No question..... Cringer *needs* to talk.

The movie would and should base itself more off the history of the original classic series more than anything else - what's near and dear to our hearts. I don't mind if it emphasizes the action aspect or razzle-dazzle special effects, but what worked for "Masters" was that it could play so tongue in cheek with itself every once and a while - with the fantastical elements - something Michael Bay couldn't even dream of.

I agree with Mr. Shokoti and TechTrek ~ Eternia's a world full of magic and I see no harm in having a talking green tiger! After all - we're talking about Adam/He-Man's best buddy! Cringer became known for his sass and his hesitant quips. He provided some wonderful comic relief and still can if it's done well and gently (i.e. NO Gilbert Gottfried anything).

"Masters" was magical for us growing up and it will and should be magical again and for the next generation as well.