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    Possible female characters

    Including only (a) characters Mattel officially has the rights to and (b) in the case of MYP females, following the same rules as the MYP thread, did I miss any out?

    • Teela
    • Goddess
    • Evil-Lyn (yellow)
    • Adora
    • She-Ra (styleguide)
    • Catra (styleguide)

    Characters not done at all:
    1. Queen Marlena
    2. Sorceress
    3. Hawke
    4. Queen Andreeno
    5. Queen Veena
    6. Entrapta
    7. Frosta
    8. Glimmer
    9. Queen Angella
    10. Castaspella
    11. Mermista
    12. Sweet Bee
    13. Netossa
    14. Spinnerella
    15. Double-Trouble
    16. Perfuma
    17. Peekablue
    18. Flutterina
    19. Starla
    20. Tallstar
    21. Jewelstar

    Major variants not yet done include Evil-Lyn (MYP), Sorceress (MYP), She-Ra (toy) and Marlena (MYP S2, red/blue armour). [Not planning to keep a comprehensive list of these, it could get silly quickly, especially since most of the She-Ra characters would be duplicated.]
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