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Thread: Set of 25 Motu vintage mini comics + Motuc maps offered!

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    Set of 25 Motu vintage mini comics + Motuc maps offered!

    Hello everyone;
    Here we go:

    Set of 25 Motu vintage mini-comics, including the RAREST:
    - Grizzlor the legend comes alive/ Spikor Strikes
    - The treachery of Modulok/ The flying fists of power
    - The terror claws STRIKE!/ The stench of evil
    - Mantenna & the menace of the evil horde/ The battle of Roboto
    - The search for Keldor/ Rock people to the rescue
    - He-Man&the insect people/ Skeletor's dragon
    - Siege of avion/ King of the snake men
    - Revenge of the snake men/ He-Man&Skeletor in the temple of darkness
    - The clash of arms/ The fastest draw in the universe
    - Hordak-the ruthless leader's revenge/ The vengeance of Skeletor
    - The warrior machine/ Dragon's gift
    - Mask of power demons/ The secret liquid of life
    -Leech-The master of power suction unleashed!


    - International shipping: 15$
    - (BONUS) Motuc maps "Subternia & Horde Empire" OFFERED!!!
    If you wanna know more about my selling performances:

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm still waiting for an offer of yours guys, don't you be shy....
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