I don't normally post updates about Vaults Of Grayskull on He-Man.org, but I have added quite a lot of new stuff and I thought you might be interested.

On the Classics photographs page, there are now photographs of:

  • Orko
  • Prince Adam
  • Whiplash

Also in the Classics section, there are six new pages:

  • Collecting Classics
  • A New Canon
  • Map Of Eternia
  • Land Of Giants
  • Club Eternia
  • Four Horsemen

In the Fiction section, there are three new short stories and a novel trilogy (adding to the already-published short stories and Grayskull trilogy and completing the Grayskull Saga):

  • The Council Of Grayskull
  • King Of Eternia
  • Son Of Glormsbane
  • Resurrection (trilogy)

The Grayskull Saga is available as a single PDF file, so there is no need to stay online to read the tales.

Also in the Fiction section is a new article about:

  • Castle Grayskull

I hope you visit and enjoy looking at some of the new pages. Thank you for your support.