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Thread: DC Classics vs MOTUC's Future

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    DC Classics vs MOTUC's Future

    What's next for this TRU Exclusive line?

    Now that we know about Aquaman vs Mer-Man and Hawkman vs Stratos, can we expect a Wonder Woman vs Teela later in the year?

    How about some of these other versus 2 packs:

    Harley Quinn vs Evil-Lyn
    Man Bat vs Beastman
    Batman vs Man-At-Arms
    Desaad vs Tri-Klops
    Darkseid vs Hordak
    Clark Kent vs Prince Adam

    I'd buy them all-I love seeing MOTU in retail. What's your dream versus 2 pack?
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    Blonde Teela and a She-Ra color variant, maybe starburst if we don't get her as an A-list variant next year. With one of them being packed with Supergirl and the other wonder woman.

    I also really hope for Man-At Arms vs Batman and a Clark Kent vs DC Blue and Yellow Prince Adam
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    There's already a ton of threads speculating on future two packs.

    Please use the search feature in the future. Thanks.

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