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Thread: Orko and Mo-Larr vs' Skeletor might not be re-released?

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    Orko and Mo-Larr vs' Skeletor might not be re-released?

    First of all, sorry if this was brought up in a previous discussion. I tried the seach feature, but didn't find this particular topic mentioned there.

    When clicking through, I noticed that instead of out of stock like He-Ro, this year's Exclusives all are listed as Gone For Good. Sounds pretty final, doesn't it?

    That would be fine with me for the transculent Orko version. I even could understand them saying that the Mo-Larr set was a one-time offer due to the Robot Chicken deal.

    But I'm surprised that "regular" solid-colored Orko is listed that way, as well. If memory serves me right, wasn't he supposed to be re-released sooner or later, just like any fast-selling figure?
    The question for me now is, if
    - Orko really is gone for good?
    - it's just another instance of DR doing weird things there? or
    - is that an indication of both characters getting re-offered in a different way later?

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    I'd bet my last cent that Orko will be back for re-release at some point.

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    It has been brought up a few times, but I don't think it has its own thread yet.
    ToyGuru has said a few times in various places that the Matty version of Orko is fair game for a re-issue, but not the SDCC version.

    Not 100% sure about the Mo-larr set, though.
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    I'm sure that TG came on here before they went on sale and said if demand was there, both Orko and the Mo-Larr sets would be re-released down the line. I think it was after I said I might need to take a day off to ensure getting both sets (as it ended up, my brother was able to order them for me)
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    That would be super bad news for me, as I ordered Orko and Molarr sets on Matty and the package seems to be lost on the way or it never shipped. I hope CS can send me some replacements, but they seem like they don't want to do nothing about it.
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