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Thread: MVC Comics - Collected Info About Emiliano's Ideas for the Comic

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    MVC Comics - Collected Info About Emiliano's Ideas for the Comic

    Hello everyone!

    It has recently come to my attention that this thread has, regrettably, become a source of contention between two paragons of MOTU-related lore. As I have explained to both parties, both have personally treated me with respect and friendship, and so I don't want to do anything that would seem like I'm trying to take a side. My admiration for what both parties have (and continue to) bring to the community is extreme. And, moreover, I just want to do whatever i can to maintain harmonious relations with my fellow collectors and fans, and help spread love for and knowledge related to the MOTU/POP mythos wherever I can.

    With that said, I have voluntarily (and sadly) chosen to re-post the information that was originally contained in this post as a locked document that only I can edit (to avoid any claims to the contrary). That document can be found here. Also, the full bible itself can now be found elsewhere, and it's definitely worth a read. Out of respect for all involved, I have chosen not to post a direct link here, but am nonetheless confident that those who seek this knowledge will just as surely find it on Facebook or elsewhere--just as Teela'Na found Castle Grayskull (the original storehouse of knowledge) when she sought aid in the Wastes.

    Rather than delete the thread in totum, however, I have left it in tact, so as to preserve the fascinating conversations that followed, and the wondrous artworks included on Page 5.

    Peace and good journey, my friends!
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    MVC Comics - Collected Info About the Comics


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