I have a long list of sketches I want to do, some are long due (I made a few promises)
But I decided to quickly take a shot at Illumina because of the resurrected talks about her on the forum
But, the real reason is also to allow me to start talking more about figures design, and more specifically, to take a look at what means to retro-style a 200x design to vintage/MOTUC.

When translating a 200x design, just applying the same costume and elements to the MOTUC bodies may not be enough.
Some shapes and design choices simply don't fit a style form the eighties unless you chose to ignore the design evolution and keep shapes vocabulary to what designer used to do back then.
So, the challenge is to take all the design elements and dicard all the extra ones that would have never appeared in vintage figure and "downgrade" the others.
I't really a rather interesting process, and I hope this will sparkle some discussion. Maybe next time we can take a look at Count Marzo and analyze him from this point of view.
In the meantime, enjoy Illumina as a MOTUC figure!
(I'm posting also her original design so you can compare the differences)

EDIT: a note about tooling and paintings.
The new molds required for this figure are only 5: Head, Dress piece, Cape, Neckband, weapon.
Also, obviuosly the colors wouldn't be grey.
She is supposed to be moslty white, but also with different shades of white, silvers and more bright reflective colors.
Think about MOTUC Prince Adam shirt and wristbands for example.
Something that is very hard to do on a quick rendering like this.

200x design:

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