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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC news thread--September 2010

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    Toyguru MOTUC news thread--September 2010

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for September 2010!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like before, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    I'll create a new version of this thread every month. I tried doing it every season and the first page has this extreme slow down effect.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

    Toyguru MOTUC news thread I
    Toyguru MOTUC news thread II
    Masters Of The Universe Re-Stock

    When will out of stock Masters Of The Universe stuff be available again ?

    Many MOTUC items are offered again. On Oct 15th you will be able to pick up remaining inventory of Zodac!
    Large Scale Beast or Vehicle?

    I'm a big fan of Spydor, Monstroid, Mantisaur and Battle Bones.
    I want them all as MOTUC figures! But how would you release these creatures?
    Will they been large scale beasts or are they "vehicles" for Mattel?
    Spydor, Monstroid, Mantisaur, Stridor, Night Stalker, Battle Bones. Which of these are vehicles for you? Which large scale beasts?
    (sorry for my english)

    Sorry, we can't comment on any specifics beyond King Hssss right now. In time we'd love to get to all of these items but how or if they will work logistically is not something we can comment on right now!
    Next female figure a nearly a year away?

    So, has everything been announced up to next May with the Faceless One? She-Ra came out in June so would that make the next female figure June 2011 at the soonest? Or are there female figures yet to be announced yet for the first and second quarter of 2011?

    Sorry, we can't comment on anything past King Hssss right now! Stay tuned. You will get at least 4 females in 2011.
    Laser Power He-Man/Laser Light Skeletor

    I don't know if these have even been discussed by the design team, but is it possible for these figures to have their original light up features?

    Maybe. But that might put them over cost for a basic figure. No plans for them right now, but our long term plan is to get to all the vintage figures in time. We can't confirm anything past King Hssss for now.
    What body size for Ram-Man?

    It has always been stated the MOTUC figures would be an update version of the old toys and that as a consequence, all the figures would share the same body size.

    But, since The Ram-Man figure wasn't sharing the same body size and body sculpt than the other toys in the 80's, will it be the same for Ram-Man in its MOTUC version?

    After all, last year the large-scale figures were introduced in the MOTUC line and Ram-Man has always been considered an extra-large character just as the toy was in the 80's. So, would he be an extra-large figure when his time will come?

    Ram Man would likley be a 100% unique sculpted figure. As for his exact size and sculpt, we just can't comment past King Hsss right now. But we certainly would not cheat Ram Man and not do him right. If and when we get to Ram Man he will be worth it!
    What happened to the K?

    In reading some old mini comics I see that Clamp Champ was spelled "Klamp" how this come about?

    I'll have to look into that. I honestly don't know. It may have been due to a copyright issues at the time.
    Glimmer's Accessories

    A lot of fans were upset that Evil-Lyn's staff did not glow in the dark as it did in the original MOTU line. Could you please be sure that Glimmer's accessories glow in the dark as they did in the original POP line?

    We'll pass this suggestion along, but we have not announce plans for Glimmer at this time and can't comment on figures past King Hssss. If and when we get to Glimmer this is a neat suggestion.
    Whatever happend to Canadian TRUs carrying the DCUC vs. MOTUC 2

    Toy Guru, many months ago you were kind enough to answer my question about Canadian TRUs carrying the DCUC vs. MOTUC 2 packs. They were supposed to have arrived June-ish.....
    Since that unfortunately hasn't happened (yet), is there any chance you might have an update for us Canadian MOTUC & DCUC fans regarding the status of these 2 packs? Did TRU Canada cancel their order? Are the 2 packs still en route to TRU Canada? Or has TRU Canada already received the 2 packs, but are extremely tardy in putting them on store shelves?
    All my inquiries to TRU Canada have fallen on deaf ears, so any help from you (again) would be greatly appreciated.

    You will need to ask your local TRU manager. Mattel does not control distribution once we ship product to TRU as a company. They decide which locations and territories to distribute product to, not Mattel.
    This version of Modulok

    I know you can't comment on figures past King Hiss and that rights to FILMation aren't available, but is this version of Modulok [violet & black deco] available for MOTUC since he appeared that way on the MOTU Mag? In other words, I'm not sure if the design IS Filmation or not. It would make the most sense for this version to fit into the MOTUC style/buck.

    This would be a cool way to "Classix-ize: Modulok, but right now we can't comment past King Hssss for the line.
    Is this Possible???

    TG is there anyway that the Gygor buck or parts could be use for another large scale Character/Beast(since they are too unique to be called a mount/ride)by the Horsemen??

    For my idea I was thinking of a character from the MYP series. You see TG I feel that the good guys are getting unbalanced in a near future when Megator gets in the line. we need something or someone to balance Gygor in the line...would you consider this character??? I might not be the first or last to mention him but why not huh??

    Elder Kulataks

    I mean it could be a Classic interpretation of him or maybe a younger Kulatak for that matter using a larger part of the Gygor and now Shadow Beast this something that could be looked at?? Let me know what your thoughts on this are and thanks for the time to see and maybe answer my questions and thoughts ^_^

    The we'd love to get to the Kulitaks sometime, but they would be in scale to a 6" figure, not Gygor so they would not use the Gygor buck. And yes, we know in the 200X style Kulitaks were a little bigger, but so was Clawful and Whiplash. In Classics style all basic figures are 6" scale as part of the Classics style. Larger basic figures was a style element of the 200X line and that style is retired.
    Fuerza T In MOTUC

    I know Mattel sold the original molds to some company in Argentina in 2003 and they made up their own character's from them BUT what are the chances that these figures could be made into MOTUC someday?

    I doubt that these things are viable as a copyright anymore..

    It is possible we could repaint figures in these colors, but we'd rather put our limited resources into all new figures right now.
    question on product posters

    Heys guys at Mattel, I was searching through my good ole classics MOTU figures and came across a Product poster with like check off boxes I think this would be really cool if done with the Classics figures and maybe offered for sale or even packed in with say the vehicle you guys have line up for 2011. Down to the question could this be done? Here's some pics

    It is always possible but right now we are putting all of our limited resources into new figures. But you never know what the future will bring.
    Mekaneck's glasses

    When he is made (hopefully soon!), I would love the color of the lenses in Mekaneck's glasses to be MYP green instead of vintage silver. Much more dynamic aesthetics!

    What do you think? Can you please pass this suggestion on to the design team?

    (Click on link to see picture)


    (Click on link to see picture)

    We'll pass this along, but we can't comment on any figures past King Hssss right now.
    Head Pack with repaints of already tooled heads

    I was wondering if a "Head Pack" using Repaints of previous heads could be made.
    The Following examples have 0% new tooling, just repaints:
    -Smiling He-Man head with the Light blond Highlights from the 2 pack.
    -Vintage Toy Merman head in the 2 pack blueish color
    -Blonde Teela head like the earlier mini comics
    -Scareglow head in Skeletor Colors
    -White Haired Randor head like the Mini Comics
    -Reddish Mustache for MAA as seen in other 80s media
    -Black Zodac helmet for Wun Dar (or Pink/Fuschia matching the Weapons Pack Armor)
    -White Hordak head as seen in other 80s media
    -Smiling He-Man head for Faker.

    I suppose it is always possible to repaint an existing head in a weapons pak, but honestly, head are a lot more expensive due to the larger number of paint opps, so it is less likely. But you never know!
    Only one accessoire?

    I'm wondering about the accessoire for the Shadow Beast. Will there be more or only the club? The club looks fantastic but is it the only thing??
    Gygor gets his axt, armor with cape, helmet and his 4 guards for his arms and legs.
    So thats 7 accessoires for Gygor but only one for the Shadow Beasts?
    Thats not fair for the 30 $ prize I think.
    Or will there be a second one? Maybe a second weapon or second head for the army building with Shadow Beasts? I think a chain or something would be cool (for Beast Man)
    Oh and another short question: Have we seen all the accessoires for the figures at SDCC or are there some hidden accessoires like Teela's Zoar or Man-At-Arms 200X Sword last year? :-)

    There is only one accessory for the Shadowbeast, there is no "hidden" accessory.
    Potential MOTUC 2-Packs & 3-Packs

    I was wondering what you thought about the idea of doing a 2-pack featuring two POP characters to start building up The Great Rebellion as She-Ra's forces (minus Bow) are non existant currently.

    What do you think of a 2-pack of Glimmer and Queen Angella two rebellion members in one go?.

    There has been alot of call for more POP ladies and doing some kind of double pack or even a 3-pack with the STAR SISTERS would be a great way to start building up She-Ra's rebellion and give fans the POP characters they really want to start seeing in MOTUC.

    A 3 pack with the Star Sisters would be cool. But nothing to announce past King Hssss for now.
    swappable hands possible for MOTUC figures in the future?

    Could you change the MOTUC models in the future in order to make possible the hands to be swappable?

    It could be a good upgrade in the line.

    Since we have the weapons-pack now, we could have the hands pack too.

    For character such as Buzz-Off it could be a way to make the figure closer to the 200x version and for character like Count Marzo or Stratos, they could take a weapon.
    Also, many great poses could be possible for fun just by changing the position of the fingers (See the Revoltech toys line).

    Is it something more possible than impossible in the future?

    It is always possible. Some upcoming Green Lantern Classics figures will have this feature!

    ToyGuru first off let me say I think you are a great guy who I feel truely loves the MOTUC line and MOTU in general. That being said I have a Quality Controle question. Back in 2008 when MOTUC line was launched we were given King Grayskull and he was the SDCC exclusive. Everyone wanted him, but it was later found out that Cheap brittle plastic had been used to manufature the figure.

