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Thread: Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 013 Discussion!

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    Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 013 Discussion!

    Episode 013 of's Roast Gooble Dinner is here!
    We hope you're hungry.

    Val Staples, "Pixel Dan" Eardley and Eamon O'Donoghue are back to discuss He-Man and She-Ra. Emiliano Santalucia is off this week.

    First we discuss the recent news about Mattel no longer producing 200x alternate heads in MOTUC.

    After that, we cover a couple SDCC figure reveals. This time, Battle Armor Skeletor and the King Grayskull reissue.

    A few highlights of the show:
    • 200x Grizzlor's collar!
    • King Grayskull cotton balls!
    • a 5 minute tangent about vampires!

    And as always, you'll enjoy some extra seasoning with this episode's Fanart of the week, Collectible of the week and Fansite of the week!

    So pull up your chair and fill up your plate! It's time to chow down on a tasty serving of fandom here on's Roast Gooble Dinner!

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    Awesome, Gooble back to weekly!

    Poor Eamon is digging that hole even deeper, just so the She-Ravers can lob stones down at him better.

    So glad you guys discussed the 200X head controversy. I honestly don't grasp why they'd make that decision. It's like they actively distrust the 4H to do things "right" (Adam's scabbard comes to mind here too). Also kudos on you for calling the "hyper anime" term BS. Which it is.

    Val's secret Monster High affection revealed!

    And again you nailed my feelings about the 200X vehicles.

    Hoping for a return to bios commentaries next week?

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    Eamon, I'm in the pit with you...I'll absorb a few She-Ra fans' stones for ya!

    Desperately praying for very few POP toys...I'd almost rather have NA!
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    Love for the Spitbull?

    That was one of the few 200x pieces I never owned, the sticky missile actually sounds awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Lynch View Post
    the sticky missile actually sounds awesome!
    Bill :: guitargod694

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    I think we'll still get characters like Evil-Lyn and Evilseed from 2002.

    Anyhow, random thought...and I sort of touched upon this in another thread...

    Since POP hasn't had the same benefits as MOTU over the years, I think Mattel should continue making tons of POP females in MOTUC even if they turn out to be complete failures in the sales department. Maybe there should even be a special budget set aside just for POP characters.

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    Great episode guys. Eamon's voices crack me up, the Italian, Mer-Man etc
    I must agree 200x had some bad vehicles, I was glad when they introduced the Wind Raider. I did also like the Bashin Beetle, didn't mind the chariot, Battle hawk and Terrodactyl either but thought the Attack Squid, War whale, Spit Bull and Dragon Walker were really bad.

    The collar on the Grizzlor station also made me think that at some point Hordak kept him chained up, perhaps before he was brainwashed when Hordak first captured him, UK comics kid

    Loved the vampires bit, have you guys scene the South Park episode about the vampires fad?

    I agree the King Grayskull repaint is a bit bright and cartoony like Santa Clause. I like the colours they just need to be toned down a bit, maybe look a bit worn and dirty.
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    Good call on the non-anime stuff, Val. I totally agree. 200X is stylised, but not anime/manga.
    I think it has more in common with grafitti art and vinyl collectable culture in terms of art and design style. Just my opinion.

    Also, double good call for Val (he's on fire this week - the beard gives him power) on True Blood. It is sooooo bad. Vampires need to be banned in all media for at least 10 years to rest the genre.


    Loves me some Angel and Buffy though. Been rewatching both recently. Angel was the better show, but wouldn't be as strong without Buffy coming before it. The Angel episode 'I Will Remember You' is one my my fave tv eps of all time.
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    A suggestion and a question!

    Maybe the show could have all the contact information (emails and phone number) and links presented in the episode on a webpage? If not on the libsyn page, maybe there could be dedicated page here at Spelled URLs are especially difficult for foreign listeners and can't imagine them being too practical for natives English speakers as well.

    I have only used Skype between users. You give out a number to call to leave a voice mail at the end of the show. Can it be reached with Skype without paying? I know Skype allows you to call landlines with separate paying deal.

    Thanks for the good and entertaining show, please keep up the good work!

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    This is a serious question because I'm very curious.
    If anyone listening has a hard time understanding the URLs we give out, even when we spell them,
    how the you listen to and enjoy the podcast at all? Wouldn't our normal dialog be extremely hard to follow?

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    If you miss a word you can still understand the sentence, but if you miss a letter from URL it don't work. Ofcourse you can always repeat a podcast, but sometimes you still might not make out every letter/word.
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    Eamon, totally agree with everything you said this show


    TRUE BLOOD = awesome.

    It's so bad it's good... but the story is fun and it's hot... the men AND the women.

    I'm pretty sure Pam is my favorite character right now lol.

    The acting in Twilight = horrible... I hate the celebration of the actors in these movies because they are atrocious
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    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    This is a serious question because I'm very curious.
    If anyone listening has a hard time understanding the URLs we give out, even when we spell them,
    how the you listen to and enjoy the podcast at all? Wouldn't our normal dialog be extremely hard to follow?
    I am sorry if the suggestion doesn't sound logical to you JVS3. Maybe I expressed myself a bit poorly, so please let me try to explain myself better.

    If the URL isn't as simple as, it can be hard to catch it at the first hearing, especially if it isn't a real word. Now spelling helps, that is why a lot of podcast do it, but it is easier for us non-natives to make mistakes. Sometimes certain letters sound similar other letters in other languages and you forget for a split second you trying to listen how it is said in English. I am not saying one makes these mistakes every time or every other time. How often it happens really depends on person to person, but I do think it has happened to even the best of us. And annoying thing about the internet is that if you write the URL incorrectly you might end up to a very bad site if you are very unlucky.

    If we forget language, I do think the basic problem is that when you listen something like a podcast, you do not typically sit keyboard ready to catch the URL (or individual letters).

    But let me just add that I do not think this is a big issue, so lets not take this out of portions. I thought I was just being helpful to be honest, and URLs + phone number in written form would be additional value to the fans.

    I hope this explains what I was trying to say to you JVS3. I would hate to leave a wrong impression to you, especially as I do honestly enjoy the show. If you can, please spare a quick a reply, so I know you know what I mean.

    Also thanks to Tuukka for helping out.

    PS. Was the Skype question simply as I presumed, or am I not getting something as no one is replying to it (usually a sign that the question is bad or uninteresting).
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    I would hate to leave a wrong impression to you, especially as I do honestly enjoy the show.
    ...all I did was ask.

    For the URLs we mention in the Fansite of the week, they are all here in the Links section of the forum.
    Check 'em out!

    For other links, I don't want to commit to making a crib sheet every week, as I know I'll forget along with all the other stuff I have to do.
    But if any other fan wants to do it after I post the discussion thread, by all means please do! I'd be honored!

    If you want to send us comments, questions, etc, please send in an e-mail to the show at the address we have on the show! (gooble at You don't have to call and leave a voicemail.

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    Listening to it now . . .

    Hmm, I thought everyone knew about Grizzlor's collar!

    At the time, a pretty big deal was made about trying to find all of the "Easter Eggs" that the 4H hid on the Stactions, and to my knowledge, not all of them have been discovered yet!

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    I really want to listen to this one -I have never heard any before, I ignored the threads cos I had no idea what a gooble is (still dont!!!).

    But Val mentioned it in the Monster High thread so I wanna hear his thoughts on MH, but I really dont want to hear Eamonn slamming POP (I dont read his posts anymore)!

    Decisions decisions!!
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