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Thread: Filmation fans: who wants a full 12 month sub in. 2017

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    Filmation fans: who wants a full 12 month sub in. 2017

    Okay. I'm loving the new filmation HMATMU variant line. And really while I'm glad they are doing six figures this year I would really like to see it go up from six to twelve in 2017 in order to hurry up and get out as many variants as possible. Characters like shadow weaver, Hordak, merman, triklops,man at arms, teela, ram man, sorceress, whiplash, man e faces, fisto, chopper, she ra, entrapta, perfuma, kobra khan, roboto, Grizzlor, mantenna, leech, modulok, tung lashor, count marzo, rattlor, light spinner , bow, prince adam etc

    So fellow filmation fans of HMATMU what are your feelings
    Still wanting to buy one more Point Dread Teela PM

    please release accurate Filmation of-- tri klops, merman, fisto, roboto, kobra khan, hordak, grizzlor, mantenna. Leech, entrapta, teela, spikor, buzz off, whiplash, webstor, prince adam, rattlor, tung lashor, mekaneck, man at arms, sorceress, jitsu, ram man, man e faces, frosta, bow and perfuma.

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    As with everything MOTUC, the more the better!
    Grayskull needs its Cardboard Spacesuit MOTUCized

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    For the line, I'd like to see them hit as many Filmation characters as possible.

    For myself, I doubt I could justify it if it was a full 12 characters.

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    Six slots a year is good enough for me. My wallet can only handle so much with Collector's Choice and Thundercats subs.

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    Six is enough for me. Between MOTUC, HMATMOTU & Thundercats, I think i'd struggle to afford any more.

    There aren't that many Filmation variants i'm after anyway. My ideal lineup, based on this years', would be:

    Tri-Klops, Ram Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Mer-Man, Man-E-Faces, Count Marzo(sub exclusive)

    Sorceress, Prince Adam, Cringer, Stratos, Mekaneck, Modulok, Zodac with chair (sub exclusive)

    After those i'd be happy for them to move onto She-Ra characters.

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    I really think at this time the 6 slots is plenty and far more sustainable. Admittedly I am not a subscriber to the filmation sub line though do plan to cherry pick Clawful & Skeletor (and am starting to debate He Man)

    6 collector choice figures + 6 minisub figures = full line and that is enough.

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    My heart says 12 because getting them in Filmation style is a dream come true. However my head says 6 as I'd sooner the ThunderCats line gets a full 12 month subscription and I can't afford 12 Filmation figures on top of my ThunderCats subs! So I voted for just 6.
    My top 10 characters: 10/Filmation Ram Man, 9/Uncle Montork & Dree-Elle, 8/Kothos, 7/Filmation Mer-Man, 6/Granita, 5/Filmation Leech, 4/Filmation Tung Lashor, 3/Twiggets (Sprag, Sprocker and Spritina), 2/Hunga the Harpy, 1/Dylamug.

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    I want Filmation MOTU figures very much but 6 slots is good enough. I think collectors choice should get priority since that's where we're going to be getting all the fan demanded favourites. Plus there's Thunder cats

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    I am ready for 12 !
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    I think 6 is a good number.

    It means less filler and, more importantly, less money each year.

    But I have to wait until these figures are in my hand before voting now... this whole ankle-gate has gotten me worried.
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    with all the amazing stuff coming out in the next few years I have to say keep the 6. after paying for thundercats, titans return, lego dimensions etc along with these I don't know if ill be able to eat never mind pay for an additional 6!
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    As years pass by, our chances to get multiple new characters
    diminishes drastically so the answer is clear.

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    I think 6 is fine, if we get 6 collectors choice too, that's a full year of figure releases in itself.
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    Either way.
    Personally I'm more invested in seeing a complete 12 month sub for the collectors choice.
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    Six figures are plenty. I liked the fact that mattel did three small version subs, It was much easier on everyones wallets including mine. I do want Filmation 2.0 to continue in 2017 along with collectors Choice and Thundercats and I think Mattel was very smart to downsize the sub slots.

    That being said for Filmation 2.0 in 2017 I would like to see

    1) Man At arms

    2) Triklops

    3) Mer-Man

    4) She-Ra

    5) Stratos

    6) Teela

    Sub Exclusive: Full on Filmation Hordak With Filmation Bone armor, Bone Collar, Filmation Head two swappable arms with accurate Filmation arm cannons.
    Looking forward to a very bright 2016 with MOTUC Collectors Choice, He-Man and the Masters Of the Universe animated Filmation line, Thundercats & SNAKE MOUNTAIN

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    Sorceress and Teela and I'm good.

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