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Thread: Did you buy 200x toys? Ever?

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    Did you buy 200x toys? Ever?

    I would really like to know if and how fans have supported MOTU 200x when they were available in stores. It would be interesting to see how much support this toyline really had among fans, just to determine if it really was the design of the toys that annoyed people and kept them from buying, or if the failure of the toyline was indeed Mattels fault, with constantly wrong decissions (case ratio, actionfeatures, variants...)

    So, did you ever buy a 200x figure or even collected the line back in 2002? And please be honest. I know many fans who bought the toys back then, sold them later and nowadays say they hate the whole 200x toyline because of the hunches and shrinkheads and whatever. So they would rather vote "Nope, never supported", even though they actually bought the figures when they were available in stores.
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    I never bought them for a few reasons, the main one was actually finding them in the stores, the second was that the toyline was very different from the MYP series, and it was the MYP series that made me want to even look for them

    a prime example is in the MYP series He-man had a massive size, yet the figure associated with it was thin and gangly by comparison. Often the heads looked out of proportion too Skeletor springs to mind there

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    Ah, damn. I should have incorporated that answer as well. "I would have loved to, but couldn´t find them in stores".

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    Figure wise I got alot of the figures. No variants. There are still a few more I'd like to pick up that I missed, and a few that I never wanted. I got the second version of Castle Grayskull and I got the Slime pit.

    I really wish they could have made those figures that later became the beautiful but totally unusable by me Stactions.

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    I bought several of them, back when. My enthusiasm for line was ruined by the over abundance of variants, case-ratios or whatever it was that led up to the net effect of finding nothing but a dozen of the same one third-strain, uninteresting variant of He-Man or Skeletor warming shelves everywhere. Sad. I liked the aesthetic. I thought it was an improvement, or could at least be appreciated on its own merits if you couldn't see it that way.
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    I bought the entire first wave plus the two cats, it was a great day - we'd just got a new toy shop open and it had new He-Man! But alas I was 16 and was thus lacking in money to buy everything that came out, I'm now piecing together the rest of the original characters and some of the variants and vehicles I want from bootsales and conventions.

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    Never, not even when they become 7€ peg warmers

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    I followed it, waited for it to come out, and jumped on the first He-Man and Skeletor I found at a comic shop (probably paid a bit more than I needed to, but I was excited).

    After that, I bought the ones I wanted (including some of the cool variants, like Fire Armor Skeletor). I have a medium sized tub of them now, and I don't plan to get rid of any of them.

    The only reason I skipped any that I wanted was because I could not FIND them. This line was so irritating to collect back then. Took KB forever to clear out all the Smash Blade He-Man figures. I never saw Roboto or Fisto, and I skipped some that I really shouldn't have at the time (like Sy-Klone) because I was just tired of it. A canadian friend had to procure Zodak and repaint Trap-jaw for me, and I had to just let go of a few others (though I recently bought Roboto FINALLY).

    Overall, I loved the line, but it was one of the most irritating toy lines I've ever collected.
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    I bought every figure available, I have one of each (open and moc) except for a few of the super rare chases or variants (like the Fisto chase). It was a total pain in the ass to find the last two waves of figures (had to import them) and the big rotocast He-Man and Skeletor.

    I have a complete set of the Stactions, but I stopped at the statues/mini busts. I have the original He-Man statue from SDCC (before the line really launched) then the Skeletor and Sorceress statues, on the mini bust side I think I have Evil Lynn and Mer-Man but it was just too much $$$
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    Yes, I bought (almost) every toy available and I love this line-era of Motu as much as 80's, NA, POP and MOTUC.

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    I LOVED the line and bought EVERYTHING and also bought for my nephew which also loved the line.

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    I bought one figure snake crush skele(which i've sold) & a custom scare glow.
    I loved the MYP cartoon but at the time had no interest in the toyline. i want to make a 200X custom Ninjor & get regular skele but that's it, i have no real interest in the line of figures.
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    While most of the redesigns weren't my cup of tea, I loved 200X because it brought MOTU back again.

    I have a complete loose set and I have every figure MOC AFA graded. Well actually, I still need Chase He-Man, Skeletor and Fisto for my graded set.

    I also have every NECA Staction figure MOC AFA graded. I had every Staction figure loose as well, but decided to sell them, so I'd have room to display my MOTUC figures. I did keep Odiphus though!!

    As for the statues, I have Skeletor, Trap Jaw and Tri-Klops. I also have the SDCC Hordak, classic colors Evil-Lyn and Mer-Man mini-busts.

    It was hell trying to track down most figures during that time, and I'll take this MOTUC WSOD over that any day.
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    I bought some. All that I could find (minus variants), anyway.