    I realize the MOTUC figures are manufactured over seas for Mattel and after it was found out how cheap and brittle the plastic was that had been used we the fan base were told going forward this would not be the case, yet when the Green Goddess was issued again we the fan base found ourselves dealing with POOR Quality Controle on Mattels behalf because Cheap Brittle Plastic had again been used in the Green Goddess's Crotch piece.

    Many subscribers who got her kept her MOC but others opened theirs only to find the crotch piece would break and cheap brittle plastic had been used. My question ToyGuru is very simple...Will You and Mattel get a handle on the Quality Controle Issue once and for all and make sure that from this point forward the people over seas who manufature the MOTUC line understand and agree that Cheap Brittle Plastic is NOT to be used and only TOP QUALITY plastic is to be used when Manufacturing Mattels Product?

    We are heading into year three of this wonderful toy line ToyGuru in 2011 and as one of your many 2011 all in sub holders I do not want to see cheap brittle plastic used in any of the figures in my subscription. We are charged anywhere from $20.00 for a regular MOTUC figure to $40.00 for a large scale beast. Quality Controle has been an issue with MOTUC line and for what we the fan base pay anything less than Mattel taking controle of the quality Controle issue is unacceptable.

    Quality control is extremely important to us and to upper management. The issue with Goddess was not the plastic at all. It was the joining process.

    The same joining issue happened with DCUC Wave 4 and 5. This has been corrected and from what I can tell from online posts, the issue with limbs falling off has long since gone away from our 6" figures.

    The clear plastic on Goddess was not the cause of her limb problem. It was not "cheap brittle plastic" as fans have assumed. It was the method in which the limbs were attached which we corrected.
    MOTU Action League

    Any possibility of ever seeing Masters of the Universe characters as mini-figures in the Action League style? I'd buy 'em.

    We'd love to explore other scales and styles for MOTU. Right now our limited resources are going into the Classics line, but you never know what the future will bring!
    MOTU Art Posters?

    I know the status of mini comics are still up in the air, but what about posters? It would be great to have new posters in the style done by William George or Earl Norem. What are the chances of getting some new posters?

    Not at this time. We have very limited resources for the MOTUC line and are putting them all into the toys.
    Unflocked MossMan possible?

    on a few different forums around the net i've seen where people have removed the flocking from MossMan and the figure underneath looks really good by itself (especially with the Modern Head also unflocked)

    would it be possible to do a variant sometime in the future of MossMan without the flocking altogether?

    Possible, yes. Planned right now, no. But you never know. We always like to have ways to refresh characters down the line!
    European shipping and She-Ra's re-issue?

    As im sure you are aware, some fans (myself included) are getting custom charges on the more expensive shipping which enables us to get the figures faster. Is there any plans to ship from a European base to the Europe customers so they avoid this? Ive had £25, £16, £15 on top of what i have paid. Failing that marking these as a gift will not make us pay customs!

    Upon She-Ra's inevitable re-release, will her heads be fixed so they are able to pop on properly? as the heads were very difficult to get on and seem to be mainly in the female figures.

    We'd love to set up a second distribution center but right now there simply are not enough fans in any one area outside of the US to justify this. If that ever changes, it would be high on our wish list to improve things. But again, this all depends on a large enough customer base in one area.

    We are always working on improving the logistics of figures like the head swaps but we can not guarantee anything until we have product in hand.
    Battle Cat release date?

    its getting kinda late in the year now TG and some of us would like to know when he is coming so we can prepare financially.

    Im from Ireland and would like to know when BCs release is so I can figure out if he can be part of my Nephews Christmas stocking.if not I can make se other arrangements but I think the time has come to tell us what time/date he is getting rereleased

    We'll announce that soon. Stay tuned. He will be out in time to order for the holidays. (along with He-Man again!)
    Toys R Us 2-Pack Release Dates

    Exactly what it says. When will these hit stores?

    They are shipping to TRU now so about 30-90 days!

    The Left Hand of Roboto will be interchangeable ??????

    Do you think that would be better delay the launch of Roboto ???

    It will be terrible, if the First Realese HAVE NOT Interchangeable Left Hand and the Second "The Original" realese WILL HAVE Interchangeable Left Hand.


    Please, make us happy this time again.

    You have never fail to us, do not do this time.

    This is exactly why this won't be happening. We did not want to do a "running change" as it would be random who got two removable hands and one, and as you stated that would not be fair to fans. The Horsemen designed the figure to have one removable hand and that is how it will ship.

    Giving him a second removable hand would be cool for an eventual update far in the future, but for now, one hand it is as designed by the boys in Jersey.
    Not a question but idea for MotU

    How about selling just heads pack? This way those Figures that have 1 head can get a a redone second without getting a a full figure such as Kind Randor's second head with a removable crown, a He-man with a different facial expression, or 200x version. Like I said...just an idea.

    This will most likely not happen. It would take tooling away from a new figure. We will include second heads with select figure but won't (at least under current plans) do an all "head" pack. It just is not the best use of our limited resources despite fan interest.
    2003 "Birth Of Skeletor" Inspired Keldor Re-Deco ?

    Since "No Changes On Reissue" policy is hit on the wall, Howa Bout giving us a 2003 SDCC Exclusive "Birth Of Skeletor" inspired Keldor Re-Deco in Classics form ?

    A Keldor Re-Deco with Skeletor Reissue Hands (Please consider this Scott.... You know it'll be awesome) Again.... I am talking only about Hands..... NOT the Demonic Wrists ! An Orange Rivet Paint job on Armour & Loin Cloth.

    As for his Accessories, A Skeletor Head, A Silver-Purple Pained Havoc Staff, If you can’t include the 200X Dual Swords, Include regular Half Power Swords with Silver & Gold Painted on the one and Silver & Purple painted on the other (thanks to the member who suggested this idea) & A Black Coloured Cape !!

    As for the Burning Keldor Head, I'll be happy to see if you include this one. But since it will be a new tool & a brand new sculpt head...... It’s you to decide ! If you wish to include... It’ll be awesome !

    Giving this figure would be a Double Treat for the fans because it'll be a Two-In-One Figure (Keldor/Skeletor) just like Trap-Jaw/Kronis !

    Since Keldor is an A-List character & I don’t think he has any other alternate look (Other Than Skeletor) than this for a different variant. So, this shouldn’t be a problem for you !

    I hope you’ll not only keep this in mind..... But also give it in the figure form!

    Thanks !

    This would be a great repaint and one we do have on a "master list" to get to "one day". Why knows! ;-)
    Royal guards

    Hello Toy Guru,
    the royal guards of the palace they have the protections of the shins definitively??
    We want to know!!

    Yes, the guards have removable shin armor and the Keldor boots/feet.
    Man-at-Arms Armor

    Now that the Palace Guards have been revealed and feature full Man-at-Arms armor, would it be possible to see the extra armor pieces (for the right arm and leg) in a potential third Weapons Pak?

    It would be sweet to have MAA fully armored without having to sacrifice one of the guards!

    This would be a cool idea. Although we do like to do repaints on the paks. You can always but an extra Royal Guard set and give the armor to your MAA figure!
    Palace Guards' logistical push-back

    With this news, that leaves only Buzz-Off as December's release. Will the weapons pack or King Grayskull now be pushed to December to fill the void? Or are we going to see the Battle Cat reissue then?

    Right now there aren't any more changes. Many times factors beyond our control push avail dates. Honestly we had wanted this toy to come out in Nov or at the least Dec. Pushing it to January to ANOTHER year was not ideal, but it was what we needed to do.

    As for Battle Cat, stay tuned... he is coming back in 2010!
    the Matty store

    why is there nothing but "out of stock" or "gone for good" in the index of the store? why cant regular stock items be sold? there should be a separate index for items for archiving if that is why they are there. its like "look what we have but you cant have it". only thing for regular sale are the stands. whats the purpose of the store if there are only a 2-3 things on a regular basis and just the day of a new release for limited low production?

    Currently items sell out fast. That is why.

    We have had items in the past that did not sell out as fast and were available for several months.
    200X variants of some B and C-listers when A-listers run out?

    If the A-list Classicized 200X variants of Evil-Lyn, Randor, Prince Adam and the Sorceress do well sales-wise (or you run out of compelling A-listers to Classicize), would you consider doing the most requested 200X variants of B or C-list characters that the fans ask for the most?

    We would do B or C list versions of characters in there 200X look (in Classics style) if that look is different enough from the vintage toy when done in the Classics style.

    Randor in the 200X series wore a very different set of armor then his vintage toy. Same with the Sorceress or Adam as a teen.

    Compare this to Beastman or Clawful or Skeletor who in the 200X line was just a stylized version of the vintage figure in 200X style.

    That is the bar we use. Hope that helps.
    Who ranks higher--Buzz-Off or Queen Andreenid?

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    Since Buzz-Off is King of the Andreenids, where does this put the Queen? Is she still of higher rank? Is Buzz-Off the military leader, while Queen Andreenid is the overall ruler?

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    Keep reading the bios!
    He-Man/Skeletor re-issue requests

    I read where they are coming out in a few months and was hoping you could pay special attention to two problems I saw with them the last time they were released.

    In He-Man's case the hairpiece weren't properly glued in the right way on his head resulting in him having too much forehead or it was placed askew in some cases making him look awful.

    Also Skeletor's green/yellow wasn't nicely shaded like it was on his first release instead it just looked awful with runny lines and the green was far too pronounced.

    We will certainly pass this onto design, for a possible forth release, but the third release of these figures has already been produced.

    Ok I know that commenting about figures beyond Hssss can't be done for the moment.

    There are a couple of things that I'm curious regarding Ninjor in MOTUC:

    Head(s): Is he getting one head with Removable mask or 2 heads (1 unmasked and one unmasked)?
    I'm hoping for 2 heads since soft rubber masks deteriorate with time.

