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Thread: If Teela Gets a Two-Pack...

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    I want a blonde Teela in a two-pack with Batgirl (Barbara) in her black batsuit.
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    Blond Teela and Black Canary for me, please!

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    1. Which head?

    I don't see them resculpting for these two packs, but I wish they would do a hair down version.

    2. What color variations?

    If hair down-blonde
    If not, regular color, but change the outfit to pink.

    3. What weapon(s)?
    Staff of Ka, Shield, Sword, Gun

    4. Would you buy it if there is no upgrade on the female figure quality issues?
    depends on redeco

    5. Who should she be packed in with to battle?

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    I hope that blonde teela is made but as a bonus with newer skulpting as to not just being a repaint, but if that's the route mattel takes then I'd want vs. harley quinn just because of her being scarce/pricey.

    ...otherwise I don't really care one way or the other.

    I do recommend though that mattel should eventually release snake teela vs. copperhead @ TRU, just to keep it away from a monthly bonus figure slot.
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    Bat Girl, Harley Quinn or even Black Canary. A Wonderwoman Vs would be horribly one-sided. What next Orko and Darkseid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenousPuma View Post
    What next Orko and Darkseid?
    With Orko's dumb luck I wouldn't actually be surprised if Darkside had his work cut out for him .

    As for Teela, if Mattel does end up packaging Wonder Woman with She-Ra, then the only other accepted alternative for Teela is Black Canary.
    I like Babs, I really do, but she isn't that important (as Batgirl) in the wider DC universe.
    Canary is a highly trained martial artist, is the second lady of the Justice League and was even it's leader recently. Far more prominent than Babs as the wider DC universe goes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceAdam101 View Post
    *** Post here if you wish to support getting Teela in a Toys R Us two-pack next year!

    If Teela gets a two-pack treatment (possibly in 2011, after the next two being released in quarter one) how would you prefer her to appear? What variance on her design would make you grab one up?

    1. Which head?

    2. What color variations?

    3. What weapon(s)?

    4. Would you buy it if there is no upgrade on the female figure quality issues?

    5. Who should she be packed in with to battle?

    What are your thoughts? I have mine, and I'd like to hear what all the opinions are. There are many media versions of Teela, but it seems a given that they would release her with one of the two already existing heads...
    I'm going under the assumption that there will be only 1 weapon per figure and no new tooling (only He-Man and Stratos, respectively, break those rules, as far as I recall).

    I'd like a Teela that looks closer to He-Man and the Power Sword (page 5 or so):

    1. Unhelmeted/ponytail head.
    2. Blond hair, red tiara, brighter/whiter armor with a brighter gold.
    3. White & gold shield & sword would be ideal (but 2 weapons). The Staff of the Elders in white and gold could be pretty cool, too.
    4. Honestly, it would depend on my mood that day. There's no reason, at the very least, the armor shouldn't be more pliable and the new neck-peg used.
    5. While Black Canary is a pretty great choice, as is Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, Artemis as Wonder Woman would be my first choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerec350 View Post
    I say regular head with blonde hair, sword and shield, mini-comic colors, and she should be battling Bat Girl as I think Duncan will probably be battling Batman.
    This is what I imagine a TRU 2-Pack with Teela would look like. I think this would be totally awesome, although sadly Mattel would probably opt for bright red hair to maintain the essence of the character...

    Hmmmm, her "bikini" style comic outfit wouldn't hurt either...

    Quote Originally Posted by jerec350 View Post
    I for one disagree that Teela should be paired with Wonder Woman. Sure Teela has tremendous fighting skill but she poses no super powers or strength against the likes of Wonder Woman. Batgirl would be the best match for Teela. She-Ra is a more suitable match for Wonder Woman.

    Also, did DC ever make a Raven figure? I don't collect them so I'm not sure. If so I see that as a perfect match to a Filmation colored Evil-Lyn.
    Raven was the winner of last year's DCUC Character poll. She will be included in Wave 15. Subsequently she is a character I have been clamoring for since Mattel started the DCUC line! (I had all my buddies go vote for Raven during the open polls...)

    With Raven's inclusion, pretty soon we will be able to round out the Teen Titans!

    And I agree, Raven and Evil-Lyn would be a match made in Heaven!
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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