    By the time the Snake Men came out, everything was too hard to find, and huge gaps started appearing in my collection. I eventually got frustrated and sold the lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flitzi View Post
    just to determine if it really was the design of the toys that annoyed people and kept them from buying, or if the failure of the toyline was indeed Mattels fault, with constantly wrong decissions (case ratio, actionfeatures, variants...)
    Just for the records, there is no need to determine this.
    It's a well know fact. The style of the figures had nothign to do with the demise of the line.
    We were there, we were working with Mattel at that time, we know this for a fact.
    I have no problem with the poll, but the facts are facts, this is not goign to change

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    MOTU Addict/Horde Wannabe Spikewolfe's Avatar
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    I didn't start buying 200X until 2007 or 2008. I didn't know about the line at all until 2004 when I saw a Jungle Attack He-Man in a comic store. Seeing that figure wasn't enough to get me interested in the line. I'm slowly building up my collection of 200X now though. I started with the exclusives, and I've been tracking down the harder to find figures. Mostly I pick up a 200X version of a figure when it is announced for release in MOTUC. I like the playsets, and the creatures that are updated versions of vintage releases. Not interested in 200X vehicles at all. I might buy myself a Samurai Battle Raptor though. It wasn't in the vintage line, but it would be nice to have something evil to go with Samurai Battle Cat. I guess it could be displayed with the vinatge Tyrantisaurus Rex as well. Yeah, I'll get one!

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    I love this post! the more i hear that many people didn't buy the 200x series, the more value on mine!

    Anyway, I loved this line because each figure was like a unique sculpture of a closer-to-real life representation of the original MOTU figures. They had great individuality and still bled nostalgia.

    BUT, I love the mOTUC line even better! isn'e that what we want? different lines with individuallity, improving through the decades?

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    Oh, I most definitely was buying the toys.
    Unfortunately the line wasn't available at retail here (except 2 SpitBulls), so most of it came from online sources and occasional trips abroad.
    One of my most special memories will always be my parents getting me a Samurai Skeletor and Buzz-Off for Christmas. They contacted my cousin who lived close to Italy and she got them for them to put under the tree.
    When the Stactions came out I collected those too, but didn't make it past wave 4 (can't remember why).

    I don't have a complete collection, but I occasionally make trips to a comics and toys convention in Vienna, and I sometimes find MOTU (vintage and 200X) items there, which I of course pick up.
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    I purchased several figures from the 200X line. Towards the end, I could only find the newer figures online with the option to purchase as a case. Once MOTUC came out, I sold all of them except for She-ra and the Sorceress staction (vintage colors).

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    I collected the 200X line, but not all figures. I just bought the ones I liked, my favorite characters, and only my favorite variants, so I have some He-Man and Skeletor variants. As I disliked the vehicles (they were ugly in my opinion!), these aren't part of my collection, too.

    The 200X line came with very cool designs and features on the one hand, but the small heads and buckled backs of the figures looked really awful on the other.

    I think the MotUC line is much better regarding the more natural proportions, but I must admit that I was very happy when the 200X line was released, for it was like a "resurrection" of the meanwhile "dead" He-Man, as for me, He-Man had "died" with the release of the NA line. In my view, NA had nothing to do with MotU, as I wasn't able to connect it with memories of my early childhood and the wonderful magic of the classic MotU era, no matter how hard I tried.
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    Bought as much as I could and what I liked. most of the variants I only ended up getting because I needed a fix, but I still don't have somethings. to me the designs of 2002 line are THE definitive versions, I LOVE the unique sculpts, the updates I have all the statues, all the stactions, most of the minibusts. the problems that existed were essentially weeded out in the staction line, just goes to show that whent he horsemen are given free reign to work and Mattel doesn't butt in, wonderful things happen. when Mattel gets their big ideas and interfere with the horsemen (rather than support them) things go awry.
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    me and a friend(booger was his name) raided walmart everyday and bought every figure possible. there was alot we didnt get, but i still buy whatever 200x i can find. grayskull battlestation was very hard to get then, so glad i got one, its actaully my stepkids, but i payed for it and he is as passionate as i am , we bought it for him, but i enjoyed just as much.i also still watch the show. and im also one that thought the toon looked better than the figures, but the figures are cool, but to me a whole other version of motu!

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    I had all the characters, but sold most of them when I saw how good the stactions looked in comparison. I don't have many left, but I like the ones I have, they are: He-Man, Snake Armor He-Man, Battle Sound He-Man, Man At Arms, Hordak (staction), Skeletor, Battle Sound Skeletor, Teela and Evil Lyn.

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    I got almost everything from the line I could get my mitts on!
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    I bought 2 of almost everything.
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