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Thread: Leo Faker support thread

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    Leo Faker support thread

    I think it would be so cool to have this figure made for all to own. I always wanted him. He looks so cool. And that orange Havoc Staff is so sweet.

    This could be an awesome quartlery figure.
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    Is is now up and live please check it out and spread the word please!!!

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    Maybe as a rerelease. I don't want another Faker figure.

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    I'd like a Leo Faker in MOTUC as well. I think it would be a great evolution of the character. They could have him damaged and trashed and reprogrammed by either the Horde or the Snake Men to be a fake Keldor/Skeletor this time instead! Some of you will recognize this from the story in "Fakor's Reprogramming" - the fan made mini-comic that was included with the Musashi Toys Horde Trooper custom variations. A good story idea, but I doubt Mattel could/would use it. I figure they could come up with something even better if they did a Leo Faker IMO!

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    I think it likely we'll see this variation on Skeletor's evil robot. Toyguru even insinuated such in a Q&A awhile back, I believe.
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    Got any pics?

    I think I know what Leo Faker is... and whilst I don't feel the need for one to be made, I'd be happy to own one. I love Faker variants, for some reason

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    Hell Yeah!
    I want one of these please.

    I actually have an extra Skeletor and a Faker, maybe I could make a custom one.

    Tho I'd rather have a matty one with interesting bio too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by claw guy 3 View Post
    Got any pics?

    I think I know what Leo Faker is... and whilst I don't feel the need for one to be made, I'd be happy to own one. I love Faker variants, for some reason
    Good luck at finding one!
    It's one of the rarest figures ever.
    Another super rare one is a carded "skeletor arms" Faker.

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    I'd love to add this figure to my collection. And I didn't know about the Skeletor arms version. WOW!

    What I'm really really hoping for is a caucasian skin version of Faker (with glow in dark eyes) as a DCvsMOTU 2 pak suggestion. This could be disguised faker as per the vintage toon.
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    OK.. I did one:

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