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Thread: How does MOTUC Whiplash compare to his other versions?

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    How does MOTUC Whiplash compare to his other versions?

    It's that time again. Who is your favorite? This time around, I am picking the variant 200X Whiplash on the right with the darker loincloth and colored belt symbol as my favorite.

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    I gotta go with the MOTUC version.
    I really like the 200X version as a figure in it's own right, but that just isn't Whiplash to me.
    He was redesigned so much there was nothing left of the original character in there.
    The new classics version brought him back, better than ever IMO.
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    No comparison---MOTUC.
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    Whiplash was one of those figures that I loved as a child, as he made unique use of the waist-twist. When he was announced for MOTUC, I felt "meh" about him. But I must say, he just gets better every time I look at him. This line continues to amaze me.
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    I have to say I love this MOTUC vintage head version. Don't get me wrong, I really dug the look of the 200X version in the cartoon but his toy version just didn't translate as well. I loathed that huge button on his side! I usually get an extra of the figures that come with bonus heads but due to an error with the website I missed it. At first I was peeved about it but after getting my sub in I don't really care for the 200X head on the vintage body so I'm cool now. In my opinion, to get a proper 200X version of Whiplash (and Clawful) it needs to be a larger $30 figure. I'd gladly buy them!
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    LOVE the MOTUC version! One of my favorites.

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    I have to give credit where credit is due. MOTUC Whiplash is superior to all the other figures. It's a pretty decent figure on it's own. The 4H are masters of the toy making universe.
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