So I was thinking about this character today, and how she could be incorporated into the Classics line. I never really thought much about her before honestly. However, one of the things that strikes me about this character is the potential her abilities give her to be something of an oracle, perhaps not only seeing over long distances and other dimensions, but maybe even into the past or the future. As I thought about it, I think the idea would be pretty cool since that would make her a very powerful ally and intregal part of the rebellion.

Something else struck me as I was reading her style guide bio. In it, it talks about how she is "proud of her plummage and likes to strut around Etheria showing them off". That got me to thinking, what if Peekablue was an entertainer, perhaps like a showgirl? Maybe she runs some kind of Vegas-esque entertainment complex on Etheria? Since we know that the Horde would more than likely would have an establishment like this under it's thumb, it would stand to reason that perhaps this would make Peekablue reluctant ally of the Rebellion, as doing so could mean the end of her very profitable business.

Just some ideas I had as I thought about it. I was curious what some of you guys would think of this take on the character.