    Will it be removable like the normal MOTUC Armors or will it be non-Removable like Mo-Larr's?

    Wrists: Since Ninjor has a bow (the weapon), will he use the same wrist articulation as Bow (the Etherian archer) or will he have standard MOTUC wrist Articulation?

    Ninjor's Bow: Will it have the tiny loops for adding our own cord in the same manner as Bow's bow, or will he have an arrow stuck to it like the vintage toy?

    Ninjor's nunchaku: Will it have a "real chain"/rope for poseability or will it be one piece sculpted in one position?

    Great ideas, but we can't comment past King Hssss for now. (just as you stated!)
    Question about Re-release figures with alternate heads

    Would it be possible to have the "other" head or look (like Kronis) be released when doing future re-releases in MOTUC? I think a lot of MOC collectors (like myself) would be very interested in displaying or prefer the other look and this would require no new tooling, or is this logistically not possible? I personally prefer the alternate heads for Man-At-Arms, Mer-Man, and Whiplash and would love to have MOC versions with the other heads displayed. Thanks for all that you do for both MOTUC and DCUC.

    If we make any changes (even in the pack out) it requires resources put against the toy and that no longer makes it a re-release.

    We could do this, but not as a "re-release", and right now we'd rather put our resources against new figures and not making slight tweaks or package pack out changes.
    If TEELA is an A-LIST character ...

    You said that a Teela's blond version would be a great way for a refresh ...
    ( Just speculation from me that she's surely a MOTUC VS DC one ... ) .

    But here is my question :

    If TEELA is an A-list character , what are the chances to see a refresh of her with her skin repainted , let's say " SNAKE-LIKE " ?... Smiler

    The MOTUC Teela is beautiful , i dream to see her in snake skin .

    Like Blonde Teela, Bikini Teela, or Underwater Armor Teela, Snake Teela is also a great variant idea for her. But nothing to announce right now.
    would you try making one MOTU 200X character?

    Hello Matty. Would you consider making one MOTU 200X character NOT in the classic style but true to the 200X style? I think it will sell well. If i had to have one figure i would want the sorcerous. Fully posible but in the 200X stlye. I think that MOTU classic fans would buy it too. I really liked the statue that came out a while back but it doesnt move. We loyal fans deserve this. Thank you.

    No. That style is retired. All figures in the Classics line will be in the Classics style. Fan Poll: Fans Want 200X Inspired Elements!

    I had asked a question a few weeks ago about if Mattel looks at Fan Polls. I was wondering if you or anyone else at Mattel/Matty has seen this new one by

    70/30 of fans want 200X inspired figures and other elements in the MOTUC toyline. Not so much just vintage style. With that, would it be possible to change the managers minds to allow the 4H to add 200X inspired elements again (heads, accessories, sculpting)?

    While it is great that there are a lot of fans of the 200X style figures, that style is retired. You'll still see lots of 200X characters, weapons, and armor in the Classics line, but all will be in the Classics style.
    Follow-up question on MOTUC print-ads

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my question about the print ads.
    However, I´m not fully satisfied with the answer that they are on your Facebook account, as I want to print those adverts in high quality full size to keep and collect.

    Facebook seems to scale down images to 453px × 604px, which is nowhere near a high-res printable image in 300dpi resolution.

    This is all we offer at this time.
    A lack of

    Are we look at the end of the line (2016) for these guys Netossa, Clamp Champ, Dekker and Vizar?

    Sorry, we can't comment past King Hssss at the moment. A lot more MOTUC is coming. Stay tuned!
    Something fishy is afoot...

    Not a question as such, more a 'have you seen this?! - Wow!'

    I came across this action figure concept for Mermista today and thought you might find it interesting, it sure is an breathtaking take on a character some may not have considered to come out this amazing! I don't think there's a fan out there that could deny this would be a stunning figure as part of the line.

    Anyhow, enjoy!

    (Click on link to see picture)

    8-9 Hours Later and Chief Carnivus and Gygor In Stock

    Just wanted to say thank you for making enough this time so that figures last at least 8 hours after their sale time.

    Gygor is not sold out and Chief Carnivus is Almost Gone at the time i'm writing this. Is there any way you can increase production again to have enough of each figure to last 24+ hours?

    We are always adjusting production quotas but do not reveal this info with the public.
    november special sale

    When are we going to get more info on that special november sale? I know you guys like to keep things under wraps but most of us "adult" collectors do have a job and some of us are able to schedule mattys sales on advance, it would be really helpful to get further info on this special november sale to consider it.


    Some of the items will be reissues, others will be remaining customer service stock from previous sold out items. Sometimes we bring this limited stock to conventions to sell off, but this year we are going to put a lot of it up all at once on Cyber Monday. Most of the items are extremely limited customer service stock.
    Carnivus a great success?

    Carnivus stayed on sale quite a bit longer than other new Club Eternia MOTUC releases this year so far. Although still a much faster sell-out time than several of the figures offered in 2009 (and Battle Armor He-Man from this past January, I believe), I have to ask: does Mattel consider him a great success in selling out in just a day and a half, or is his sales performance compared, in a less celebratory way, to offerings such as She-ra and Orko?

    Carnivus did great and we are constantly adjusting production quota based on each character and demand!
    About TopToys and Leo, what's your position in term of licence ?

    How do/did you and Mattel consider vintage "TopToys" and "Leo" variants ?
    Fake ? Copy ? Authorized by Mattel ?

    And today, what's your position in term of licence ?

    If there is no licence, could it be exploited for the Motuc ?

    For example, is a Camuflado Kobra Kahn, Green TopToys Modulok or a Leo Faker variant doable in the Motuc line ?

    All cool ideas for repaints and something we could get to in time. But nothing to announce now. We do know these are things hard core fans are interested in....
    Skeletors Robot Knights

    ToyGuru I'm not sure if this has been asked before or not, but does Mattel have any shot at making Skeletors Robot Knights or are they off limits under filmation?

    We will not be offering characters created by Filmation in the MOTUC line at this time.
    Horde Trooper as part of 2011 Sub

    ToyGuru I know you can't comment on any 2011 figures past King Hsss yet but our 2011 sub said we would get at least three Beasts and one possible figure 2Pack. Can you make the 2011 all in sub 2 pack a Horde Troopers set like the Palace Guards?

    (Click on link to see picture)

    I know there is a lot of fan interest in getting these.

    The 2011 line does include all of the "oversized" skus which includes large scale beast and/or multipacks. If Horde Troopers are in the 2011 line up they would be part of the sub, but at this time we have not announce if this character(s) is in the 2011 line up.
    MOTU future repress

    Hi, I know only now MOTU Classical, more items are soldout; in future repress? If not all, items in preorder with minimal number.

    Older figures are often reissued. Zodac will be out again in October and both He-Man and Skeletor will be reissued again within a few months for new collectors coming on board!
    downloadable MOTUC print ads

    I THINK this has been asked before but I couldn´t find it here in the forums.

    I have to say that I really like those print ads you make for MOTUC figures and I would love to print and collect those. Is there a chance you could upload printable high-res versions of them somewhere on 300dpi-files would be awesome!

    You can find these on our Facebook page!
    Shadow weaver, Imp and Scorpia

    I came across Eldor from the "Powers of Grayskull" toyline and saw on the card back Shadow Weaver, Imp and Scorpia figures. Where they ever made or will in the future?

    (Click on link to see picture)

    One can see the Mattle logo and the 3 hordesmen under He-ro and King Grayskull. So what the deal--can they be made or what?

    While this is a very cool hand made fan art piece, it does not allow us to make Filmation characters.

    (Although in the MOTUC line King Grayskull is an ally of He-Ro, he was not introduced until the 200X series so clearly he would not be on a vintage card from Matte;!)
    Castle Greyskull stands - new designs?

    I know that there has been another thread asking if the CG stands are going to be released again here:

    But as someone mentions in this thread, it would be great if there were plans to release figure stands from other settings from around Eternia. How about some of the following:

    * Snake Mountain
    * Eternian Palace
    * A generic jungle/forest setting

    Take a look at the photos posted by "makingmymarc" at this thread:
    And look closely at the stands that the figures are standing on. It would be great if Mattel could release some stands similar to these!

    It will be great to have the Greyskull stands available again next year, in any case!

    Down the line we'd eventually like to get to more types of stands, but nothing is set right now. The Grayskull stand will be reissued early in 2011.
    Does Mattel Check Out Fan Polls?

    I just found an interesting one currently up on TNI....

    Do you like collecting SDCC exclusives
    Votes: 1501

    Does Mattel pay any attention to polls/posts like this when deciding SDCC exclusives? According to this poll, people don't like SDCC exclusives. Do you think it's because it makes toys more scarce then they should be? Toy Guru, as a fellow collector yourself, what do you think of convention exclusives altogether?

    Of course we pay attention to fan polls! It is polls that make figures like Optikk and Cyclotron possible!

    But as for attitudes towards SDCC items, while we know some fans are not interested in these items, they also serve the purpose of generating press for our collector lines, so it is not something we are looking to end anytime soon.
    She-Ra's mask

    Has She-Ra's mask been considered as a repaint in a future weapons pack?

    This one is not as likely as the mask only works for She-Ra and we like that the items in the Weapons Pak work for as many figures as possible.
    New Adventures of He-Man

    We're starting to see more aspects being brought into MOTUC. More POP (bow and swiftwind), MYP (carnivus and marzo) and many new/previously unproduced figures (Vikor, shadowbeast, Gygor). But to this day, we've only been shown a single NA figure - Optikk.

    Can we at least expect more than a single NA figure in 2011? Also, it was said Optikk wasn't the original planned first NA figure. Surely the first figure from that line you wanted to release can't be far behind?

