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Thread: Gleanons and Galactimytes are Obscure...umm...what?!

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    Gleanons and Galactimytes are Obscure...umm...what?!

    Here's a little Q&A with TG on MattyCollector:

    Q: Galactimytes and Gleanons from NA had prototypes...

    'In legal limbo' (like Mara) or 'Possible'?

    'On the masterplan list on TG's wall' or 'Maybe after 2016'?

    TG: Honestly, I have not really looked into these guys. They are a bit obscure and would take a lot of tooling. If it is something fans really want to see I'd be happy to see if we have access.

    I mean...really?!

    For those of you who have never watched NA, you obviously don't know who these guys are, and that's okay. I'll educate:

    The Gleanons and Galactimytes are two separate races, who are at war. The Gleanons are evil and Crita became their Queen. Mara became the Galactimytes "Ambassador" or something. The fighting between these two races was heavily featured in all of season two of NA. It basically WAS season two of NA.

    It would be like if in the 80's cartoon of MOTU, Trollans and the Konseals (Loo-Kee's race) battled it out for 10 episodes and were called "obscure."

    I think this has REALLY shown how much of an interest Mattel really has with NA as a whole, when a major part of it is "obscure." I'm pretty sure characters appearing in cameos ONLY in maybe 3-5 episodes would be obscure (Chief Carnivus), concepts that never appeared in any media (Gygor and Vikor), possible 80's knock-off toys (Fuerza-T and Wun-Dar) or only appeared once (Green Goddess and Preternia He-Man) are obscure. Not a grouping of 50+ characters on a TV show seen worldwide by millions, that had their own story arch and toy prototypes shown in a magazine and online for all to see! Grrr...

    From a 1991 Mattel catalogue (and Mattel did have their names copywritten in 1990).



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