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But the at least two part is including Bow.

It doesn't even sound like another POP female is tentatively scheduled in the third or fourth quarter. To me, this reads that the schedule is for 3 MOTU females and 1 POP female, unless something gets switched out in the second half of the year.
He definitely is saying 1 female PoP, 1 male PoP (Bow)...but I REALLY believe by his comment means the last female in the 4th quarter *may* by a female PoP and he's not confirming it in case she gets pushed (like Adora).

He could also just be teasing us and we get 4 PoP females and no MOTU ladies. It's all speculation, but I still believe my guesses. I bet $1! We will get at least 3 out of my four predictions! Who will take me on?