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Thread: Which are you more keen to get first: a-list names or "cooler" secondary characters?

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    Which are you more keen to get first: a-list names or "cooler" secondary characters?

    As the title thread says... which figures are you more keen to get your hands on sooner?
    Ideally, in the fullness of time, we'd probably like to see each and every character of the franchise represented in figure form (just how far we get into achieving this, only time will tell). In the meantime, which do you want sooner - all of the "big a-list names", as in the key and most recognised names in the line, or would you rather some of the slightly lesser characters that excel on the cool factor (I'm thinking the likes of Mosquitor, for personal example).

    There are arguments for both on this one: Some may want to have all the "big names" in place to recreate the biggest, epic battles, but on the other hand, some of the key names of the franchise (I'm thinking, for pure example, of Zodac, not intended to be a specific debate on that figure here) have sometimes made kinda bland figures, whereas some of the secondary and lesser character have much more "cool" to them in terms of look, character and features.

    Vote and discuss

    (And yes, really I guess we'd all want "an even mix of both", which, to be fair, the line has generally given us so far. But if you have to opt for one of the other for say, the next 18 months...)
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    Well, to be fair- most of the "big names" have already been released- aside from the likes of Ram Man, Glimmer, Mekaneck, Modulok, Queen Angella, Hydron, Mantenna... those sort of folks. There's only a real handful of A-list type of characters left for them to make. So...
    The majority of characters left ARE the cooler secondary characters- and those happen to be the ones I am psyched for the most: Rokkon, Double Trouble, Entrapta, Shokoti, Quakke, Blade, Netossa, Sagitar... etc. I really do want the "lesser knowns" to come out in MOTUC form before any more of the big guns- partly because I fear the line ending (again) before I get a new Rokkon figure, but mostly because I really have always liked these particular characters more than folks like Sorceress, Orko, King Randor, Skeletor, or even He-Man himself.

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    I have a preference to cheer for & want to see secondary characters in motuc sooner than later.
    I would not like to see the line end without ever getting those obscure or less popular characters ever made.
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    I love, LOVE, LOVE many obscure, B and C list characters! I always have. The more the better. The Main characters will always get made, so I pull for the rest.
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    I am in ways a Completest, so I would be getting everything put out. And even when it's something that stirs the pot or doesn't "fit in" I'll always find a way to make it work...

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    I love it all, but I'd be fine with 18 months of the odd/awesome secondary characters, for instance:

    -Lizard Man
    -Rio Blast
    -Uncle Montork

    Shoot, I'd be happy with lower tier large scale items for a year too: Gorgonne, Battle Raptor, Procrustus, Fright Zone monster...
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    I definitely want to make sure the A-list characters get made. There have been a few too many lines that tried to hold A-list characters "hostage" and then never got around to producing them, leaving an incomplete line. MOTUC has really put out most of the A-listers, but there are still a few that need to be made before the line ends (whether this is next year or ten years from now).
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    This is one of those things where of course I want all the important main guys, but BUT!... Only if we were not going to get them all (which clearly we are) would I worry about when.

    So for me the best part about this line, other than it exists at all and so far has treated me perfectly (in as much as how characters look, what they come with more or less, ect) is the cool additions of Prototypes, never released, filmation, ect characters!

    All the awesome stuff we never had before!!! Personal favourites that were perhaps never close to C level characters, ect!

    Yep, I do want the "main guys" but it's the others that fill my heart with glee. But who'm I kidding, they all fill me with glee!.

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    I'd say we HAVE all the A-list charcters... Everyone else we need is at least a B list character...

    I voted A-list on the assumption that we're talking about 'important characters' and not JUST He-man/Skeletor/Hordak... Because honestly.... if the choice is Mekaneck or Skeletor Varient 7.... I want Mekaneck!

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    Cool secondary characters !
    That's actually all that remains by now. And there are
    numerous of stunning ones out there ready to jump on board :

    ( Mini-comics a/or magazines ) Lodar , Mask Of Power Demons, Kex Queen , Manticore / Sky Tree , Haramesh, Ice Hacker , Garn , Krrylak
    ( New Adventure Of He-Man ) Quakke, Crita, tuskador, Sagitar, Staghorn, DOD Skeletor, Kayo, Hoove, Lizzor , Darius ...
    ( MYP / 200x ) Prince Adam , Kulatak Elders , Prahvus , Battle Sound Skeletor , Calix ...
    ( Filmation ) Melog , Kittrina , Clawful , Admiral Scurvy , General Sunder , Tartaran, Khotos, Evil Seed (yeah i know he's coming ) Masque ...
    life goes on, with or without the All Motu stars .
    Well, you know what i mean right ?

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    Cool secondary characters.

    Such as Staghorn.
    The Lurkiest

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