Let me start off by saying I've been a fan of She-Ra since I first went to the theater as a kid to see The Secret Of The Sword, I regularly watched the Filmation show after school, and I even had a She-Ra toy from the POP line as a kid(although I kept that little secret from my friends). I'm just playing devil's advocate with this thread since it seems there are a lot of fans out there who want nothing to do with She-Ra, her friends, or her villains(except for those released as a part of the MOTU vintage line).

If you dislike POP, why?

- The toyline was geared towards girls?
- Disliked the She-Ra cartoon?
- Like Prince Adam/He-Man better as an only child with unique abilities?
- The characters take away from vintage, NA, and/or 2002 releases?

If you like POP, would you want any changes with their MOTUC releases?

- Make the POP toys closer to the vintage toys?
- Not a fan of the MOTU characters & feel it weakens the POP property?
- Want POP to have its own release separate from MOTUC?

I don't want this thread to turn into a faction war. I'm just curious about what people feel about She-Ra, POP, and if they belong in the same line as He-Man for the first time ever(the 2002 line only had a SDCC exclusive). I hope we can have an intelligent discussion without resorting to name calling or the typical stereotypes that often pop up during similar discussions on the topic.