Eamon and Emilianio's Bow theory...I don't like it. At all.

Here's why:

1) Bad king/duke/earl going good. That's She-Ra's storyline.
3) Assuming the role of a Horde sympathizer. That's Double Trouble's storyline.

Characters are supposed to have unique stories, especially when they are one of the core characters.

I think a good backstory for Bow would be what I posted in the episode 12 comments (but I'll expand a little based on Emil and Eamon's theories I just heard):

1) Bow is a King or Prince of a Kingdom on Etheria. The Horde approached his kingdom as a peaceful people that needed help. They give them water, food, supplies, use of their land and their trust. Then WHAM the Horde reveals their true intent and enslave the entire kingdom, forcing them to make Horde Trooper factories and such. Bow's kingdom becomes the Fright Zone. Unwittingly, Bow helped seal Etheria's fate.

2) Bow is a Horde slave who decides to fight against the Evil Horde when Glimmer blinded a group of troopers, allowing some slaves to escape. Bow snuck into the nearest Horde-occupied kingdom to steal armour, weapons and whatever he could get his hands on to help him become a warrior. He then takes on the name Bow.

You can say #1 is like She-Ra, but it's not. Bow was always good and never did anything bad, but aid the Horde, who he thought was in need. This would give Bow severe trust issues (some of which he actually displayed in the cartoon every now and then).

Adora actually did bad things, like almost kill He-Man.

Anyway, other subjects:

*No 200X Heads: crazy idea. Wave goodbye to all-encompassed line and more sales per character (unless they're doing this to do multiples of most characters, forcing us to buy 2 figures each character?).

If we DO end up getting Filmation bonus heads, I still want 200X heads.

I wanted 2 Grizzlors because of the 200X head.

Anyway...vampires, really? lol

I can't speak for any of the new vampire stuff. I LOVE Buffy though. I tried watching a few Angel episodes when it was on...and I couldn't. It was awful. I loved Angel the character, so that made me sad. I should buy the series and try to watch it again.

Also, Buffy boring? Please...she was awesome. All of her supporting cast was awesome though, which is rare in a series.

Re: Battle Armour Skeletor...he's going to be coming with a purple axe instead of a purple sword. That's NEW because fans requested it. Why didn't you discuss this?! That's HUGE!

Eamon, I'm TOTALLY with you on the small pins!

Val Comment #1: "They react to how you touch 'em and do stuff infront of 'em."

Val Comment #2: "You could hold something infront of his mouth and he would bite it."

Eamon's Reaction: "Sweet!"

Choose your words carefully. That's all I'm going to say. Those dino toys do sound cool though.

King Grayskull: not a fan of Santa Grayskull either. It's not toon accurate. The first one was. King Grayskull is brown. Oracle is red:

I really like the power orb and the transfer. He will look awesome to keep MOC.

I agree with Eamon re: King Grayskull's face. The prototype looked PHENOMENAL and the toy looked good. So...I hope the phenomenal one comes out with the paint opps on this one.

LOL @ PixelDan's story with the kid. That was SO funny and cute.

Woo! Finally finished watching all 14 episodes! I hope everyone is present for the next episode.