    Optikk was always the first NA figure planned.

    And more are on the way. The next figure will be a Galactic Protector figure! (the name Galactic Guardians is no longer available FYI, for those who will ask).
    When Battle Cat gets re-issued.....

    Can I use my shipping coupon code if I missed out on him the first time?
    He was in my cart,but was gone before I could complete sale. Of course my buying history will clearly state that I didn't get him. Just wondering TG. Thanks!

    Yes, if you still have your coupon you can use it on the reissue of Battlecat in 2010, but this is the last time. If he is reissued again in 2011 or beyond the coupon will no longer be valid.
    When/if Zodak gets reissued...

    Zodak is a great figure and here's hoping he gets reissued for those who missed out on him. However, as you know, one of the big complaints with Zodak is he didn't come with a 2nd "modern" head sculpt (non-helmet), which seemed weird because with his 200X figure, he was at least able to remove his helmet & on his MOTUC bio, the picture used for him seems to be from the MYP toon without the helmet. Now, I know these guidelines ar5e not etched in stone, but it was always said that figures would come with 2 accessories or if a figure had a repainted head of another figure, like Moss man, then the figure will come with a modern head. Now, Zodak missed the boat with both of these "guidelines" since he only came with one accessory (his Power Staff) and he only came with the repainted Zodac. So, my question, which is broken up in 2 parts, is just like Grizzlor was sculpted with a "modern" head that won't see the light anytime soon, can you tell us if there was ever a modern head that was sculpted for zodak, but never inclued with him, and if Zodak does get a reissue, is there a chance that he will finally come with a modern head. I don't think you even have to modify the packaging. You can just exchange heads and have Zodak come with the modern head in place of the repainted Zodac head and I'm sure most fans would prefer that anyways since it would differentiate Zodak more from Zodac, besides a different skin color and differ loin cloth/boots/gloves.

    Giving Zodak an unmasked head would be a great way to update him, but for a "reissue" there would be no change.
    Could Rattlor and the General be two different characters like Zodac/Zodak?

    If Classic Rattlor is staying true to the original look and isn't wearing any armor, could he be an altogether different character from the (orange scaled in the MYP cartoon) armor wearing character "The General" from 200X, but in the Classic style?

    Does this guy...

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    ...translate into this guy?

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    Would this be another Zodac/Zodak case?

    Keep reading the bio and you'll get your answer!
    Slush Head

    I just wanted to suggest that, if you're going to make Slush Head, the figure's dome should be filled with liquid, just like the vintage figure.
    The character sure is a fan favorite, so many fans would be pleased to see this on a MOTUC figure of him.

    Any type of liquid in particular you had in mind? Does it need to be swamp water? How about apple juice or Pepsi?
    Newspaper King Hiss.

    I know you have been using older and never before seen material for a lot of new upcoming MOTUC figures, so I thought I would ask you about another source for possible upcoming figures. I have an old Newspaper Comic clipping for an old MOTU comic, and in it there is a very different version of King Hiss. If there is any way of giving him a backstory of being a different version of King Hiss, who took over the role of the first King Hiss after being defeated by Hordak, is it possible to get him somewhere down the line?

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    No plans right now for this newspaper version of Hssss. But it is a cool look!
    Power Sword Weapons Pak suggestion

    Since you have The Sword of He turning from He-Ro's sword to Grayskull's Sword, how about having two weapons pak swords like this, but for He-Man and Skeletor? How about having a grey to purple sword (from He-Man's sword to Skeletor's sword) or purple to grey sword (from Skeletor's sword to He-Man's sword)?

    Certainly a cool idea, but nothing planned at this time.
    MOTUC Movie He-man?

    I was wondering if it is possible to get a Movie He-man figure for MOTUC based off of Earl Norems art from the vintage MOTU magazine? I know we can not get a new head sculpt, but what about at least getting the armor and weapon with the existing He-man buck. I thought I heard that Teela's blaster from the movie was used as Adora's MOTUC weapon, so I thought maybe you could do He-man's armor and weapon too.

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    No, we do not have access to the 1987 movie at this time, even if that style characters appeared in art. We only have access to the three characters who appeared in the vintage toy line.
    The Power of Point Dread/Danger at Castle Grayskull voice cast?

    The Power of Point Dread/Danger at Castle Grayskull (book and record that came with the Talon Fight and Point Dread) was one of the first times MOTU fans had voices to place with the various characters on Eternia.

    Would you happen to know if Mattel has way back documentation as to who exactly voiced the various characters?

    I did look into this when doing research for the art book, but was unable to locate any info in the records.
    Character Bios

    I know you can't talk about figures in 2011 beyond what you've shown us, but for the already revealed 2011 characters, and even Buzz Off in December, when can we expect to see their Bios previewed?
    I'm very curious about their revealed 'real names', specifically Bow.
    I'm wondering if that's simply a moniker based on his weapon and skill with it, or if it actually factors into his given name. Also, I'm anxious to learn more about him, outside of what we already know from watching the PoP series.

    Are there set times before a figures release that you post the bio info (i.e. two months before release date) or is it just random, and whenever you can get around to it?

    We'll reveal the bios once we have a final package sample.
    Questions and suggestions for Meteorbs in Classics

    I tried to look for something on this, but nothing came close to what I've been thinking, so here goes.

    How do you plan to introduce the Meteorbs in the the MOTU classics line?

    I have had a few thoughts about how it could be done floating around in my head, so I thought I'd throw them out there.

    As we all know, the meteorbs are those little meteor (or egg like) creatures which basically turned into little oval shaped animals and such, and inevitably got thrown at siblings now and again. They were one of the last additions to the original MOTU line, and always seemed a bit out of place in my mind.

    Now obviously if these were redone the transforming would be gone, since most action features are already. I think the easiest and most simplistic way of re doing them would be to make small plastic versions of them in their animal forms. Smaller than Orko I would guess, and non articulated, they would make fun pack-ins for some of the regular characters.

    An alternate route would be to base them on some of the larger beasts and figures already made.

    Cometroid = Roboto

    Gore-illa = Gygor

    comet cat, astro lion, ty-grr = battle cat

    It would take minimal work to redo these few characters, but the rest would be difficult to swing.

    looking back to the original models, you could design a basic oval buck, and then make attachments for all the diffrent characters, coloring it accordingly.

    My dream of course would to have them all as large ornate beasts, with a HUGE Tuskor and Rhinorb for He-man and Skeletor to ride. they would look like giant rock creatures which resemble animals, and the horsemen would do an AMAZING job on them! (I'm basing this on the fact that they have done amazing job on everything)

    Well, that's my contribution. Hopefully something there put a thought in your head. Thanks, and keep the great stuff comin!!

    WE would love to get to the Meteorbs in time, but nothing to announce right now. Stay tuned!
    Aquaman vs. Merman 2 pack

    I just like to know when should we be seening the 2 packs of Aquaman vs. Merman at Toys R Us?

    Hopefully in late fall of 2010 but it is hard to pin down a release date as there are tons of logistical issues that effect when product hits shelves and many of these are beyond out control.
    Kill two birds with one stone

    I did some research on some products from both the Masters of the Universe and the Real Ghostbusters toy line from the 80's and discovered that there was one formula used for both Masters of the Universe Slime and the Real Ghostbusters Ecto Plazm. I would like to plant the idea of Matty producing this product for use in both lines at some point in the future. I would assume producing containers wouldn't be too taxing and line time used would benefit two toy lines. I have included a few pictures of the original products from the 80's.

    It would be fun to add slime to both MOTUC and GB Classic figures, but nothing to announce right now.
    Horde Troopers from the 200X Cartoon.

    I don't know if my first question got lost in the shuffle, so I thought I would ask it again just in case.

    I was wondering if the 200X Horde Troopers are possible for MOTUC? I know you said the 200X Hyper Detail look is retired, but I would not consider these to fall under that category. I would say these are more Preternia Version 2 Horde Troopers, and the 80's toy Version 1. Plus, the more Troopers released the merrier I say. We could build a giant army with them.

    We would like to get to a lot of different versions of Troopers. We'll certainly look at the 200X series troopers as an inspiration without any extra 200X style details.
    When Will?

    When will we find out who some of the other figures for 2011 are? and can the next couple of figures revealed be female characters?

    The Horsemen have not completed sculpts past King Hsss right now. We'll announce more 2011 figures in time, but not for a few more months. We got quite ahead at SDCC so you have some time before the next announcement.

    We do have quite a few females planned for 2011, but most will be in the second half of the year simply because that is how the line wound up.
    Is the MOTUC SDCC 2011 figure already planned ?

    I know that's maybe too early I'm already planning my trip to San Diego for next year and as I heard that the MOTUC SDCC 2011 would be sell at $30.... If the price is already fixed, is the figure also ? Do you confirm the price and do you prepare us a nice SDCC 2011 Exclusive ?

    Yes, the SDCC 2011 MOTUC item is planned. Likely it will be a 25.00 item to make it different from a standard monthly figure. But we are still working out the details.
    head stands for MOTUC heads

    Hey Toyguru, do you think it would be cool to release head stands for all the second heads we have and do not use to place them next to the figues they belong to or create a gallery of heads...a stand like that for the Doom Seeker or Orko...just for heads!

    A cool idea that has come up around here as well. Nothing to announce right now but you never know!
    Power Sword Possibility?

    While we (I) understand that the 200x Keldor swords will not make it because it's just the vintage swords with the added detail, I read an idea that I thought was great.

    Is it possible to repaint the current MOTUC Power Sword as an homage to the 200x sword? No change in the design, just have one half with an orange handle and silver blade, and the other with a purple handle and silver blade. Surely color alone doesn't make it overly detailed. lol.

    Is that a possibility to be made in the future?

