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Thread: Are you happy with Imp?

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    Are you happy with Imp?

    I haven't seen anyone else complain about this but I was really disappointed in Imp. His body is too small and just seems cheap and naff to me. I would have liked him the same size as Kowl. As it is he seems so small I barely acknowledge him as a character on the shelf. As with many things with Failmation Hordak, I feel it was rushed on the cheap.

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    He's okay for what he is, but yes- they could have done a much better job and put more effort (and a bit more size, along with various transformations) into his release. Packing him in with a Filmation colors Hordak really ended up limiting both of their potentials, IMO.
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    He should have had his own release, chockful of his many trademark transformations. He was both too small, and a huge slap in the face of fans and subscribers to make his only released transformation a true SDCC-exclusive only available to attendants at the show in LA (and thus available to casual SDCC passers-by, while effectively unavailable to most MotU fans and loyal subbers unless paying gouging prices on the secondary market).
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    As Kowl, he's too small.
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    he is what he needs to be. He perches on Hordak's shoulder very pretty well. I dont actually care for imp, but I am glad to have 'im.

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    He is smaller than Kowl as seen in the toons. I think they got the size right, IMO.

    Unless Catra got to him first!

    Or Weaver!
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