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Thread: Fancomic - She-Ra: "The Frozen First One"

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    Fancomic - She-Ra: "The Frozen First One"

    Based on the synopsis of an unproduced episode of the PoP cartoon, "The Frozen First One" is a five-pages fancomic (plus cover!) in PDF format by an all-European artistic team.
    Available on my DeviantArt account, it can be downloaded or browsed. Don't miss the Comment section for behind-the-scenes notes and extra art!

    Lineart by Joe Teanby
    Colors and Cover Art by Karolina Romanska
    Story, Lettering & Frozen First One design by me (Franco)
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    Great stuff! All of you guys!
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    Thanks so much!

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    Wow, the fancomic made it to the headlines: a big "thank you" to the whole staff for being so welcoming!

    Coming next, the "Towers Of Etheria"

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