    That would be a great idea for a repaint! But nothing to announce right now.
    She-Ra Released??? PLEASE!!

    Please Matty, I want She-ra!!
    When she will be to the sale again? Soon? Please!!! I do not want to pay 50 € for her in ebay!!! Any good notice about this ToyGuru?

    We sold She-Ra again at SDCC and still had a small handful left at the end of the show. We'll likely do a second run in time, she is a major character, but nothing to announce yet.
    MOTUC: Any new info on Roboto's left arm?

    thanks for all the information so far - especially regarding Roboto.

    But I am wondering: With Roboto's release date coming nearer - do you have any news on the open question if it will be possible to attach Roboto's weapons to both of his arms (right and left)?

    Right now it looks like it is too late to make that change. If this does happen we will be sure to let fans know.
    Filmation Weapons

    I wanted to know what would the possibility be of getting Filmation inspired weapons and armor for the MOTUC figures? Like He-man's Sword of Power, Man-at-Arms Body Armor, weapons that can fit over Hordak's arms, etc.

    For characters Mattel ownes it may be possible to do some "animated colors" but these require a complex approval process and nothing we will be doing in the immediate future.
    Halves of the power sword

    I've seen the 2 halves of the power sword referred to as the "male and female" halves, including here:

    No, the black was only on the prototype. The final will be the same color as He-Man and the original King Grayskull swords so fans can finally have both a male and female half of the classic color Power Sword!

    ... both by you and on Isn't it "good and evil"?

    We are referring to the mechanical connecter piece that locks the parts together. One has the male connect, one has the female.
    Another Gygor Question

    OK before Gygor came out there was alot of speculation that since some pics of He-Man were riding him he was said to be a good guy with a possible bad version maybe coming if the toy made it past the prototype stage.Now that he is being made and he is a bad guy will we be seeing a good version of him?

    Good: {} Bad:
    Battle Cat {} Panthor
    Stridor {} Night Stalker
    Zoar {} Screeech

    He could be a good version of a Gorilla that fought against Gygor somewhat like what Solovar was to Gorilla Grodd in DC Comics where Gygor was kicked out of a tribe for being evil (Kinda like what Whiplash became a traitor to his own people)

    You could just re-use the existing mold without the armor etc.

    We could always do another figure based on the "Gorilla" buck, but it won't be Gygor. There is only one Gygor.

    And as always, if you want Gygor to be a good guy in your shelf adventures, that is just as valid. Corn Boy once told me Mer-Man was the hero in his adventures as a kid. Anything is valid in your imagination!
    Future Weapons Pack questions.

    We were told that Weapon packs can be made using repaints of already tooled items.
    We were also told that a Queen Marlena figure could be made wearing a Green dress and having Orangey red hair.

    Does this mean that we could get a Pink Adam Vest on an accessory pack?

    About Adam, he's Orko's accessory and all that... Can He come in a weapons pack after being repainted in a different color scheme?(something like brighter whites, two tone blonde hair like DCUCvsMOTUC He-Man, and pink vest) Obviously adding this accessory would bump up the WP's price.

    We could certainly release capes and vests as repaints, but no plans to release figures in a Weapons Pak.
    Why does Keldor carry around fake Swords of He?

    Canon-wise, why does Keldor carry around normal swords that look like the legendary Swords of He?

    An interesting question. On one hand, some fans demand answer to every question (like why does Faker have an orange version and why does Adam have a purple version demanding that this be included in the bios) while other fans are content that "that is how it was in the vintage line" as an answer.

    From a logistic POV, Keldor has the sword because that is what Skeletor had in the vintage line. As for a cannon bio POV, you'll just need to stay tuned and keep reading the bios!
    Will the Re-release King Grayskull have the black handles on the swords?

    Just as the title asks. Or will they match the gray handles on the original release?

    No, the black was only on the prototype. The final will be the same color as He-Man and the original King Grayskull swords so fans can finally have both a male and female half of the classic color Power Sword!
    Flocked Panthor

    I know you can't comment on figures past The King but seems we may be getting Panthor this coming year, and we know when he comes he won't be flocked in the first run. I believe I read on this forum or an Ask Matty session that a second run of Panthor would be done flocked. As a 2011 subscriber (and hopefully 2012!) is there anyway to not get the unflocked version and wait on the flocked one?

    If you can't provide any insight right now, as he's unannounced or it's a flat "no", that's cool. I was just curious as I don't want two Panthors.

    The 2011 Panthor will not be flocked per the fan vote at SDCC 2009. We may look at doing a second Panthor down the road that is flocked, but not in 2011 for sure.

    Likely if we got to a flocked Panthor it would not be part of the subscription and we would find another way to release him that way (maybe at retail, maybe as a "bonus Beast" maybe at a convention, who knows!)
    Ultimate He-Man hair Question!

    (Click on link to see pictures)
    Ok Here it goes Aside from the "Pageboy hair" that we got in MOTUC which of these alternate hairstyles CAN be done in MOTUC?

    Using The Standard MOTUC He-Man head but replacing the hairpiece.
    -The Longer Barbarian Hair as seen on He-Man Meets Ram Man Mini Comic?
    -The He-Mullet as seen on Laser Power He-Man AND the First New Adventures He-Man toy?
    -the 2002 INSPIRED He-Mullet? (AFTER Removing the Hyper detailing, windswept, anime and Todd McFarlane inspired look.)
    -The New Adventures Ponytail (seen on the New Adventures Cartoon and Battle Punching He-Man)?
    Answer to the New Adventures hair

    We were told that a “200X” He-Man redeco would get a painted harness and the 200X sword from MAA/Weapons Pack, but no “200X/MYP” head. Does this mean that He-Variants that have a different head (hairstyle) like NA He-Man or Laser Power He-Man will get the “vintage hairstyle” MOTUC He-Man head instead of a head based on their toy?

    For characters who had a different hair style, such as a pony tail, we would add that but otherwise, He-Man’s head will stay the same in one unique, classic look. We won’t be adding any “anime flair” or “200X” look with the hyper details to MOTUC. That style is retired.

    I know that commenting on figures past KING HSSSS is a big no-no. Just asking which hairstyles are Possible to do in MOTUC... in theory.

    Think of it this way. You have a machine. On one side you place a vintage MOTU figure in. Then you have two buttons: "200X style" and "Classics style".

    When you put He-Man's original vintage hair into the machine and press "200X style" you get the flared "anime, McFarland" hair. When you press "Classics style" you get the current MOTUC head.

    The 200X hair style is just the 200x interpretation of the vintage hair cut with longer curls and flared style. The Classics style is also based on the vintage look, but just with a different style.

    This is why you will not see the '200X" hair style for He-Man in the Classics line.

    The others are much more possible as they are unique vintage designs that put through the "machine" and applied with "Classics style" would yield unique result.

    The same applies BTW for the Keldor sword. You put the vintage half swords through the machine and press "200X style" and you get the 200X Keldor swords with added detail and anime/mcFarland look (as you put it). You put the same vintage half power sword through the machine and now press "Classics style" and you get the half Classics sword. Get it? It is all about the Classics interpretation of the vintage toys, not the 200X interpretation of the vintage toys. That interpretation/style is retired for now.
    Overlord of the Timeless Dimension on Trolla question.

    What do they look like? Are they all like Orko or are there beings from other species among them as well?

    You will just need to wait and see now huh?
    TG, What happened ?

    Before SDCC, you were very open about the MOTUC line, willing to share subtle hints, and give us, the fans some insight into the inner workings of the toyline.

    since then, you've seemed... well to be quite honest, it seems like you've been put on a much shorter leash. your answered often times seem less personal, and more... well, automated.

    so level with us, is upper management at Mattel now controlling your PR responses more than in the past? or am I just imaging things?

    No change in policy. Things change so often in toy world that we want to wait until product is a close to final as possible to avoid misleading customers with any incorrect figure names or images that don't reflect final product.
    Zodac re-issue

    Hi, quick question: Will the upcomming Zodac re-issue be just a straight re-issue or will this version have some new elements (extra weapon, new pain scheme ect)?

    Zodac is actually the very limited remaining customer service stock from the original sale. We didn't go back into production on him (this time) since we had a few pieces left. We debated bringing these to SDCC, but chose to give him the Oct "reissue" slot instead even though he is technically from the first production batch (and won't have the "the original" burst).

    So we have very few to sell off. This will be updated in the sale copy very soon.
    Robotto´s abdomen

    is It the abdomen of robotto articulated ahead and backward?

    No there is no mid waist crunch on Roboto to allow for the sculpt. If we did the mid waist crunch we would have needed to shrink the gears (and this was before we added the gear turn, the Horsemen sculpted Roboto not knowing Bill Benecke was going to add the turns in!)
    Robotto´s left Ankle.

    Are you going to correct the fault in the left ankle of Optikk/Trap Jaw/'s legs ROBOTTO? In Trap Jaw and Optikk the foot cannot move above and below.

    We'll certainly do out best!
    Cosmic Enforcer faction

    i was wondering if u guys were going to go a little bit further with the Cosmic Enforcer faction besides Zodac and Zodak? like maybe make Cosmic Enforcer army builder 2 packs(maybe a female buck because the males do need a little of the softer gender. lol) or exploring with a variety of different characters that maybe didnt make the cut for the cartoons or comic books? im a big fan of the Cosmic/Mystic Enforcers and would like to see the faction get a little love and explanation of where they came from or wat were their purpose as a whole. also was wondering if there was any plans of producing Zodak's brother Zeelahr? thanks for all ur hard work and dedication to this wonderful toy line. keep them coming because im definitely hooked! LOL

    We'd love to get to more Cosmic Enforcer action in time. There does seem to be a lot to explore. Nothing to announce right now however.

