taking a small break between novels as I wait for my author's proof to review my newest one, I started writing my very first fanfic. I know it may need some work and I'll be posting a chapter at a time since I just started writing it. I hope you guys like it.

The Beginning


Erik Kristofer Lucero

Chapter One

At the center of the universe is the Tri-Star solar system. Within that system is the planet Eternia. A planet full of wonder, of amazing life forms, and holds the ultimate power. For many generations groups have fought for that power as it can control the universe. For that reason the guardians of the power hid it away to never be found.

Hidden deep in the Evergreen Forrest stands Castle Grayskull. A fortress that protects that power. No one knows when and who built it only that it contains the secrets of the universe. Over the centuries a guardian is chosen to stand as its protector. The Sorceress of Grayskull.

Over time the location of the castle was lost and the power forgotten, until the Unnamed One came to Eternia. With his army of Snakemen he took over the planet in search for the power. Within a hundred years they had control of the planet but had yet to find the castle.

King Hiss, the leader of the Snakemen, watched as the new temple was built, the Temple of Serpos. “Watch thossse ssstonesss. Lift that one higher. Thisss will be the greatessst monument for our god.” Proud as he watched the human slaves work to build the temple.

Miles away in the Vine Jungle was the small village of Knoll two brothers worked on their family farm. D’Vann and Gray were as different as can be. D’Vann used his brute strength to plow the fields while Grey used is intellect to map the best way to plant the crops. The two worked so well that the village elders would look to them for advice.

They finished planting for the new season when they heard a woman scream. Putting do their tools they ran into the jungle. “There!” D’Vann pointed to a beastman about to attack a woman. They ran after them as the woman ran further into the jungle. Gray grabbed D’Vann stopping him.

“Wait we need to stop him without hurting her.” Looking around he saw a damaged tree that had not fallen yet. “Hit that tree there.” Pointing to it. “It should block its path for a bit allowing us to catch up.” D’Vann nodded and charged the tree causing it to fall blocking the beastman.

The beastman raised its head and roared as the tree fell in front of it. It turned his head and started at them. D’Vann charged at the same time that it charged them. Knocking the beastman down as he past it he jumped on top. They fought as Gray ran to find the woman.

Struggling hard D’Vann grabbed the beastman and tossed him at a tree. Hitting the tree with a violent thud it got up and charged him again. The beastman knocked him off his feet. They struggled, as one would overcome the other. D’Vann grabbed the beastman one last time and tossed him into another tree. With that the beastman collapsed unconscious.

Gray caught up with the woman just as she fell. “Are you alright?” He leaned down to help her up. D’Vann reached them as the woman turned to look up. They looked at her in shock. She was dressed in a warrior’s one piece with a cobra headdress. Her skin was green like the jungle vines and her eyes were all white.

“Thank you my heroes. You have both proven yourselves worthy. I am the Green Goddess. I have been tasked with finding heroes that will help return Eternia to peace and rid the planet of the Snakemen. D’Vann, Gray you two have shown your strength, intelligence and courage. Please come with me.”

“Why?” Asked Gray.

“You are the heroes prophesized to help bring peace back to us. I need to give you something to help you.” They fallowed her through the jungle, as the noon sun was getting higher in the sky. As they reached a cave Gray could feel power flowing from it.

“What is this?”

“This is the Cave of Power. It protects the that which belongs to you.” She moved a crude curtain to reveal gray chest armor with a red cross in the middle, a battle-axe, shield, a clear blue gem and staff. “This is for you two.” Pointing to the armor, axe and shield. “D’Vann with your strength you will yield the battle-axe of power. The armor is magically enhanced to add to your strength. Gray the Stone of Protection and the Staff of Power are yours to wield. You have magical potential that will help you. Use these wisely as they will help you to fight the Snakemen.”

They picked up their items and examined them. Once D’Vann put on the armor he could feel his strength increase. Grey felt the power within the stone as he held it. The staff was made from the very wood that came from the jungle. They wanted to ask questions and when they looked up she was gone. They looked at each other before walking out of the cave.