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    Quote Originally Posted by Lioncourt View Post
    Regarding Roboto-gate:

    I think it is cool that his gears will move, but Mattel is opening themselves up to endless problems now. They no longer have an excuse to not give us more action features, such as Mekkanek's neck, Ram-Man's spring, etc. Over and over, they told us no action features, and yet here we are with the first in the line. Frankly, I almost would've rather have seen the waist-twist punch action for all the figures, if they were really going for the nostalgia factor.

    Personally, and this is strictly a hunch, I think it maybe that Mattel is hedging their bets. They've mentioned, on numerous occasions, "if this line goes to retail", and "if there is a live action movie". We may start to see some of the action features applied, like Roboto's, simply so that they can put less effort into releasing these same figures to retail later.

    All that being said, I'm not complaining. The moving gears certainly makes Roboto a more compelling figure. Honestly, until 200X, I never had much feeling aboutt Roboto. It wasn't until 200X that I really liked the character.
    Roboto doesn`t have his action feature on the vintage figure that was his moving visor which can`t be done due to his removable head. Moving gears are a homage to the original figure much like Webstor have a string but no climbing action

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
    I could definently see this repaint happening if a BA Marlena is ever made.

    If this is what she's wearing when mediating, I'd hate to see what she's wearing for combat.
    She`s not, She`s a Queen, how many Queen`s do you see going into battle?

    Quote Originally Posted by Neutro View Post
    Part 2 is up!
    Part 2 was up days ago, I`m waiting for part 3 still
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