    Somewhere after 2010 SDCC I read about a rule for the Classics Style.

    If the head of a Vintage Action Figure was a repaint of another Action Figure (Like the "Vintage Stinkor Head" was only a repaint of the "Vintage Mer Man Head"; you will give us the MOTU CLASSICS ACTION FIGURE with two heads, the Vintage Head and the 200X head.

    Exactly as you did with CLASSICS MER MAN.

    Is this rule real ????

    The fans will recive a Stinkor with two heads (The Vintage and the 200X head) ????.

    I will love the two heads.

    Sorry, we can't comment on any unannounced figures right now. but doing a second head for Stinkor would be very cool!
    Quick question on Gygor

    I know that you guys can't give out production numbers but will the number of Gygors' be more than Tytus (If he was included in the production increase) I just wanted to know if I'll have a shot at getting him or not cause he is one cool looking dude. Any info would be great, thanks in advance.

    Sorry, we can't comment on production numbers in any aspect.
    Gygor Pics

    I know we got this pic of Gygor (Prototype):

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    BUT they were other pics of him that were said to exist (He-Man riding him,etc.)are we ever going to see those other pics soon?

    We might do a retrospective one day, but nothing in the immediate future.
    Fan complaints

    Ok, I see there are a lot of complaints going on right now... Fans are asking for more females, more PoP and so on.

    Wouldn't it be smart to announce Catra is the April 2011 figure? C'mon, I know you want it, too

    We are not going to announce any figures that are not ready, female, make, MOTU, POP, anything. Things change to much in the Toy World for us to announce anything before it is ready.
    More intense shades of paint possible?

    I love the Figures with the little more paint shades like Faker has.
    A really good paint job is what enhances the figures a lot.
    Whiplash as exampel is a wonderful figur, but i missed a little more shading on his arms and legs.
    The light green pretty stand out.
    I read a complaint that a fan was not pleased with the brightness of the white from She-Ra and Adam.
    If you´ll work on that, wiill you consider not to lose the shading in that process?

    Great suggestion which I'll pass along to design!
    Trap Jaw released for a third time?

    Since Trap Jaw's reissue sold out so quickly, is there a chance for Trap Jaw to be reissued again? I still need a Trap Jaw to display as Kronis.

    Always possible but no plans to announce now.
    Hello TG, Golden/LadyBird ?

    Are any of the characters from these books open to be made in MOTUC? For example Goat Man or the Skelcons?

    No, we do not currently have access to Golden/Lady Bird book characters.
    Horde sticker for Catra

    From the talk on the boards here (and others) it's pretty clear that we'd all like to see Catra come with 'The Horde' sticker on her box instead of a Princess of Power one.

    After your previous comment that 'Catra would be Horde', does this mean our wish will come true and her bubble will feature that lovable Horde logo we're dying to see on her packaging?

    It kinda makes sense as it then makes the Princess of Power sticker a faction nod to the POP good guys, as other than Entrapta (and based on the current alignment of the stars!) the other POP characters are all good guys!

    I hope this is possible!

    thanks for bringing the line back with a bang!

    When and if we get to Catra, yea our plan is she would have a Horde sticker. (but we still consider her a "POP" character!)
    She-Ra sword repaint

    Many fans preferred the 1-tone gold sword the She-Ra prototype had. Is there a chance of getting this repaint down the road? Perhaps in a future Weapons Pak or DC vs MOTU 2-pack?

    Maybe. But no plans right now to announce.
    MOTU Attitubes

    I know you have stated that fan reaction has not been that great for MOTU Attitubes. What kind of feedback will it take to get these off the ground? Remember to not take all the "negative" feedback from the fans as everyones opinion. There are a lot of fans who are interested in these. I say why not release an Attitube every other month, see how they sell, then decide whether or not to continue with them. I see that you have other brands planned with these Attitubes style, and how are those being received by the other respective fans?

    Online chatter for one thing. Most threads about "Attitubes" have very few posts with only about half showing interest. So far this has not been an overwhelming call from fans to put these into production.
    Up-Scaled She-Ra's Sword (Without Jewel) For Male MOTUC Figures !

    Hi Scott, Do you have any plans for giving UP-Scaled version of She-Ra's Sword (Without the Blue Jewel) for MOTUC Male figures in the future Weapons Pak (OR in the Ultimate Swords Pak like I suggested few days back) ?

    As a Hardcore MOTU fan that you are... I am sure you'll agree that the Up-Scaled She-Ra's Sword would be awesome on MOTUC Male's Hands !!!!

    No, no plans for a larger sized Sword of Protection at this time. But we are offering a two toned colored sword in the upcoming Weapons Pak just as fans have requested!
    Is a New Female Buck (Body) In the Works?

    I know you cannot speak about specific, or up-coming characters, but could you let us know if a new female buck (body) is in the works?

    There are a bunch of different articulation and poseability problems with the current female buck and we will not be seeing a female for at least 9+ months.

    When you guys get to Mermista, a new female buck will be needed that separates at the waist so she can have her human legs and mermaid tail (like King Hiss). Making the new female buck soon, rather than later, will ensure all female figures have the better articulation (proper waist twist) and two piece outfits so the ladies don't show their 'T' crotches when turned or bend/stretch their outfits when turned (and the don't return back to normal shape after posing).

    Also, figures like Adora can have proper "panties" like she is supposed to wear. King Hiss and Bow both have "undies" like Adora's:

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    Also, with a new buck allowing for two-piece outfits, it will end up saving Mattel LOTS of money in the long run. Most PoP ladies share chest torsos with other ladies, but the skirts/pants are different. With the current "one rubber dress," this does not allow for parts sharing and each outfit will have to be uniquely sculpted as one.

    None of the female figures have been re-issued yet, so it would be the PERFECT time to fix them.

    Whiplash, Gygor, Tytus, Battle Cat and a lot more male MOTU figures have gotten completely new bucks or a LOT of buck tooling. These bucks can only be used on a very limited amount of characters. A new female buck, which would resolve countless problems, would be used on 20-30 women. This would be an excellent investment from a business standpoint.

    Also, the Four Horsemen and Mattel PR said the following on December 8th, 2009:

    Question: We have been told that female figures will use the one-piece outfit. Would Mattel consider making it a two-piece outfit instead so they can use the waist-twist feature, especially for female figures that have distinct waists, skirts, pants, etc?

    We went right to the Four Horsemen for this one:

    “This is something that we will look into the next time we get to a figure that has an applicable design. We also want to see how the softer material works out on the Adora figure before we make any big decisions. The biggest issue that we have is that the body design was built for a one piece outfit. We are not 100% sure that we can make it work without a complete tooling overhaul. We will keep you posted as we move forward. Just keep in mind that since we work so far ahead that you may not see the results for a while!”

    I think a year and four months, plus each female figure released having serious problems DEFINITELY constitutes as "a while."

    Also, Adora IS the applicable design. She even has a belt that SEPARATES her torso and "skirt" that was given to her.

    Here's a thread with pictures and descriptions of all the issues with the current female buck:

    So, is a new female buck being worked on? A lot of fans want to know this before purchasing any more female figures. We were told figures would be delayed if they had to be re-worked or had flaws, yet all the following females were released:

    - Teela: rock hard plastic dress, cannot move.
    - Goddess: rock hard plastic dress, bobble head, shatters easily (approx. 70% of Goddesses are breaking).
    - Adora: bobble head, strange skirt design (yet King Hiss and Bow have the proper tight underwear design Adora is supposed to share)
    - She-Ra: slight bobble head, toy factory gave her the old neck peg (Mattel said they made a new one to fix bobble head issues), skirt restricts legs, cannot sit on Battle Cat.

    The female buck was only made with Teela in mind and it didn't fully work for her. A lot of fans are happy with having all future female figures DELAYED until the design flaws are fixed (new female buck).

    Also, a lot of people have expressed interest in re-purchasing all 5 females released thus far into the line if they are re-released on this new female buck (especially Adora, Goddess...because most are broken anyhow and Teela because of her early sale and inability to move).

    Please do not mention how the limited number of She-Ra figures did not sell out at SDCC. MANY people at SDCC did not even know Mattel had She-Ra on sale. Thos attending the con said they were behind the counter at the Mattel booth and fans were purchasing her for MORE money at other vendor's booths. Also, if this stock was put online, everyone knows She-Ra would sell out in 5 minutes.

    Thanks TG. I hope you can answer my question about a new female buck.

    We are working on a lot of new ideas for improved female (and male) parts. But nothing to specific to announce now. Stay tuned!
    She-ra´s release?

    I'm sure we'll get to a re-release of She-Ra in time. We did bring She-Ra to SDCC and did not sell out, so she was available there as well.
    Battle Armor Skeletor's face

    Do you think you can ease up on the green on his face? The re-issue, and especially the version with Mo-Larr, had way too much green on it. The less the better IMO.

    The heads are all removable so we will change it up a bit to let fans customized there figures as they choose.
    Lack of POP females concerns

    After a recent interview alot of fans have been discussing this. The two answers to the questions that have created some heat are:

    Wind Raider pilot Question:
    Oh, we do have plans for characters like this and other “driver” figures from packaging shots and posters. Just you wait! This is what the Classics line is all about!
    O-Larr Question:
    We can’t imagine the line would be complete without him. Maybe one day

    So "characters" which only appeared on the box art of a model kit based on a vehicle is "what the line is all about" and Mattel "can't imagine a line without" Oo-Lar (who is just a He-Man variant) and yet popular POP characters that have been loved for over two decades like Catra, Frosta and Glimmer are non existant in the line and a popluar characters like Mermista are stated by you as been an "If we get to her" character.

    Why are the POP characters not a big part of what this line is all about?

    The priorties in this line are really interesting.

