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Thread: Havoc Staff Appreciation Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Boy View Post
    Can anyone tell me if the Mo-Larr havoc staff is different to the Skeletor one?
    Nope, they're identical.

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    I was and continue to be amazed by how huge the Classics staff is. The solid, smooth shapes are so precise and fantastic. The subtle highlighting on the skull is a great way to remain faithful but make it special.

    I'd take an orange one for Faker, but thar may be greedy to demand
    just when the orange shield and axe were announced.

    I loved the 200X update too, even though the bronze and silver clashed to me. I wasn't ready to love the Classics version so much. Sometimes less is more.

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    I would actually like a new Havoc Staff. The original is a little too long, and since I have the original release, not the re-issue, my Skeletor has some trouble holding it in his left hand.

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