Already purchased
18. Penguin (This version and the eventual Super Powers repaint)
19. Steppenwolf
20. Kalibak (CnC)
21. Parademon (Red)
22. Desaad
23. Mantis
24. Captain Marvel
25. Cyborg
26. Wave 15 preordered
27. Cyclotron
28. Orion
29. Samurai (eventual release)
30. Mr. Miracle
31. Already purchased
32. Already purchased
33. Tyr

Mr. Terrific
Black Adam
The Question
Deadman (either version)
Cyborg Superman (both versions)
Kilowog (CnC)
John Stewart
Katmu Tui
Wonder Twins (Gleek not neccessary)
Romat Ru
Animal Man
Harley Quinn
Superman (Red & Blue)
Deathstroke (Masked version)
Man Bat
Superman (Black suit)
Superman (Long hair)
Steel (DCSH version but I hope there is a DCUC rerelease)
Two Face (DCSH)
Catwoman (DCSH)