    We've said repetitively that our plan is to get to all the vintage figures in time in MOTUC. POP, MOTU and NA included. Just because Frosta is not the next figure in the line does not mean we won't get to her in time. We just don't have plans to announce yet.
    Skeletor's Hands On Keldor's Reissue !

    Now, I've just seen your reply for the other question about Keldor's Re-Deco. From your words, I can understand that Reissue Figures wont feature new Sculpts since they need toolings. And if they do, they will be called as a "New Figure" !

    Since your words hint Repaints are possible, Can you add Skeletor's (Reissue Figure) Hands to Keldor (In Future) ?

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    NO.... I am NOT talking about his Demonic Wrist ! I am only talking about his hands & fingers ! If you compare 200X Keldor & MOTUC (Reissue) Skeletor picture, You can clearly their fingers are quite similar. (Afterall, Keldor is Skeletor) They are quite long & look Evilish, Don’t they ? But MOTUC Keldor's hands & fingers are quite small & that makes him too normal.

    Other than that, Keldor is one the most beautiful figures in the MOTUC Line-Up ! Replacing his hands with Skeletor's (Of course, with black nail paint) would make him even more awesome & identical to the 200X Keldor !

    We very purposely gave Keldor the more human hands to make his transformation into Skeletor that much more dynamic. Fans are welcome to kit bash, but we won't be making this change on any reissues.
    When you say the sculpt is final...

    ...does that mean you can't/won't add even two, tiny little snakes to King Hsss's snake form..?

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    The old toy did have the third little snake.

    Oh, and can you pls spread his fangs a bit apart, so he doesn't look like a wittle wabbit?

    Edit: Please don't misunderstand me (like last time, when I was kidding about MEF and Ram-Man), I hope I don't sound too intrusive with my questions, I really like Hiss the way he is, he's my favourite, together with Carnivus, Bow and Vicor, but since you're making such amazing toys, I was just wondering if these slight changes are possible, cause I think it would make him absolutely perfect!!

    Correct. When the sculpt is final it is final. If we added new details like more snakes we would have to do a new tool and this would set back the schedule (and our budget!) In the end, we leave it to the Four Horsemen to decide on choices like this and go with it! King Hssss is there final design as shown at SDCC. There will not be any sculpting changes to it at this time.
    Keldor redeco?

    What do you think about making Keldor redeco figure, instead of giving us straight reissue? You do have the parts needed to recreate his comic book look - just give him Beastman's feet (only without fur), and paint his Havoc staff in 200x paint scheme?

    And maybe give him his classicized swords?

    That is certainly a cool idea, but it is not a simple "redeco" as it would require some new tooling (such as you stating, "give him Beastman's feat but without the fur". Well we don't have a tool for "Beastman's feet without fur" so this is not just a repaint, it is a new figure.
    R.A.D.A.R. Question about the Robot of Castle Grayskull.

    I was wondering if you ever got around to making the Cardboard Robot from the 80's Castle Grayskull toy, could you give him an actual storyline? It would be nice if he was more than just a "suit". He could have a removable head and fans could still use him how they want, and other fans could hopefully enjoy another unique character to our current MOTU mythos. I have included a name and bio for him below. Let me know what you think.

    R.A.D.A.R. (Recon Android Detecting Alien Races)

    Created by the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, R.A.D.A.R. is a recon android who's purpose is to detect alien races who may be an aid to or threaten Eternia. His first and main mission was to safely guide to Eternia an astronaut who is believed to be the future mother of the two heirs of the Sword of He. Through the use of his supercomputer and spacesuit, R.A.D.A.R. still watches the cosmos, and is now observing a planet called The StarBand. It is protected by the planets remaining law man, Rio-Blast, who may be contacted one day to help The Masters of the Universe.

    We do have thoughts on this suit. It is very cool. Very neat bio by the way. We've said before, MOTU is an avatar for your imagination, so your bio is just as legit as any other!
    Fantastic Fashions

    I was wondering if the Princess of Power Fantastic Fashions were looked into as being She-Ra refreshes?

    They would be a lot of fun, but we can't comment on figures or ideas for figures past King Hssss right now.
    DC vs. MOTU : any of these *not* possible?

    Are any of the following 2-packs *not* possible options for future DC vs. MOTU retail 2-packs? (because of issues of licensing, tooling, exclusivity, etc?)

    1) Hordak with white face in Blue jumpsuit, without cape ...vs. Batman in Zur-En-Arrh Colors

    2) Trapjaw with more drab colors, black left glove and Bow style non-furry trunks in black (MYP colors) ...vs. Cyborg in Gold

    3) Scareglow with bright opaque white paint over transclucent dark grey body parts! ...vs. Deadman (with repainted Captain Atom head to be human Boston Brand)

    4) Beastman in red (mini-comics)...vs. Animal Man (!)

    5) She-Ra in brighter colors (brighter white, brighter red, gold like He-Ro and skin tone like Adora)...vs. Harley Quinn with white face

    We can't comment on decos for DC figures with a simple yes and no as all decos and characters for DC figures need to be approved by our licensor partners. Great suggestions however!
    Whiplash's abs

    When you get to figures such as Fisto and Clamp Champ would it be possible for you to use these scaled abs in an attempt to continue their armour instead of just having a smooth plate there?

    We leave a lot of these design choices to the Four Horsemen, but can not comment on characters past King Hssss right now.
    Weapons Pak-General Question

    With the release of the Great wars Pak, some weapons are for a special character, like the golden spear for Randor...

    Other weapons goes great with other figures, because the colors fit well (blue He-Man axe/shield for MAA or the royal guards & Faker, or the orange Whiplash spear, which fits greatly Randor, Faker or MAA)

    Will you continue to release weapons, which colors goes well with released figures?

    None of the weapons are meant to go with any specific figure. You can mix and match any way you choose!

    I saw you'll make Faceless-one in 2011, could you put an extra head to make King Zanthor too? Many thanks!!!

    (Click on link to see pictures)

    Sorry, we can't comment on specifics on any figures beyond King Hsss at this time.
    About the white mailer boxes for MOTUC re-issues...

    Battle Armor He-Man was the first figure to have his nametag on the white mailerbox. This feature is great if fans decide not to display their MOCs, but rather keep them stored in the mailerboxes. But afaik the very first figures are missing these nametags on their re-issue mailerboxes. Would it be possible to offer stickers of the missing nametags down the road? Maybe as a little bonus for the 2011 subscription? So fans could "customize" their mailerboxes with the nametags. And if they don´t need to do so, they still have stickers of such names as "He-Man", "Skeletor" and many more fan-favorites.

    It is always possible, but no plans right now. We're putting all of our limited manpower into the new figures.
    Where the love for DCUC

    Where is the love for DCUC? Its like MOTUC is getting all the love, with vehicles, ride on beast, large scale figures, weapon paks, mini dio and alots of extra stuff. Its like DCUC is the red headed step child. I hope this will change..... pretty please

    We tried selling DCUC skus online through and there was not enough fan support. MOTUC item sell out every time. That is why we can develop more skus for the MOTUC brand.

    We develop skus based on fan demand from people who actually buy product, not just those who post about it. In the end. DCU and JLU fans tend to be louder then numerious (when it comes to buying product on
    Hey ,Toy Guru!

    Will we see He-man re-released in 2011 or this year? (Sorry, my bad english Big Grin) Do you have any idea on any timeframe for the reissue of He-Man and Skeletor?

    We will be re-releasing original He-Man and Skeletor in the near future. Stay tuned.
    Will the upcoming POP ladies be as detailed as Bow?

    So will this experiment with the added detail that you did with Bow continue with the other POP females? Is this adding more detail to their style guide looks? If the experiment is continuing with the females, would we see a new She-Ra down the line with this additional detail?

    We leave it to the Horsemen to make most of these choices, but for now, we can't comment on any figures past King Hssss.
    ROBOTO update

    Now its already September, which means there's only a little more then a month left before ROBOTO's release. So I wanted to know if there are any update on ROBOTO getting a removable left arm. Has that idea been canned or is it still possible to make with the given time frame?

    We are still working on this. If it comes down to making a "running change" we will likely not do this as it would mean some Robotos would have two arms removable and some would not and it would be random who gets what. We will only execute this change if we can do it for the full run and we are still looking into this. As soon as we can confirm yay or nay we will let fans know.
    Galactimytes and Gleanons

    Galactimytes and Gleanons from NA had prototypes...

    'In legal limbo' (like Mara) or 'Possible'?

    'On the masterplan list on TG's wall' or 'Maybe after 2016'?

    Honestly, I have not really looked into these guys. They are a bit obscure and would take a lot of tooling. If it is something fans really want to see I'd be happy to see if we have access.
    Dull White Paints On MOTU Classics !!

    Why the White Paints used on MOTUC Figures are Deadly Dull ? Figures like Adora, She-Ra (though it’s a White Hard Rubber Costume) & Now Prince Adam are lacking the bright attraction. They look as if they were using the same dirty costumes for years OR they never wanted give them for laundry forever ! They Lack Brightness & Look Deadly Dull for sure !

    I know you are tight lipped about figures after King Hssss..... But this is about MOTUC's correction & it will do wonders for the figures appearance !

    I'll be sure to pass this along to design!
    Motu Classics Protective Cases

    It is something we are always looking into, but nothing to announce now.
    Voting on MOTUC Weapons Pak Accessories?

    I just wanted to throw an idea out there to you. I know you and Mattel PR have said in the past that you guys can't let customers vote on MOTUC figures to be made (like you do with DCUC) because you have the tooling budget to keep in mind and the MOTU universe has a much limited amount of characters than the DC Universe...

