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Thread: Veena - 200X or Classic colored??

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    Veena - 200X or Classic colored??

    Do you like that all Sorceresses of Grayskull share the same color scheme or do you prefer a more individuall coloring??

    Veena 200X colors (art by gbagok):


    Veena 2012 Mini-Comic:
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    We have both the Filmation and MYP cartoons showing the previous Sorceresses having the same color clothing as their successors: Kuduk Ungol & Teela-Na (Filmation) .... Veena and Teela-Na (MYP) to me that was just an easy visual for the audience to realize that they're becoming the next in line to be the guardian of Grayskull's power.

    My own personal preference would be that they all have distinctive styles and colors in their clothing. As their power passes on to the next Sorceress, that power should give her a form suitable to each woman in style and color different from the last. Like the Witchblade power changes color as it changes wielder. I don't know how many Sorceresses there have been between Preternia and the He-Man/Adam era but I'd like to think each one had a unique style and color to their clothing.
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    Individual colors because I associate blue, orange, and white with Teela-Na and Veena's colors to well..Veena. I'm not sure if Veena was ever labeled "Sorceress" of Greyskull.
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    I suggested in the POG#2 thread to have one version of the Veena figure as the regular figure and do the other version as the 2013 travelling con exclusive figure.
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    Love that 200x styled Veena by Gbagok! That's definitely how I want to see her!
    I hadn't seen that issue 2 page with the character names on- Gladiator? Who might that be?
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    I chose MEH but only because i like them both as both schemes make sense.

    But if i had to chose i would hope they would turn it around for Veena and give her regular release the 200X colors but at conventions she has the mini comic colors.

    People who don´t know her maybe recognize those colors from the Sorceress and at the end of the year we international fans get the chance to buy her as well.

    WIN/WIN !

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    I prefer the Classic look, but I like the idea of both: one online at Matty and one as a traveling con version.
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    I hate to be that guy but I'll take one of both. I like both designs and I don't see why we can't have multiple releases.
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    I'd go with the 200X design since that is how she is most well-known.

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    Why not both?
    We can get both decos ala Evil-Lyn can't we?
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    i vote 200x!

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    I voted meh. I dont really care, not really. There is a good argument for either as far as I am concened. I always disliked Veena's colors prescicely because they werent "traditional" sorceress colours. So I really like seeing her in those traditional sorcerer colours.

    But her original colours were her colours, so there is that.

    But then again, mind you, I feel that she could have "changed" colours or whatever once she was the "real" sorceress. Or maybe she has more than one outfit.

    So even though she got one set of colors originally, she gets the ones I technically prefer (vintage sorceress) in this comic, and I think it looks better, and the "historic" colours were probably just to make her stand out from the redisigned sorceress, which isnt neccessary now.

    Oh heck, I prefer the vintage type colours but I completely understand why she "should" be in those drab booring colours she had in the 'toon, if she gets made into a toy.

    Kinda like I wanted that Toon style catra, and am very happy we got that one. But I realize she should have been toy based, and we definately still need the toy version.

    In that regard, If we got a veena in her 200x colours as a toy, I wouldnt feel we needed a new classic sorceress colour like in the new minicomic alternate colour down the road, even though I like those colours better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RocketPunch View Post
    Classic colours for the regular release and 200X colours as a con exclusive.

    Personally, I think MYP got the Sorceress and Veena's colours wrong, so i'm happy with how she looks in the new minicomic.
    yeah, veena is like 200x sorceress would look like in teela's colours. Just give me classic sorceress colors. But again, meh, because both sides are very valid, and hard to choose, though I have a stated prefrence.

    I will add that going forward I am very happy to see her in those sorceress colors in media appearances, if she has any. I certainly have no problem with that. It's the toy (if they do one) that I am certain people should be concerend about.

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    both are great. but I would prefer the more natural colors.
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    200X colored with a vintage colored variant later.

    C'mon...that coloring decision was crazy. We all know who Veena is, so why make that decision?
    We don't see a vintage character sporting 200X colors on their first time out, so we shouldn't get a 200X character rocking vintage colors either.

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    200x all the way

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    It would be nice to have the original 200X colors. No need to tie her in with colours as the Sorcoress of Grayskull; we already know who she is. She's not Teela-na; there's no reason for her to look like a variant of her. Also, want the 200X aesthetic (no reused Teela bra, new bodice) to be retained.
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    The individual 200x colors! That's the best look for Veena.

    I really don't care for the same colors being used. Kuduk Ungol is boring to me. Each sorceress should have their own look/style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    200X colored with a vintage colored variant later.

    C'mon...that coloring decision was crazy. We all know who Veena is, so why make that decision?
    We don't see a vintage character sporting 200X colors on their first time out, so we shouldn't get a 200X character rocking vintage colors either.
    Precisely. 200x for sure.

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    I think the 200x colors would be better, but I wouldn't be upset with a vintage colored version.

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    200X colors are Veena's colors. If they want to do a variant with the "vintage" colors down the road, that would be cool. Though calling it vintage makes it sound like it is the original colors, which they are not.
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    Definitely 200X colours, she has no need to have the classics version as she never had it in the MYP cartoon. Plus it makes her look more individual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orko's Magic Hat View Post
    Definitely 200X colours, she has no need to have the classics version as she never had it in the MYP cartoon. Plus it makes her look more individual.
    ^This sums it up.

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    I'm torn. Part of me thinks, why change the perfectly good 200x design (color-wise) and change her into what almost appears to be a different character?

    The other part of me accepts the blue, orange, and white scheme as the colors of Zoar, and I feel that both the 200x Sorceress and Veena designs SHOULD have adhered to those colors to begin with. So...I don't know. I feel like there's no right answer to this question, and should we receive either of these figures, SOMEONE is bound to be disappointed.
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    200X all the way.

    Orange, blue, and white is so iconic for the classic Sorceress that it could actually downplay Veena as a character - taking away her individuality...
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    I'm with Orn. The blue and orange is too close to the classic Sorceress. Veena's outfit is very Egyptian-inspired, and for some reason to me Teal and Gold sell the exotic look better.

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