So, part of the reason why I got the Mo-larr set was for the extra havoc staff. I needed one for my TRU Skeletor and I gave up on getting a 200X repaint when it wasn't shown for the 2nd weapons pak at SDCC.

I have to say that this is still my favorite accessory for the line and the TRU Skelly looks so much better with one. It pretty much makes the figure.

I don't understand why we've gotten about a million battle axes for He-man but we can't get more havoc staffs. And as much as I appreciate getting a purple axe for BA Skeletor, it should not be a replacement for a staff for that figure.

Who's with me in pestering Toy Guru for a havoc staff for BA Skeletor (with the purple axe too) and a 200X repaint for the next weapons pak?