    However, would you allow MOTUC fans/customers vote on some accessories to be included in future Weapon Paks? All of the Weapons are repaints, so you wouldn't have to worry about the tooling budget, and it would be something fun for everyone, and make them more excited about buying the Weapon Paks!

    Both current Weapon Paks include 18 items. You can choose a bunch of fan-requested repaint accessories and have us vote on our top 5-10. The top 5-10 accessories will be included in the next Weapons Pak, and Mattel could choose the other 13 or 8 weapons.

    How does this idea sound? Is it a possibility?

    If it is, here are two threads/discussions that list a truckload of awesome accessory repaints you could do:

    SIX pages of fan-requested accessory repaints:

    SEVEN pages (some of the first ones are NEW accessories, but then people start getting to the repaints):

    We're always looking at fan suggestions online, but no plans right now for an actual vote in.
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    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    I'm happy about the way Keldor came out. While I'm still not fond of the idea of Skeletor being a magical burn victim, I think the MOTUC Keldor is a great looking toy. The 2002 version looked almost as monstrous as Skeletor while this one looks like an elven prince. Adding Skeletor's hands to him would ruin part of his appeal for me. I know some people dislike the fact that some of the 2002 character designs have been changed from their appearances in the MYP toon(like Chief Carnivus & Zodak) but I think a lot of these changes have been for the better. I even like "Christmas King Grayskull" even though I'm not a fan of the character.



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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    What is wrong with Keldor having his face burned off? That is the only story that makes sense.

    Anyway, these answers were back to the usual "can't comment" bs again.
    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    Looks like I'll just wait for this secret (or Sacred) news after King Hsss release.


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    Is Zanthor the name of the Faceless One?? Where do we learn this bit of information?

    I'm very curious to see what they do regarding him, and how much they take from the MVC comics. I really hope he comes with the Havoc Staff and his human head, in addition to the Ram Stone. The medallion of Serpos would be a bonus.

    I think that seems reasonable. It's an extra head and a re-issue Havoc Staff in addition to the default Ram Stone.

    It will also be interesting to read his bio and see how much they take from MVC. I'm hoping they take a lot!
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    To be honest, at the very least, I think fans should get more of a say in the design choices (POP fans especially. It seems like we have zero influence) because a huge chunk of the characters coming out sooner than later are Mattel employee favorites.

    Do POP fans even factor into the decision making process?

    Also, I think the third question needs to be rephrased because the answer is not addressing some concerns that have been brought up. There's a bit more to it than that.

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    Great news! I LOOOVE that King Hssss's "Rushed snake sculpt" is FINAL...

    Love the idea of Kitbashing Keldor and Skeletor into a brand new Keldor!
    Wait... their skin colors don't match... D'oh!

    How are the rock critters form NA more obscure than Gygor?
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    I guess we should just take the "hint" that King hiss is all the future we need know. I for one am fine with that. I dont want to know too far ahead: then there's nothing new to look forward to.

    But it seems like they could divulge more "what if" information. LIke what they'd do, or what kind of things to expect.

    What it does tell me is that beyond Hiss, nothing is set in stone. They may know Who the characters are supposed to be in what months, but not exactally how they will be exicuted. Which is great.

    That means they are still seeing what people think, and I like that. I dont want us to have direct say, but a direction let's say.

    as always I'm excited for what news is to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DO4M View Post
    Great news! I LOOOVE that King Hssss's "Rushed snake sculpt" is FINAL...

    Yeah that annoyed me too. Unless the 4H specifically said they were done with him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baronterror View Post
    But it seems like they could divulge more "what if" information. LIke what they'd do, or what kind of things to expect.
    Then it would be taken as gospel and people would scream bloody murder if they ultimately did something else.

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    We've said repetitively that our plan is to get to all the vintage figures in time in MOTUC. POP, MOTU and NA included. Just because Frosta is not the next figure in the line does not mean we won't get to her in time. We just don't have plans to announce yet.
    Still annoyed with his answers!
    So you don't have plans to announce PoP yet important characters but you're exited to talk about of unknown characters from the boxes???
    *** It makes me angry ***

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    Last night Tallstar & I asked the Fourhorsemen (on their new facebook page) why there were so few female characters in MOTUC, in perticular POP two years down the road. And when would the balance of classic MOTU,POP,NA, POG, & concept figures start to become more balanced. It's not the answer many of us wanted, but at least they arn't keeping us dangeling on false hope.

    Toyguru has said numerous times the goal for MOTUC is to get to every figure produced in the classics line, but this is the position the 4H are comming from.

    "Our main focus is MotU Classics, but we'll definitely get some PoP and other MotU related stuff in there from time to time."

    This "From Time to Time" or sprinkling of POP sounds like a very different game plan to the one TG has been touting as the road map for MOTUC. I thought POP figures would be slow to come at the start but as we went on we wou se a good number of these figures every year (3 or 4)! Like many of you I have been supporting the line furverently to help ALL the classic POP figures see the light of day in MOTUC, But this bit of news makes it sound like we will only be seeing a few of them. I feel purposly mislead and as if my entire reasion for supporting MOTUC as I do, just dropped out from under my feet.
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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    I think it has been stated that there will be 2 POP figures a year, 1-2 NA figures, and 2 2002 characters, with 6 80s MOTU characters.
    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    I think it has been stated that there will be 2 POP figures a year, 1-2 NA figures, and 2 2002 characters, with 6 80s MOTU characters.
    Yep, that's been the word for a long time.
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    ..which makes perfectly sense. Given the number of characters in each line it´s only natural to have more MOTU vintage characters in MOTUC, as their characters in percentage are higher than all the other lines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flitzi View Post
    ..which makes perfectly sense. Given the number of characters in each line it´s only natural to have more MOTU vintage characters in MOTUC, as their characters in percentage are higher than all the other lines.
    Very rational, indeed. Good job. True that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel-T View Post
    Last night Tallstar & I asked the Fourhorsemen (on their new facebook page) why there were so few female characters in MOTUC, in perticular POP two years down the road. And when would the balance of classic MOTU,POP,NA, POG, & concept figures start to become more balanced. It's not the answer many of us wanted, but at least they arn't keeping us dangeling on false hope.

    Toyguru has said numerous times the goal for MOTUC is to get to every figure produced in the classics line, but this is the position the 4H are comming from.

    "Our main focus is MotU Classics, but we'll definitely get some PoP and other MotU related stuff in there from time to time."

    This "From Time to Time" or sprinkling of POP sounds like a very different game plan to the one TG has been touting as the road map for MOTUC. I thought POP figures would be slow to come at the start but as we went on we wou se a good number of these figures every year (3 or 4)! Like many of you I have been supporting the line furverently to help ALL the classic POP figures see the light of day in MOTUC, But this bit of news makes it sound like we will only be seeing a few of them. I feel purposly mislead and as if my entire reasion for supporting MOTUC as I do, just dropped out from under my feet.
    Angel, I think that while you might think that's unfortunate news, it might be that there are 34 MOTU characters to POP's 17, so MOTU is definitely the big focus here. POP will be getting representation, but it will be slowly, but surely. How many figures would you expect to get every year until 2017? That's like 3 a year until it's done.

    I don't think you have been mislead at all. I'm certain that they do intend to get to everybody, but MOTU will still have the loin's share of figures every year.

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    Right now, I'm LOL-ing at TG's response about the green on Skeletor's face!

    That was the most obvious PC version of "Shut up, take what we give you... What, you think we have time to worry about little things like paint app consistency or QUALITY CONTROL???"

    He's not even trying anymore!
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    New stuff is up!

    It's official--the Mattel PR office must enter a state of high alert for your questions, Darkspectre! That was one helluva post!:

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    New stuff is up!

    It's official--the Mattel PR office must enter a state of high alert for your questions, Darkspectre! That was one helluva post!:
    Thanks MGM. I'm trained in the art of research and hard question asking. When asking questions with PR and such, you have to be VERY specific or you get vague answers or sometimes there are misunderstandings.

    I had to put the "why She-Ra didn't sell out at the con" thing in there, because I knew it would be part of the answer otherwise. It's shown up in QUITE a few Q&As when focusing on the ladies, which is sad. So, I had to put a stop to that!

    I'm very happy and honoured TG answered my question though. I 100% thought it would be skipped over. Half of my hard questions are passed over.
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    Battle Armor Skeletor's face

    Do you think you can ease up on the green on his face? The re-issue, and especially the version with Mo-Larr, had way too much green on it. The less the better IMO.

    The heads are all removable so we will change it up a bit to let fans customized there figures as they choose.

    Seriously?? Is this a new way of Mattel of dealing with the MOTUC quality control problems??

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    Quote Originally Posted by hhhelmsley View Post
    Battle Armor Skeletor's face

    Do you think you can ease up on the green on his face? The re-issue, and especially the version with Mo-Larr, had way too much green on it. The less the better IMO.

    The heads are all removable so we will change it up a bit to let fans customized there figures as they choose.

    Seriously?? Is this a new way of Mattel of dealing with the MOTUC quality control problems??
    I think they only mean that, Skeletor had varying levels of greens on different figures throughout the years and in all different kinds of media, so if you buy their different MOTUC Skeletor versions you can interchange the heads and get the Skeletor you want (minus a white skull so far). That's how I took it at least.
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    no skelcons then... that sucks

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    some of these answers are starting to sound: If you don't like it make something better yourself...
    (The Keldor and Skeletor heads answers come to mind.) I
    While I can do some stuff like repainting certain things (Skeletor's face and armor parts where joints don't meet...) heh! If I could do better action figures than Mattel, I wouldn't be buying their products... or simple customization to some accessories (The Keldor swords without AHD made from Faker and Skelly half swords come to mind.)
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    "When and if we get to Catra" that sounds suspiciously non-promising.
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